I’m a woman in my 30s and I still enjoy Farm In the city

I love petting zoo – it’s like fulfilling my childhood dream through my son. We went to Farm in the City at Seri Kembangan recently and it was fun. I used the WAZE app to find my there.


The ticket price was reasonable. We were a party of five. There was us three, my nephew Adil and my younger brother Danial. I purchased The Family Pack (RM116)– a wonderful combo deal for 2 adults and 2 children. The kids are entitled to a pony ride each, a mini badge, a certificate for participation, food vouchers and complimentary tickets for future visits. This fee also includes the food kangkung we will be feeding the animals in the farm. So jgn malu2, bagi je haiwan tuh makan. 

There were special rates for MYKAD holders and Senior Citizen rates. So bring your parents along. My younger brother who was also the manny for the day paid only Rm32 with his MYKAD.


  1. GIANT TURTLE – I thought this area was pretty informative. Even the parents were learning something from the farm rangers. Every child who participates in the activities will get a souvenir and of course know more about the turtles. Ee completed the puzzle of completing the turtles anatomy. Although the boys hardly understand what the rangers were saying – at least they had a particular ‘focused’ facial expression on

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2. REPTILE – I was amazed that they could put the snake on the glass ceiling above our heads. It was freaky but interesting all the same.

3.CATCHING FISH – this is probably one of the fun things Ee enjoys doing – catching little fishes with his mini net in the ‘longkang’. Although he didn’t catch any , including the father, it was entertaining to see the kids putting a lot of effort into the activity.

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Of course there were other animals such as goats, birds and the ever favourite rabbits. There was even an owl in the farm but it did not do much. It was perched on the branch looking very bored. I wasn’t even sure if it was asleep.



  1. Have your children wear something very comfortable. Be prepared to bring home excited, tired children in dirty clothing. Maybe wet if they’ve been fishing too much. On second thought, you should be in casual wear too. You might enjoy petting the goats too much.
  2. Always remember to wash your hands in between animals. There are plenty of sinks at the area with soap to remind you.
  3. Be respectful to the rangers – you may have seen the boa snakes on NatGeo and think you know better but do take heed of their advice and instructions. Memanglah you bayar masuk tpt tuh.. tp jangan perangai macam beruk boleh.. 
  4. If you are a postcrosser like myself, consider checking out their souvenir shop. they have interesting animal postcards on sale.

I think this is the best petting farm I’ve been too so far. I need to check out the ostrich farm in Port Dickson to compare.

Revisiting Langkawi 2015 : Places to visit

We all have different agendas when we visit a place. Ours were more of to Eat, Sleep and Shop. A pinch of history lessons here and there. And something for the kids of course.


This is where the iconic eagle statue is. We went there to have a stroll – loving the big space where the kids could run around. Nearby is the jetty and one could see the sea and boats. We spent less than an hour here. Took some photos, the kids were pretending to be eaten by the eagle. Then we left. For dinner.



Website : Underwater World Langkawi

As an adult, I felt this was an amazing place. Perhaps I haven’t been to a more extravagant facility but this was a visit worth many times. This centre is located at Pantai Cenang, a popular beach to the south of Langkawi Island off the north western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. We love it as a family because it has a variety of species to look at which is arranged in a manner where it’s difficult to miss out on any species and also offers reasonably good Government Rate. All I had to do was flash my work pass ID!! My parents in law got senior citizen fees as well. Yeay!


If you go to their website, you can see that they also provide educational services to the public such as for practical training and research development programmes. Perhaps it can benefit those studying Zoology or anything animal related.

My son was really excited to see the penguins being fed. He was a bit disappointed though that elephants were not part of the Aquaria.


The best place to click is this page : Panorama Tickets – as it provides a lot of options for combo fares especially if you intend to spend the whole day here. We just opt for the SkyCab + SkyDome. The SkyDome was strange. It’s basically visuals of moving roller coaster rides trying to mess with your head and vestibular system while you sit still in the chair. Throughout the mini show I wasn’t sure whether I was genuinely impressed or feeling a bit ‘duh’.

The SkyCab ride was just like how I remembered it. That ‘hamba kerdil’ feeling as you see the majestic forest and waterfalls beneath you. Just wowwww.


The SkyBridge is now opened to public. There’s also a 6D cinema – was warned early on not advisable for pregnant mothers and elderly customers. We totally forgot to have a look at their 3D Art Museum and send a postcard from the SkyPos – that is soooo Seoul Tower.


You may have heard of the curse towards Langkawi that extends to 7 generations – where the land will not prosper and wither. Well Mahsuri cast the curse.

The story begins with the beautiful Mahsuri, a maiden (or princess by some accounts) born over 200 years ago, who married the love of her life during a time of conflict with the Siamese. Her husband went off to fight in the war and her mother-in-law, jealous of her beauty, vengefully accused Mahsuri of adultery.

Mahsuri protested her innocence but the village elders tried the young girl, found her guilty and sentenced her to death by stabbing. She was tied to a stake but when she was pierced with the ceremonial dagger she bled white blood, a sign of her innocence.

With her dying breath, Mahsuri cursed the island with seven generations of bad luck. Later the Siamese conquered Kedah and invaded the island – the inhabitants of Langkawi set fire to their staple crop and poisoned their wells in order to halt the advance of the invaders. Legend has it to this day traces of burnt rice can be seen in nearby Padang Matsirat (The Field of Burnt Rice) especially after torrential downpours.

Source : MakamMahsuri

This attraction is not that big. Perhaps one of the few interesting thing is that we get to splash our faces with water from the ‘sacred well’ of mystical benefits across the decades. It ironically has a pipe attached to its walls. It was also said that the real resting place of Mahsuri is not the one decorated nicely, for fear it will be used for pemujaan purposes – instead is beneath one of the two trees planted near the area.



You might want to look for Klinik Kesihatan Kuah as your landmark on WAZE. The complex would be this big white building with a hotel just next to it. This is the best shopping destination for most Malaysians. It sells all this Corelle stuff, tax free chocolates and bedding sheets. Of course this may be nothing for those who hails from overseas but for us here, this is like murah kowtt.. 

This is also the place for one who wish to experience homegrown products – tongkat ali coffee, oil based perfumes (minyak attar), lemongrass balms, gamat products etc..


I bought my souvenirs here – my chocolates and keychains and what not.. then of course we had a meal at the nearby food court. Which brings to my next post. A very short one on Food in Langkawi.