How did the 2020 bucket list go

I was scanning through the bucket list in my hobonichi megaweeks page. Despite the pandemic, it hasn’t been THAT stagnant after all. The ones I could not achieve were mostly ones that involve social interaction, travel and group activities. The rest of the attainable targets were individual goals and displays of love for my home, my family and always, for MYSELF.

I have yet to be able to shrink into a size that can fit a Minimalace outfit. I am still looking for that Pakistani briyani recipe like the delicious ones I had in Manchester as a student. Briyani diorg lain sangat and I really really miss it. I am putting my hopes up high for the chance to go for umrah next year as I am curious why people miss Umrah so much. Even better, I would like to go for haji. In fact, I am still making deposits into my TH account with references like ‘doakan saya pergi haji’ , ‘beri saya peluang pegi haji’ with the hope that the TH people will read it and push up my ranks as candidates for hajj.

I’d like to go to a Siti Nurhaliza concert or an Nsync concert or maybe it is time to embrace my K-pop soul , a Blackpink or BTS concert. Yikes.. ahjumma goin to these concerts are surely going to turn heads.

I had thought that 2020 would be a great time to play host for everything. A laksa eating session, doterra gathering (thinking of opting out of the scheme at the moment), a book club meeting, a breakfast club meet up at homes, writing journals beramai2 or just something that involves makan2, swafoto and a beautiful atmosphere. Alas, the pandemic got the better of it and I have yet to host anything at my home.

Next year I am starting small with the list. And hope to achieve more with those baby steps in 2021. What about you? how did your list went this year? Is there anything that you’d like to put back on the list for 2021?

For a smarter 2016 …

R.I.P Samsung Mini Galaxy.I value our two years of being together but not its time to give way to the new girl in town. And so all my photos and videos will be powered by Samsung J5.

The idea of choosing a smartphone is for me to kind of be smarter in managing the many different aspects of my life. Be it as a wife and mother. Or an MD. And now a mini entrepreneur?? #2kerja

I downloaded my usual Apps from GooglePlay and it includes;

  • Quran for Android
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Medscape
  • Notes
  • WhatsApp
  • Youtube
  • Waze
  • WordPress (of course)

Only this time since I’m already on U Mobile – and using a DATA plan, I thought of exploring more on the App side. I stumbled upon 2 useful Apps so far.. I am open to suggestions… and my pick for this month are;



Although I don’t keep a tab on what I spend. And although I keep receipts for things which are tax-exempted … I have so far yet to spend more than what my monthly budget. However, this year I felt it is appropriate to have an eye on the mini details of my spending. Just so I could first, satisfy the increasing OCD trait in me and secondly to just gauge if I have a lot of extras for future blog or family related projects.

I find this app easy and cute to use.

I could key in the amount of money and categorise not only my expenditures but also my income. The emoji used are kawaii (so thats a bonus) and it gives you a warning if you spend more than 50% of your budget. It also gives you a nice, accurate monthly summary of your money flow. Smarter still, you can choose to ‘analyse the data’ using the pie chart or graphs in the app. Cool, rite?


Previously I was not convinced with this app. I thought the book selections were horrible and picisan to start with – like buku tak laku di pasaran so you decide to sell online plak. To my astonishment I saw a very popular book listed in the app. It was in fact the first book I bought on the app.

Saiful Nang  – Kisah orang Menang. 


Minus his controversial ideas and sometimes egocentric tendencies, I feel there is still a lot one can emulate from his success. I mean for instance, the famous FB EP Physician, just because he is really into BN – it doesn’t mean that we should disregard his sound posts concerning the health issues in our country, right?

One must learn what to follow or listen and read. Decide for yourself and justify on your own accord when people asks of it.

Buying the book online was a breeze. It was cheaper from what they sell physically in stores. In less than 5 minutes (with good internet speed) I was able to download the book in my app and read it on the go. I think this is phenomenal. At least people don’t think I’m a nerd when I choose to read a book on my phone and they’d probably think I’m checking on my Whatsapp messages or something. Furthermore, it saves me from judging eyes – just because I read about saiful Nang it doesn’t mean I support everything that he writes and share on his FB wall.

This app has many cool features too. You can bookmark your page. Highlight interesting passages, make notes on certain points and best of all you can sync these thoughts with your Google Drive for keepsake.

I saw Mat Luthfi’s books on Google Play Books too . I’m hoping Diana Rikasari would consider putting her #88 Love Life book online as well. I would be a very happy nerd on the go.