Summing up September

September was turbulent. This is what happened.

Largest mobile outreach vaccination programme

We were vaccinating between 500 to 650 people per day at locations like Sekolah Henry Gurney, Penjara Sungai Udang and MPHTJ. The challenging part was making sure that the total number of people vaccinated tallied with the number of vaccines given. If the total number of people registered on the Mysejahtera system is off – I need to figure out whether we missed out on verifying certain people once they completed their vaccination, the earlier registration did not go through, vaccine vials went missing etc.

My colleague speaking to the Chief Minister

Once I had to stay up late to tally up the numbers because the Mysejahtera system was offline for a few hours during the vaccination programme. We couldn’t wait as the prison had protocols to abide to. So we did manual registration and I had to complete the back logged data afterwards. It was a pain going through the 400 plus consent papers and see whose names are not registered and verified in the system. This is important because Malaysia provides digital certificates in the Mysejahtera app. It would be an injustice to the prisoners, should they be released one day, to discover that their names are not in the system. Although everyone has a physical card to keep, it’s always nice to have a digital one with you at all times since everyone has a smart phone nowadays.

Semester Six

I am now in Semester 6. How time flies. I wished I started sooner. Haha. I guess starting anything before 40 is a great idea. Even if they are thoughts for a career change. I am taking 3 subjects instead of 4. Gotta be realistic sistaaa..

Mini celebration for Doctors Day

I was really excited for this one. We celebrated early. It started with just plans for lunch and then the idea expanded into including games, gift exchange and awards. Surprisingly, I bagged 2 awards – one is the doctor with the Neatest Handwriting and the other one is the Most Soft Spoken. LOLS. I need to digest the latter thought and start viewing myself from other peoples perspective. I am pretty sure my personality is very different in the car whilst driving. I did not get to attend the party as I was out doing my mobile vaccination programme but I managed to keep up with the updates through Whatsapp. It was fun for me from a far. Being present takes too much energy.

My personal contribution to the party were sandwiches and the coffee machine. I had no idea people would love the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista machine. I had thought that they would prefer the capsule ones. Anyway, some friends who wanted to get it for themselves discovered that the product has been discontinued. Wow. I am that lucky few left with the machine. After all, it has been in our possession for a few years already. Husband purchased it from Shopee before the capsules were popular.

Moon chamber – Preloved BookStore on Shopee

Instead of giving away the books – which people would appreciate less, I decided to sell them online through the Shopee platform. I feel it is the easiest selling platform for beginners. of course, Shopee will take a percentage of your total sales for their service fees but it is still one of the easiest way to sell your stuff.

I set up my shop. I listed my items. I described my products and put in the weight of the items (roughly) so that Shopee could calculate the shipping price. I also get to choose the couriers available near my home. My choice is Citylink, J&T and Ninja van. If someone buys my books, I just have to print my airway bill (AWB), pack the things in my cute plastic bag and drop it off at their respective points. My favourite is the Mail Box place at Kip Mall. No need for extra weighing and all. Just drop it off. I had no idea it was that simple. So far, last month alone I made RM19. That is good enough than having to see the books rot on the shelves. At least I get to buy new books after that!

October is currently off to a good start. I wonder what interesting things it will bring.

End of Year Mini Party and also a mini anniversary at Billionaire Concept Cuisine Restaurant

It was one of those urges to just feed the people. Feed my team. Feed my ‘surrogate family’. So I decided to throw a mini party. No potluck. No speech. No proper boss – just us little people in the unit having a bit of fun and mingling. Plus I haven’t been going to a party or a gathering for a while. I do admit that I’d be absent on purpose most of the time because at these events involving more than 10 people – the introvert side of myself tends to take control. I just don’t feel like socializing unless I’m really in my comfort zone in the right circle of people.


I wanted to have balloons and decor – but it took too much effort. And thinking. Plus I was post-call. Train of thought was honestly ‘lum-py’ at the time. I bought mostly jajan and air kotak. I had my nurse buy simple breakfast for the day.

2015 party

Within seconds – word passed around …

“there’s food in the MO room”

I gave my female colleagues a face mirror each. My dear medical officers have one too – cute little hearts.

Later in the evening Mr Husband and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary at Billionaire Concept Cuisine Restaurant at Taman Lagenda. Here, they only take CASH. Being a woman who prefers carrying a debit card – I had to korek2 celah kerusi and sofa for hidden stash.

We ordered the fish and chip, macaroni and cheese, kids meal (meatballs + free juice), apple juice and raspberry lime citrus drink. It totalled up to less than RM65. I thought the portion was huge and worth the price. The drinks were expensive and not much of a choice unless you’re into all those hipster sinful sugary drinks which have caramel, oreo and whipped cream in one mug. The meal tasted OK as a whole – Mr Husband commented that the mac & cheese tasted like the ones he had in Russia as a student, so it must have tasted good. Ee finished his meatballs and his juice  – so thats a good sign too.

billionaire concept cuisine

A toast for many wonderful years ahead.