My Recipe book – adorned with washi and stickers

I tell my friends all the time – I CANNOT COOK. But they never seem to believe me. Only Mr Husband does. Ha ha ha. This is my personal recipe book – it is divided into 3 sections so far

  • Western
  • Asian
  • Drinks/diet/food thought

At the back cover, there’s a small envelope for me to store inserts or recipe sheets that I can’t quite paste on the pages. In this book, I keep recipes handed down by my mother, my colleagues at work or modified recipes I pick and mix online. For instance, if I could substitute fresh fish with canned ones – in the book it goes! 😛

Part of my resolution for 2016 is to learn more about Bento. And of course learn more simple recipes.

dah buat tapi tak jadi plak...

bread lasagna