Sandwiches at Arnor Crepes

I was a woman hungry for a sandwich and headed to a place which I know has a short queue. It has been a terrible call + shift the night before and because I had only MYR 2 in my purse I couldn’t buy at least a simple nasi lemak from the cafe for my postcall breakfast. So I ate the in-house hospital food – porridge. Unfortunately there was not a single spoon in the pantry hence I resorted to just ‘drink’ the porridge from the bowl and prayed hard no one would see. So I was glad when I could finally punch out and grab lunch. At Arnor Crepes, AEON.


In fact, when I arrived there was not a single soul standing at the counter to order its so called famous crepes. I was honestly feeling grateful, perhaps to a certain extent, sensing a surge of joy knowing that I wouldn’t have to wait ‘long’ for my order to be done.

From a different perspective, I was also feeling ‘sorry’ for Arnor Crepes as it was competing with other giants who also knows their sandwiches. Like VIVO and SUBWAY – at that same place. I couldn’t help wondering how many customers did they had for the day. It was after all lunch hour but everybody else seems to be flogging someplace else. I was curious, what are they eating for the day. Ouh.. there’s a bee line outside Sushi King. And KFC. And a fullhouse at VIVO and SUBWAY.

It is wishful thinking I have to say, to even imagine that my purchase of the day would be the reason for this particular sandwich stall to keep doing what they’re doing here. That they would not be disheartened and sacrifice my desire to have their sandwiches by relocating someplace else where its more profitable. Thus would it be selfish of myself though to not share the goodness of this place just so I can have my short queue forever and ever? Ha ha.


The sandwich set was reasonably priced at MYR 9.90 . It includes a nice 6 inch sub and a cup of sealed iced green tea. The sauce was generous , so was the meat. The salad was plenty and heaped to the max. What more could I ask for right? An alternative sandwich for everybody!

Eid Al Adha this year

Eid fell on post-call day. Post-call routine usually includes a quick hot shower at home, eat instant maggi, lower the curtains creating that dark, cozy air conditioned atmosphere and just doze off – for at least 4 hours. But its Eid!! So korban tido.. and have breakfast at the in-laws instead. *grin sheepishly*

I wore a black jubah (Mom bought at Mekah last umrah)  over my work scrubs and voila.. and Eid outift in 5 minutes. He he.




The postcall splurge

I honestly had a night which was relatively anti-Jona. Meaning no heavy or resus cases to tend to at night, alone. It was either pure luck or just not meant to be. Plus, I had a team of MAs and Staff Nurses which were very helpful and full of joy working with me that night.

Despite having enough rest, the intermittent interruptions in my sleep pattern did left me feeling kind of dazed the next morning. My colleagues must have seen through my Poker Face and was kind enough to let me go off earlier.

Which leaves me extra extra time for my postcall activities! SHOPPING!!!

Source :

I headed straight to Aeon Jusco in town and started my shopping session by the scrumptious appetizing act of withdrawing some cash. The splurging that came afterwards was a no brainer as I spent & spent & spent on all the household things I could think of.

  • Rapi magazine and a book called Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckermann
  • Toolbox and the insides – nails, hammer, screwdrivers, measuring tappes etc
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Bit and pieces of baking utensils and food storage containers
  • Rags
  • Lunch in A&W

and finally a visit to car services centre for my cars maintenance.

And for the cherry on top, my bedroom furniture finally came. Am super excited to rearrange my wardrobe worthy of a Pinterest. 😛