Our 6th Anniversary at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI City Resort


We stayed here for 2 nights : 31 December 2016 – 02 January 2017 and booked the Heliconia Twin Room which has 3 single beds in it. The total payment was MYR 458.00 which included breakfast for 2 people.

I made by booking through Agoda.Com and paid for it with my credit card. Checking in on a Saturday afternoon was a bit of a wait but all counters were open and reception staff was still able to manage a smile and a small pleasant conversation.

Our room was 117. There were no supernatural sightings or weird noises as reviewed by a visitor back in 2014. That particular review back then was so specific to mention room 107 & 202. We did hear the therapeutic sounds of the garden pool though.



Despite our many holidays and hotel stays – we were new to the Turndown Service. I thought that was interesting and a simple google search led me to various articles regarding this service. We didn’t require the service but it was good to know. The furniture in the room is a bit old but sturdy and the rooms electricity supply did not require us to put our card key into any form of slot. It was just the simple old fashioned main switch – God bless, I loved it.

I wanted to try the Tranquility Spa especially with the Happy Hour Promotion but the spa was fully booked. Damn.. they have a 50% discount on selected packages from 11AM to 3PM everyday. The catch is your session must be within that time frame. So you can’t really book a 1 hour massage at 230PM – it just doesn’t work that way. Maybe next time.

I was happy with the breakfast buffet although there have been suggestions to have more variety of food. What more can they add honestly? There’s already cereal, salad, fruits, local delicacies, western options.. are these people asking for kebabs? Laksa ?

The swimming pool was surprisingly very happening. My son feared water  – he can only swim in the bath tub. But looking at the crowd of young parents like ourselves bringing their kids, just shows that the pool is fun and a major attraction to families who choose this place. Plus, the view is great!

Parking space is abundant and guess what – IOI City Mall is just a <10 min walk from the hotel. The hotel also has a shuttle service to the mall that takes you less than 5 minutes to get there if walking is not your cup of tea.

Would I stay at this hotel again?

Definitely. Why not. And I’ll book the spa next time. 



Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya : perasan kaya sekejap..

Hotel Bangi Putrajaya was previously known as Equatorial hotel. I was informed by a friend that their star ratings dropped – hence the change in name. Which probably includes the management team. That did not deter me to book it for my so called weekend stay-cation.

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The plan was to ronda2 Putrajaya or Bangi and use the room for sleeping only. We ended up soaking in the luxuries of the room and place. Ha ha. Our feet were practically rooted to the room.

Our room number was 611. My son thought that we were given that particular room because he enjoyed watching Astro Ceria. Of course – that was not the reason.

The world doesn’t evolve around you my son.

So what do I think of the place?

Price : I’d say it is worth every penny. This is after all a resort. I booked my room through Agoda.Com, so it was quite easy.

Location : Love the hotel on top of the hill. It overlooks a golf course and if you’re lucky you get to see the pool. You would have the feeling of being isolated in a land far far away but interestingly we still see flocks of people appearing here and there. Mostly participants of a meeting or a course.

Hospitality : Very friendly and accommodating front desk. They were also very thoughtful by providing free flow drinks while waiting and a bowl of sweets at hand for visitors. Mr Husband loved the FREE, COMPLIMENTARY English newspapers. I also learnt that they have a shuttle service to IOI Mall Putrajaya.

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Food : I wish I could say the breakfast was awesome. Well.. they could try harder. He he.. after all there is a nearby food court which has a the famous Haji Samuri Satay!

Cleanliness : Tip top. KUDOS to the housekeeping team.

Would I book it again? definitely! Once they are done with their renovations of course.

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Review : Photobook Msia Business Cards

This came through the post. My Mother would be elated.


These are business cards which I bought from a local website, PhotoBook. The site has 33 customizable card designs to suit individual’s preference. I really hope that the team would produce more templates hence making the selection more fabulous as they already are.

It’s pretty easy to ‘design’ your own business card.


Once I have selected a pattern, I just have to customize it online and voila.. I have my own business card ready to be delivered within  3 – 5 working days.


My mother is a masseuse certified by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) to perform massage therapy onto postnatal ladies. She underwent a short course with an exam at the end to get that qualification. On top of that, she also sells the traditional bengkung for the ladies, herbal remedies and organic lemongrass oil.

She works on a contract basis at the TCM centre in Putrajaya and occasionally after office hours would attend to private clients at their respective homes. She currently caters to ladies within Putrajaya and Jenjarom area. Please do contact her for more details.

Here’s to a good year ahead.

“I looked him up on Facebook”


” Facebook is like fridges. You know theres nothing inside but you keep checking it every five minutes”




Mr Husband and I went to Putrajaya yesterday to meet a very specific man by the name of Mr K. Its been days now since his last interaction with Mr Husband regarding our transfer to Malacca for our next posting (as Medical Officers). The admin office in Kuching has been pestering us on the formal transfer letter [read: snail mail is dead slow in this part of Malaysia] and we in turn had to push this Mr K to have everything fast-forwarded by fascimile.

Mr K was really adamant that he has fulfilled his responsibility and convinced us that  he’s faxed the hospital in Kuching our transfer letters but the problem is.. where has it gone missing? Especially when the admin office kept saying that they havent received it. So we decided to get to the bottom of things and made a ‘short’ trip to Putrajaya. FROM MALACCA.

On the way to his office, Mr Husband suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“What? Why are we stopping?”

“Thats him, Mr K. I just saw him got into his car. And its not even 4PM yet”

“How would you know?”

“I looked him up in Facebook. I know he’s married to someone from bla bla bla. That he was born in the year 19** ” and he went on and on reciting every single fact he knows about this stranger, Mr K.

Yes, Mr Husband has developed this habit of searching and looking up everyone on Facebook. If he reads about someone in the papers, he’ll ‘expand’ his reading on them on Facebook. Hence, for those who did not update their security settings.. well, you’ll get someone like Mr Husband taking a glimpse of your profile. Of how you look, your age, your family etc.

Dangerous, huh?

Back to our little mishap. It seemes that Mr K was a fib. He never did faxed over the transfer letter. Thank God Mr Husband still has a week to report himself for his new duty.