5 tips to overcome burnout

“You feel fine, and then, when your body can’t keep fighting, you don’t.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

I have been experiencing a moment of being burnt out lately. I am tired of my job. I am tired of being second best to the dad, Mr Husband.

Quitting my day job is not an option. And I don’t have a night job to go to. Which is a blessing to most people as some have to do up to 3 jobs to earn a living. Oh wait, I do have a night job but well.. I don’t get paid that much to be oncall. The admin people wouldn’t give a damn if I decide to quit. There are after all lots of other fishes in the sea that could fill in my position as a Medical Officer. I am after all just that. A common,chronic MO.

Either way I must pull myself together as tomorrow is a new day. A new page of my autobiography. LOL. Here is one can do to get through the day.


  1. Eat well in a company of people – Eat proper food. Have breakfast with the husband eventhough you despise him cause your child loves him more at the moment. Surrounding yourself with people tends to remind you that others may have problems bigger than your own. On top of discouraging suicidal or depressing thoughts.
  2. Talk to somebody – it doesn’t have to be about the cause of burnout per se. You just need an outlet to burn out that negative energy.
  3. Go crazy. Safe crazy – Get that haircut. Or click on that dress you’ve always wanted on Zalora.
  4. Find a distraction – Work on that long abandoned novel. The halfway knitted scarf. conjure magic in the kitchen and bake that 3 tier cake from scratch.
  5. Or just relax – Slap on a face mask. Sit yourself on the massage chair. Light up the aromatherapy candles. (this is the time to use it) and listen to meditation music.

As a bonus. Do not forget to pray to Allah and hope that this difficult phase would pass. Quick.

10 tips to enhance our Islamic knowledge


“Every new day is another chance to repent and turn to your Lord”



This is another Tips To tagged post.

I am forever looking for ways to improve myself to be a better individual and key player in the society. As I was decluttering my documents in the commputer, I discovered this piece . I think its worth jogging the memory regarding learning about Islam and hopefully will be able to practice it right.

Source:  Taha Ghayyur. “In Pursuit of Knowledge.” Aver. January 2006: p. 24

1. Prioritize

What are the priorities of the Muslim community today? What is required of me? Is it essential for me to spend 4 years isolated in a desert or some foreign country to study Islam or is it more beneficial for me to use my skills to benefit the community, while learning Islam in Canada?

2. Specialize

Young minds and scholars need to do research on contemporary issues such as entertainment in Islam (music and art), Islamic banking, media studies, etc.

3. Start with the Basics

Don’t be overwhelmed by the hundreds of books and dozens of Islamic sciences to choose from. It is better to start off your journey by focusing on and mastering three things:

i) Tafsir (commentary and understanding) of the Quran,
ii) Fiqh (analysis) of Sirah (life of the Prophet and the first generation of Muslims), and
iii) Our Society (the history, culture, political system, demographics, and current events of the country).

4. Be a scholar in your profession

Look for Islamic institutions that offer workshops and training programs that train Muslim professionals on Islam, in their respected professions. Professionals need to learn the ethical issues related to their work. We rarely see Muslims sharing Islamic knowledge at their job. For some reason we feel that Islam only needs to be applied in our personal life, and not in our professions.

If you are approaching your final years of university, try doing a research project, a thesis, or internship that incorporates Islam or issues concerning Muslims.

5. Use Books/CDs/Internet/E-Mail

We are blessed with resources such as books, magazines, websites, CD’s, email, etc due to the advancement of technology. We shouldn’t ignore or underestimate these beneficial resources if we do not have regular access to Muslim scholar to learn from. By using these resources, when an opportunity arises to spend a day, a week, or a year with a knowledgeable Muslim, we will be better prepared to benefit from their learning.

Don’t underestimate the power of books and articles! These resources let you analyze the information most effectively. Many people come to Islam because of ONE book.

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Minci’s 101 on Anger Management

“Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”
– Dr. Laurence J. Peter –

Today, I conquered Anger. I was angry towards Mr Husband. Over a petty issue. Nevertheless, it still left me fired up over the situation. Instead of sleeping it off, I decided to utilise the power from Anger into doing my daily chores, amongst many other things.I am afterall, The Good Wife.


– hoovered our living space
– did the laundry and hang out musty pillows to ‘dry’ underneath the sun
– ironed baskets of shirt
– sanitised Baby Zeeqs feeding bottle
– cooked dinner
– scrubbed the bathroom

I would have done a MouseHunt if I had extra energy. Alas, by the end of the day my batteries needed a recharge. This is partly how I managed Anger. By accomplishing tasks/doing things.

Anger is negative energy. An inappropriate response to it, not only brings harm to the individual per se but also to his/her surrounding people and environment. Vandalisme, bullying, depression even are all consequences of Anger in which is not handled properly. Hence, the need for Anger Management. We all have our own strategies in combating this sin. This is mine.

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