Honey Madu for dinner

Mr Husband is working extra hours today. This means dinner for one is 2 slices of honey buttered toast with a mug of hot cocoa. No fancy dishes – just toast.

In Vietnam, honey is served with tea.


During one of our visits to the bee farm, we had tea mixed with a small dollop of honey and a sprinkle of pollen. Topped with a mini-squeeze of limau kasturi. It was a wow tasty drink. I had seconds. And a third. But I didn’t buy their produce because it was too expensive and most importantly – they were in liquid form. I did not pay for extra baggage for the Saigon trip. Liquids in hand luggage? Risky…

In Malaysia itself, I came to hear of Teh tarik with Madu in Johor. Now that is something worth a day trip for.

Time travelling with my cup of tea

Sipping tea is probably one of my old habits which seems to never die. In fact, tea-drinking is one of those little things I can do to reminisce on the good times I had as a student overseas – Manchester.


What more having it without sugar. Just the classic tea with milk to produce that kelat-kelat brew for my routine supper drink. Even Father pointed out that I’m drinking it not because I am thirsty or in need of a fix – it’s just a habit. On top of my tea, I have my ‘atmosphere’. That cold, wintry (air conditioned room) feeling without the many layers of coats or mufflers.

As of tonight, with my cup of tea in hand I am travelling to the time when I was doing an attachment in a GP setting as a medical student. Back then, everybody’s morning starts with ‘a brew’. I mean, you can never go wrong in making other peoples tea as well. The formula seemed standard. Tea + piping hot water + fresh milk in a mug. Then each doctor goes back to their respective room and will sip that tea bit by bit in between patients till it finishes or stands cold.

Then its tea again for lunch or evening tea – The same formula over and over again.

And now still holding my cup of tea, I am suddenly brought back to the time when my housemates and I were lazing under the summer sun. Exams finished with nothing to do and we just ate and ate. Its that type of friendship you just want to keep but as usual the bond doesn’t go that strong although we are in each others thoughts most times. For some reason, the husband and child always comes first. I miss them.


Oh dear, my tea is at its last sip already – I have to go. Or should I make another brew? Hmmm.. It’s a choice between Boh Tea, Boh’s Green Tea and Twining’s Lady Grey Tea.