My mothers genes have Generosity encoded in them and because of that Tabung Minci was created

I made a day trip to my moms home last weekend. It was a 2 hour drive from my place and I was anxious with the thought of bringing my kids along. I prayed that they will behave and that Ninie especially would not poop in the car. Alhamdulilah, the journey went fine.The pu rpose of the trip was to send my mom n my sister’s stuff.

In return, amusingly, I got stuff too. Which was way more than what I have brought with me initally. I ended up huggling back to Melaka a set of Tefal cookware, baking items, clothes, a book and food. The ever most important deer meat ! My mom will not let the matter rest until I taste the venison.

Mum also updated me about her social activities – her marhaban group. She said their annual dinner is coming soon and that they will be an election for the committee.

You know being a leader, you still need someone with money. At least, that is how it is in my group, it keeps the group going. Self funding helps to oil those little bits in the operation for it to run smoothly, she says

She narrated how sometimes she would have to pay things forward first, lend money to those in need and paid back without interest, get gifts to boost motivation but still she felt great to be able to do that. To her, these deeds are a form of sedekah. To her, Allah has placed her in a position where she is able to lend a helping hand in ways that she is capable of. And if her role comes in the form of giving financial aid, then why not? 

I have always known her to be really wise with money. Thrifty but generous at the same time. I learnt from her that as moms – we should think about our children’s finances. She would keep part of her money in our savings account and this went on until I finally got into college. Because of that, I am doing the same for my Syazmins. I would keep aside as many RM20 notes as I can to be kept in their accounts.

As of my mom being generous, paying for a friends meal, hosting a party or getting gift for people that she loves dearly just comes by naturally. She would buy things from friends if she knows that her friends could make a living out of it. She is that supportive. And that gesture is slowly becoming second nature to myself as well. I mean, I try. And it does make you feel good about yourself when you do things For Yourself and not expecting people to return the favor. Making someone else happy makes you happy. Most of the time. And every good things does not have to come in the form of giving money. 

Despite that I still make my own charity fund which I call Tabung Minci. Inspired by my moms generosity for sure. This is where my monthly elaun keraian goes too. From here, I make scheduled monthly donations to Al-Yateem Islamic Relief Programme and Mercy Malaysia. The remaining funds I would use for the occasional public donation drives, to sponsor activities related to clinic or personal causes, individual sedekahs etc.  

I took time off recently to sort out my burned out life. I also decided it is a good time to keep my Tabung Minci engines running. I am preparing care packages for kids & babies that come to my Klinik Desa. I sent out Parcel Kasih Sayang (kinda like a Raya goodie box) to my Wanita Besi Eropah  (WBE) girls too few days ago. On top of that, I made Eid cookies for my friends at work. I made the usual Cornflakes with Dates & another variation is Rose Honey Cornflakes. I bought the Rose Honey from Ninso. 





It’s just a simple gesture to acknowledge how much I care about them too. These, I feel is my form of good deed and sedekah too. I just hope Allah accepts all of them and grant me Pahala and Jannah.  This small act would not have been possible without the support of my husband and blessings from my mom. I fund her activities monthly (read: elaun belanja .. ha ha ha). I hope to also reap the benefits from her good deeds too. InsyaAllah.

Feel free to read about my Tabung Minci ventures by searching hashtags : TabungMinci & Sedekah/ Sedeqah. I even dedicated a page for Tabung Minci for my own record. 2019 has yet to be updated but we are threading the year slowly. 


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This time I decided to contribute to a project via the KL Braille blogsite. 

Projek Braille Slate_1

Using the money through my sales of the Sampul Raya, I am donating part of the moolah for the cause which amounts to a few braille slates which can benefit around 20 students. Allow me to share the reason why – when of all the people I can choose to make a contribution – I chose them.

When I was a house officer (HO) some time ago, I suffered from keratitis as a consequence of my poor habits when wearing contact lenses. Maybe I did not wash my hands properly upon handling the lenses or perhaps its was due to long hours of wearing them. Point is, on one fine morning of a work day at 530AM, I woke up with blurring of vision. At first it was painless but my eyes were watery – I then made the dangerous decision to drive myself to the Emergency Department (ED) of the hospital I was working in. ( I was staying alone by the way and it was too early to call my nearby cousin)

I was thinking if I could get my problem sorted out quickly, I can make it in time for work at 730AM. I took a quick shower, felt around for my clothes and tried to make out a presentable outfit for the day through the blurred eyes and drove at tortoise speed through the dark morning to the ED. I registered myself at the counter like any honest citizen and waited for my turn. Being a HO I was not sure if I had anyone I knew at ED who could sped me through the line. I haven’t done my ED posting yet to even know a single nurse or MA in the department who could help this poor soul.

Thank god, a colleague I knew from my previous ObsGyn posting saw me and helped me out. I was referred to the Ophthalmology Clinic on the same morning and I was diagnosed with keratitis. I was given MC until my next appointment due in 3 days, supplied with analgesic and loads of eye drops. My eyes were so painful and teary I had to wear an eye patch and hailed a cab back home. The taxi driver literally thought I was an OKU and was very kind to help me to my doorstep.

My next 3 days at home as a partially blind person was eye-opening. I was technically confined in the house – my meals were whatever leftovers I could rummage in my fridge or canned food in the pantry. I could not watch TV or surf the internet. I just lay there on the sofa like a dying goldfish listening to the radio. And of course getting paranoid and jumpy over every single sound I hear in the house.

My vision got better, the pain was reducing in trend within that 3 days. I abstained myself from wearing contact lenses for 6 months. I am still wearing them now, only that I know better having educated myself properly. That was me being grumpy for 3 days unable to see, unable to appreciate faces and colours and words on paper and books. Imagine an individual deprived of having eyesight for the rest of their lives!

So this is me doing my own small thing. I have another mini project coming soon over the weekend as a collaborative effort with my sister funded by my mini tabung kebajikan. *cross fingers*