Keep writing

Sometimes I surprise myself. Especially when I look back on the things I wrote in my paper journal or blog entries. The emotions, the opinions.. even short stories I write during my free time – if read once more makes me feel like I’m reading someone else’s work.

To be a profesional writer was never a proper ambition. After all, I do have a proper job. I am happy enough to write in a blogosphere and entertain myself or readers if any, with my mini crap here and there.

Plus when you write, you have to look up to great writers and take example. I mean, how do you compete with those who are able to create a stand-alone world in their head. Filled with characters described in great detail right from their physical traits to their personalities! The Harry Potter series was amazing enough and then we have Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games! Not to mention world of Hobbits and Twilights! Amazing brains I have to say. It does make me wonder at times – if say, I quit my job and become a fulltime writer, do I have the potential to force my brain to create at least a storyline in our modern world?

Yet I have perfect examples around me who made it to the publishing world. Normal, ordinary people like you and me. I guess if one have the passion for whatever he/she is doing, anything is possible. For the time being.. keep writing.

When I logged of Facebook temporarily ..

I once read somewhere on the World Wide Web of two things in trying to become a good writer/journalist.

  1. To be a good writer, one must be a good reader.
  2. To be a good writer/ journalist, always make it a point to meet a new person everyday so your perspectives would be widen and not be limited to only one school of thought. It also brings variety into your form of writing.

The latter struck me more. Not that I’m planning to become the next JK Rowling or anything.. I just find it inspiring to make something interesting out of every day we live. Ever-since I became temporarily inactive from Facebook for the past few weeks, I find that there is more to life. Prior to this, my newsfeed on Facebook is confined to Online Tudung, Premium Beautiful Agents, Tune Excel Simcards, of someone being pissed at someone at work and menu of the day at a special restaurant somewhere. With an occasional splash of ‘news’ here and there. But lately I just couldn’t be bothered if I have a new notification on my Facebook today.( Well.. this experiment of disconnecting from FB pun cuma few weeks.. ntah2 next week dah log in. Ha ha ha. )


I have started to open up one of the many books I bought during my trips to the bookstore. I am currently reading Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children (Hollow City) and admittedly find that my reading pace is annoyingly slow. Its like being dyslexic. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a fiction. Or read very fast. My speed reading skills has decelerated tremendously. My vocabulary storage has been stagnant for quite some time as well.  The smell of paper on the other hand kind of triggered my addiction to get another book – to which I did and I’m not even finished with this one.

I have gone blog-hopping as well. Some blogs with a serious tone, some very humorous. Travel tales and cute stuff however always seems to top the list of things I choose to read.

I touched newspapers again as opposed to depending on news feeds or ‘shares’ by friends on my Facebook wall. This I regret though, cause I find the articles posted on Facebook are far more interesting and less one-sided as compared to the ones printed in the local papers.But since I wanted to still ‘be in the know’, I resorted  to making more conversations with the people around me to gather the juicy stuff. And of course any happy , casual conversation would always lead to something else and soon I was learning about cooking methods, the best tailor in town and what is cheap to buy where. The beauty of live communication right…

If I were on Facebook, I would have gotten loads of birthday wishes on my wall because that was the easiest way to be in touch. It thus got me thinking, if Facebook did not remind me of my friends birthday, would I have made an effort to do so? Would I still send them birthday cards or post gifts to them? *insaf seketika* But hey.. Honestly, I am now in the spirit to re-enact my parcel kasih sayang just thinking about it.

omg omg.. project parcel kasih sayang.. excitednyer..