That meal costs me MYR 30.00 at one of Mitsui Outlet Park’s restaurants. It’s grilled salmon. Urgh.. if only salmon is readily available at the pasar and murah. Unfortunately it is not. so hadap saja. I managed to burn a hole in my pocket as I got myself trapped in the New Year Stock Clearance game.

Mr Husband saw my new 2 pairs of shoes. And 2 bottles of Elianto body mist. I managed to hide my 3 outfits in the wardrobe.

He on the other hand, brought back a few kilos of fresh prawns for me all the way from Sabah. I also have 2 pretty pearl bracelets (love it!) and plenty of snacks I’m not crazy about. Why does he feed me these strange keropok.. *terjelepuk ke lantai, roll eyes*



The gesture, I have to admit is kind of romantic. Only it did not come with a manja2 embrace or any behaviour of that sort. It was a simple, “nah.. ko nyer”. Muekekeke. Definitely not TV3 or Astro Ria male lead drama material eyy..

Buffer Gift


   “Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third”
 Marge Piercy

Time to clean the dresser table.

I discarded back-dated and expired makeup. I dabbed on a few lipsticks while Im at it, those that I rarely use everyday at work but loved the colour still. I threw away empty sanitary pad packets, tissue boxes and the part I love most, rearranging my jewelleries/accessories in their respective cases or hangers.



And I came across these. My pearls. Which Mr Husband bought for me at the Philippine Market during our trip to Sabah last year. These are what I call as The Buffer Gift(s).

What are Buffer Gift(s)?


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