Last weekend we ate and ate


Seoul Garden with the family happened last weekend. Mr Husband said it was the longest eating session he has ever sat in. 90 mins of munching food guys. It was not normal in his family.Ha ha. I had to excuse myself early because of my small bladder and abdominal cramps. Plus I wanted to do some window shopping at TYPO. Besides, Mr Husband can mingle longer with the inlaws right? He he.. muka redha..  

Then this is dinner today. Leftovers from yesterday and freshly fried omellete with tomyam.


I must have missed the memo or skipped the chapter on “how to be the most wonderful sister in the world’ when I made Danial the Tomyam udang. He is apparently allergic to seafood. Like really? I honestly thought I saw him dunk a prawn in the soup at Seoul Garden the other day. Or maybe I thought I did.

He finished the cauliflower in the tomyam though – I told him I’ll finish up the prawn later.

After dinner, I did some loud reading with my son. He needed to improve on his English pronunciation. He is doing fine so far – English is not our main speaking language at home but its good for school and reading generally. He is currently on book 2B of the Peter & Jane series. I need to make a timetable to chart out his progress and aims. I’m giving it 3 months? Would that be reasonable? We’ll see.

Restoran Seri Kenyalang, Bandar Saujana Putra

It takes courage to build something out of scratch. Be it a sandcastle or a business empire. I am happy for both my sister and her husband in their effort of setting up their own restaurant. It may not have the interiors of the sprouting celebrity cafes like Suka Sucre Bistro and all .. well, not yet but like I say, concentrate on the flavour and taste of the cooking. If people love what they eat, they will still come back even though your stall is the size of a chicken coop.

I had a minor role in the establishment of their restaurant – something I do on a pro bono basis. FREE OF CHARGE. I am the Promoting Officer in charge. Camyalah.. 


Restoran Seri Kenyalang is essentially a place where they serve mainly Malay food with a splash of Thai and Sarawakian cuisine to it. It is open daily from 11AM to 11PM. They also have special weekend menus for the whole family. This family-run business is located in Bandar Saujana Putra – a small township located near the SKVE and PLUS highway enroute to Putrajaya.

The exact address would be NO 57, Jalan SP 8/4, BSP, Jenjarom, Selangor. Behind the police station that is.

seri kenyalang

I have yet to try everything my brother in law cooks but I am looking forward to try a few dishes such as the Tomyam Kelapa, Ikan Stim Harimau Menangis and of course my favourites – Nasi goreng Dabai and Laksa Sarawak. You can get a full set meal from as low as RM6.00.

seri kenyalang1


The full menu is available on the FaceBook page and more pictures at their Instagram account as well.

FAceBook RSK

Instagram RSK

Krabi : Food Gallery

We came mainly to try the classic Tomyam Gung and Somtam (Papaya Salad).

Soon, we discovered other simple streetfood varieties which included the famous pancakes, fresh fruits, critters, finger food like prawn tempura et cetera.

Even I had something Western on the last day of the stay. Mr Husband thought it was ridiculous to have Penne Arabiatta in Krabi. I beg to differ. I felt compelled to try Western dishes at places that carters to Western tourist. I wouldnt want my pasta to taste anywhere near to the ones served in Secret Recipe or Pizza Hut.

I shamelessly gained 4 pounds from the culinary adventure itself.

Word of caution, Thai food is spicy and not palatable to my little toddler. So he technically had bread and plain rice with clear soup to go with it. Food pricing overall, to me was reasonable. I did not feel that I had to starve for the rest of the month till payday.

Enjoy the pictures. Go on, drool!!

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