Opening vlog for 2021

I am not a Youtuber but it surely involves a lot of work behind the scenes. Especially those who are keen to put out good content. In fact, everyone has their own personal styles in doing a Youtube video and compete for a spot in the algorithm. If you’re lucky, you get discovered and earn a subscriber. Otherwise, you’re just another person with the camera syok sendiri on the platform.

When it comes to vlogs, I enjoy the silent ones more. Less chatting, sometimes with subtitles and interesting background music. I am okay with the occasional voices/conversation in the clips but not those really boisterous ones. My favourites so far are Hagreendal and Ji Hyun from South Korea. I have yet to discover Malaysian vloggers that don’t talk so much. Do let me know if there is one.

Anyway, because I love the silent part of the vlogs – I am creating my channel based on that notion. As an introvert showing off my face is not really my thing either. So I tend to shoot myself from the chin under or just my surroundings without myself. I am aiming to keep my videos between 10 – 12 mins for each upload. Ever since I joined Youtube in 2011, I managed to create only 19 videos including this new one. Ha ha ha. No fret. Ali Abdal shot 77 videos before he was finally able to monetize from his content. So maybe I need to get to 100 before I get a reasonable amount of exposure (likes and follows) on social media?

The video above took me nearly a month to collect mini clips and footage. Editing the clips to make it as one continuous video took me another 6 – 8 hours on an app in Google Playstore. Obviously, viewing the end product is satisfying but to shoot another video is no easy feat either. Despite that, I am slowly creating materials for my 2nd vlog centering on the new norm. The plan is, each of my YT video will have 4 subthemes at a length of 2 -3 minutes. Sounds easy, huh? In real life, it’s not.

Content ada but to make the audience hooked and interested to go through the video is another thing. We will see how it goes.

Reactivating my Youtube channel

I have a Youtube account. Naturally, I decided to make a Youtube channel out of it. I am kind of a very social media sort of person. Not that lively in the real world but it’s like this; if you don’t hear from me in Facebook, I am actually still around in alam maya. Maybe on Instagram. Perhaps now on Youtube but always here, in my blog.

My channel started like one of those videos where you put pictures together and put songs in it. It was basically just for fun. I was trying to reminisce moments counting up to my wedding anniversary. I think I have less than 20 videos there.

Putting up a video is hard, I did wonder how Youtubers do their thing but I guess they have always have something to show and record. I prefer writing about it more thus I blogged.

After the powerpoint-ish videos, I tried to vlog on my phone. Again, it was not that easy cause I don’t really wanna put myself out there. I don’t think I can deal with fame. HAHAHA.. perasan.

However, since I have to upload a Youtube video for my Community Service module, I might as well reactivate the channel a bit with new content. Hence, this one down below. The assignment video is due in December, so I still have time to do some editing. After all, the length of the video is only 5 -7 minutes.

My background songs are still from Hellothematics since I haven’t really learned how to make a video without violating copywriting rights. Nevertheless, the choices of tracks and songs at the site are still wonderful and free.

At the moment, I do not have a particular concept to my channel but I do know that most of it will be Silent Vlogs. Not those chit chatty ones. So, no book reviews, tutorials, mini lectures etc. It might be appealing to a small audience which is fine by me. As for content, I’d probably do more on my hobonichi or my study journey. I don’t think I would do much about work or my family due to growing concerns of privacy and confidentiality. Maybe a glimpse of it would do. I don’t know. I haven’t actually decided yet. Perhaps I’d reserve my talking videos to the ones I embed here on WordPress. Tgklah mcm mana.

Wish me luck in completing my Community Service assignments. I would be updating the progress on my other blog : NotaMinci.

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