the blind faith by paperdorable

First of all, please click play on the video and listen on …

Last week I decided to purchase The Blind Faith (silver) Bundle from Paperdorable after seeing Perempuan Jomblo got hers on Instagram. This package was supposed to be filled with little surprises from the stationary and kawaii department. You don’t get to choose what goes in the bag. All you can do is wait for it to arrive and act surprised!!

myr 50.00

I received a lot of cute pens – that was the whole idea right? I was more thrilled to receive the paper products and masking tape though. Perhaps I should explore more of the planner and stationery scene here in Malaysia and find the more suitable retailer to satisfy my needs for a variety of sticky notes, memo pad and such.

blind faith pens

That capsule like pill is a pen – one of my favourites I have to say. of course I loved the sticky notes more.

blind faith washi

I was delighted when they included the masking tape in the bundle.

faith bundle collage

The elephant pencil case was adorable. I intend to use it tomorrow. I think these pens should be able to last for the next 6 months. Rasa sayang mok guna pun ada.. but hey, you can always get another bundle afterwards. Perhaps you could try the Gold Bundle next.

Thank you paperdorable

Waiting …

This mode is called stingy. Or kedekut we call it in Malay. If I put it nicely it’s more like delayed gratification. I have yet to spend a dime for my 2016 planner. Still waiting for the official ministry planner to be handed out by the boss. Skali tak dapat.. ha ha ha.. I want to see how ugly functional it is before I decide on getting my own planner. I mean I loved my previous one, I don’t understand why they should gather bad taste in a year.

In the meantime, I’ll just doodle the remaining pages of my 2015 with resolutions. And wait for my parcel from Paperdorable. I just bought one of its Blind Faith Silver Bundle packages. Can’t wait to see what is inside.



Often the advice is to limit your goals and to be precise. Make an outline. A deadline. You’re not doing a grocery list ‘experts say’. I don’t see any right or wrong way of doing it. You want to kick off a new habit everyday? Go ahead – call it ‘a new habit everyday resolution’. You want to produce an album in a year? Go ahead – sing your song.

I have not made weight loss a priority in 2016. Who knows I might unintentionally lose some when I don’t think too much about it. I wish..pffft. Plus – I have quite a lot on my little plate for next year. Things relating to personal growth, family ties, money, writing and feelings.

They say successful people wear the same outfit everyday. I think I shall start with that. It’s going to be Wednesday everyday people.

With a tinge of colour for the headscarf. HIhihihi..