Parcel ‘kasih sayang’ for the girls …

The December/New Year edition of my personalised parcel ‘kasih sayang’.

EE sends his love to all his aunties..

.. because in the midst of being a wife and a mother, we sometimes forget that we are women of our own. We have our own ambitions, desires and needs. That sometimes you just need your girl-friends to tell you to hold on, or go for it, or hey.. whatever it is, I will always be here for you and your kids should they need me when you’re not around …

This activity of sending parcels to my girl-friends have been around since I was in medical school. I don’t do it that often – just at times if say, I saw a beautiful scarf or book and cookies. It’s my way of sharing my joy or the recent happenings in my life.

Of course, everytime I go to the post office the people at the counter would question me about Poslaju and what’s in the package – they keep thinking that I have an online business.  For God’s sake, I just want to send this beautiful package to my good friends. Have you guys forgotten how nice it is to receive goodies from a friend?

In my recent pack I have given them a shawl, a pair of hand socks from Kulsocs, some lollipops, a du’a card, an organ donation information card (lol), bookmark, my syok sendiri blog card and of course lots of invisible love and kisses floating in the envelope.

Now that I know the minimum postage to send a parcel via snail mail is MYR 4.00 I am considering making a New Year Surprise Package at say a flat price of RM15? Ha ha.. I wonder if anybody would be interested – especially from the local planner addicts society. Hmmm.. just let me sit on the idea for a minute.

The Care Package for a New Mom ..

It took me the entire weekend to construct my very own Care Package for one of my besties who is due to give birth soon. Previously, I have been sending my other besties gifts from Diaper Cake & Such. This time I wanted to give this gift my special touch. So I decided to make my very own Care Package. Another Projek Parcel Kasih Sayang from MinciSensei.Com.


Things that I took in consideration included;

  1. Budget
  2. Time
  3. Things that I would personally be grateful for if say, I were to give birth to my second child. LOL.

This dear friend of mine currently resides in Kuching. I had known her when I was a houseman in my first posting in the obstetric department. We were many characters apart. she was boisterous, loud and confident with her short hair. I was the quiet, cute, ant-y type with a tudung. Amazingly, our unlikely friendship kicked off and by time we got to MO-Ship.. we actually went to Bali together for a short trip and did reckless, silly, sinful, undocumented things. Perghhh..

Inevitably, we began to drop out from each others radar for a while after I got married and moved to Malacca. I did not even know she got married after that!!! Speaking of being friends… H aha. Anyway, social media brought us together and soon enough I hear news of a ‘rockstar’ due to pop out.

In the package, I have included more of the Mom’s Things as opposed to baby stuff. In welcoming a new member of the family, people tend to remember the New and less of the existing member. Thus, I kind of paid more attention to what the mother might need.


In the box we have;


  • Reading Materials : I gave her my own recent copy of the Readers Digest and a book entitled Bringing Up Bebe for her reading pleasure is she needs it. The book was supposed to be a good book illustrating how French Women raised their children to be civil, well behaved little humans. I did not get past the 2nd chapter of the book as i felt the font was too crampy.
  • Personal hygiene stuff for herself and baby ; Cotton buds, wipes, masks (special edition Oppa Gangnam Style), magic towels, cleanser samples and nail clippers from Cambodia.
  • Accessories : Being a mother does not downgrade any woman to being ugly fugly. I included a mini fan to kipas herself during those hot heated moments of confinement.
  • Stationaries in a pencil case : Not that she really needs it but Confinement tends to unleash the shopaholic in you especially ONLINE shopping – she would need some pen and paper to jot things down.
  • Food and beverages : Cause you never know when you’ll become hungry in the middle of the night and the only thing you can have is water. LOL.
  • For Baby : a birthday card and a comfy blanket so he’ll remember his Aunty Keciko in Malacca. Kiss kiss.

I hope she likes it. Now I just have to remember to ship it.