“Beer contains Vitamin Pee”

Im not a beauty freak. I dont exactly paste on layers of beauty cream on my face ( yet) prior to going to bed at night. But I do have an interest to hmm.. camne nak madah tok..  remain youthful as compared to Mr Husband. Kekekeke..

On my normal visits to Guardian or Watson, it would be my usual ‘shopping spree’ to get supplies of sanitary pads or pantyliners, deodorants, toothbrush, razors, contact lense solution, paracetamol or the Ayam Brand Chicken Essence. Last week however, I bought something different from the ordinary.

Yes, Flavettes.

Perhaps its the hype in magazines and other mainstream medias that got me into the Vitamin C Bandwagon as well. I used to have a colleague once who took these sizzling tablets religiously on a daily basis. The wonders it does to her facial skin! Yes, Im saying facial because unlucky for her, she still gets contact dermatitis from the latex (gloves) she has to wear at work.

Im really hoping that I could get into this habit of taking it everyday.