A sage advice

Last month our ‘usual consulting specialist’ from the nearby tertiary hospital decided to further her studies in a sub-specialty close to her heart. It was only natural for us medical officers from this district kecik hospital to organize a Continuous Medical Education (CME) session with her for the last time – in an attempt to just suck dry all the knowledge we could gather from her and of course spend ‘mummy angkat’ time with her.

Despite her occasional disappointment towards us regarding how we manage our cases – we have grown to love her persona and wittingly anticipate her to roll her eyes when we say something silly. Hihi.

Like anybody who has high standards and big personality she was dispensing work and life advice like water over the light refreshments we had after the CME.

One that stuck to mind was ;

Do not accept what is NORMAL

… by that she meant do not take everything as ‘biasa’.

kita biasa buat macam ni

biasanya kalau macam ni.. kita tak buat apa2

biasanya this… biasanya that

She went on to describe the great lengths her team took in managing a case of acute poisoning in a woman from our neighboring country – Indonesia. The lady had a domestic altercation with her husband, drank some poison but did not die. Brought to a nearby health facility in Indonesia with gastric lavage done then discharged home. Something must be off somewhere because the husband resorted to bring her to this hospital in Malaysia using the 1 hour ride ferry – just to seek treatment!!

The woman did not know what she drank. The husband was asked to call his neighbors back in Indonesia to look in the trash and find the bottle. The labels were unreadable but this specialist was not going to take NO as an answer. She practically ordered the neighbors to go back to the store where they bought the product 18 months ago. They later discovered it was a pesticide.

“This is what I expect from you. Do not just stop at where you are. Find out more. Work harder until there’s just nothing else you could do”

Thank you boss.

Our M.O.U regarding work


“If we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other better”
Lyndon Johnson

Even as a doctor, I still get a tad jealous of how much time my husband spent at work. Yes, eventhough we work in the same hospital, though in different departments, if I arrive home earlier.. id still be wondering, “Whylahhhhhhhh.. he’s late? Banyak lagi ke kerjanya?”

Multiply that with a few days of the week of every month.. you get a very dissatisfied wife. A lonely wife. An unhappy wife.



But because Im in the same line of workwith Mr Husband, the math kind of works the same the oher way round. This is when being UNDERSTANDING plays a huge role in our relationship.

We make it a point for each other to know;

  • what our job involves. For instance, when I was in the anaesthetic dept, I let him know what I do. I intubate patients, give spinal block, care for patients in the ICU, do premed. Its to make him feel involved. to make him have an idea of why I would react in a certain way that day etc.
  • the normal working hours
  • the extra working hours – when the next shift is, our next oncall
  • who we usually hang out with, so he can spy, so he’ll know who to find if he cant reach me

In short, be transparent. Tell everything about work. In a marriage, there’s no such thing as ‘lets not bring work home’. Work is a crucial part of any married life. At least, when I come home I’ll know that he’s not there because , “Yah.. he’s oncall” and I dont have to prepare dinner. He he.