Ramadhan : Helping those around you

Some people just need one Ramadhan to change. That’s why I love the holy month. It gives a great excuse for those who have always wanted to turn a new leaf but not quite sure when or how. While some may argue, its being hypocritical – I’d say why not.. at least during that one month one could feel the sweetness of Islam. The beauty of being a muslim.

Ramadhan allows someone to try to become a better person. To try and perform the Dhuha or the Tahajjud. Ramadhan gives an excuse for someone to say to their friends, “nope, I’m not joining you guys for the movie tonight – I want to finish reading the juzuk. I’m few pages left behind man.. ha ha“. Ramadhan also allows oneself to purify their intentions and cleanse their rezki so it will be more barakah.

This Ramadhan I decided to pay more attention to the small entrepreneurs I have around me mainly the staff I am working with. Before this, I have heard of them selling headscarves, soap, specialized food and drinks, beauty products, services etc. And they sell it at a good price too. Only I haven’t been much of a proactive buyer before until recently.

I thought to myself,

We are living in a small community. If my purchase could raise their standard of living by even a mere 1% or give that lady extra income for the month to get her own things or for her kids – why not just buy from them?

It will make them happy as a start and it will encourage them to be independent and savvy with their financial stance. On top of doing their kerja hakiki of course. ( I support lady entrepreneurs wholly but not to the extent of neglecting their family and paid job. These 2 things are still the biggest amanah of all)

So I approached those who are selling scarves. I placed orders for raya cookies and kerepek. In fact, I myself feel good upon performing these small deeds. This is me playing my part for the small  community of sellers at my workplace. How about you. Insya-Allah, if we mean well everything would be rewarded handsomely.

Somtam Tesco Melaka

“Eat whatever you want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight,

eat them too”



Sometimes the most lovely dishes are closer to home.

Somtam (kerabu betik) is one of my favourite Thai dishes. I first had it when a fellow friend whose mother hails from Bangkok prepared us a homemade Somtam. Later, my second Somtam meal was in Krabi. However, this time I bought this Somtam at Tesco Melaka’s Bazaar Rakyat for MYR5. And the taste was everything I imagined it to be. Take note, it is very spicy but the bliss of having it for Iftar was worth it. Although I did have to swallow 2 tabs of Gelusil post meal.

Its a simple dish. The ingredients were fresh and the young boy mixing the somtam certainly knows what he is doing.

Too bad the Pulut Mangga was not available during Ramadhan. Perhaps, after Raya then? Heard it was equally mouth-watering.


A simple Iftar


The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.

Words could not describe the joy seeing your son eat up the simple iftar menu with much gusto!

Mr Husband was being fussy on not wanting to have rice on the plate. So I had to think of  an alternative. Thus, in my magic pot, I brought some spaghetti to a boil. Blobbed Prego sauce on top with bits of meatball and sprinkles of cheese and black pepper seeds. The outcome : a simple dish for breaking fast.

And the meal was prepped in less than 15 mins! Nice.

Any links or ideas for easy, simple meals? This working mother definitely needs help. Cheerios!

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Ramadhan 2014 : Of being productive

“Seek and You Shall Find”


What better way to illustrate a meaningful and fruitful Ramadhan. This infographic courtesy of Productive Muslim .



This year round I am aiming to recite the Quran more. To be able to khatam the kitab would be great given my time and commitment issues but hey – anything is possible. Insya-Allah.

I also plan to give more Sedekah. To the unintiated like myself, Islamic Relief Malaysia website is a good start in being charitable. Insya-Allah. 

Finally, if I may add.. I hope to loss a few pounds over this 4 weeks. Perhaps a pound, at least? Insya-Allah