HoboMinci and side kicks

Salam and Hi. For those who have not known yet I affectionately call my hobonichi my Hobominci.

Yesterday I took the opportunity to declutter and rearrange the furniture and planner related stuff I have in my Minci Cave. As expected, there’s a lot of dust. I sneezed almost all the time but I managed to get the place in order about 70% I still have another 30% to go today. Naturally I got distracted looking into my washi tapes journalling cards and the thousand many things I have at my pretty table.

Later at night, I get to update my memory book in this particular floral book which was given by Zawaniz. I selected my photos from my archives in Google photos and that was when I realised that I don’t really have a lot of pictures with my husband. So it was very difficult to choose a photo of the both of us to go inside the book. In a way, this will remind me to snap more pictures of the both of us together.

I printed the photos on an A4 glossy paper using the Brother’s printer. I think I need to re adjust the printing settings to get the best quality photos.

Spend the best 2 hours in my Minci Cave. Today is another day of cleaning and sorting. What an awesome way to spend my Sunday.

HoboMinci : Another long weekend

I did a list of things to do. I accomplished less than half of it. I was having too much fun.

.. and this was what happened behind the scenes.

The layout of the pages in my HoboMinci is still experimental. I wanted it to be more like Amy Tangerine or Aina Kristina but I seemed to be quite frilly like Rainbowholic. Hahaha..

Shopee : Local heaven for Malaysian washi tape lovers ..

HI PAMmers & Readers, *waving like mad here*

I’m not quite sure whether to thank Shopee or hate them for making me part with my money. But Shopee definitely made my shopping experience very easy both as a buyer and seller.

I started on Shopee as a seller – trying to get rid of my extra washi and stickers which I bought on an impulse. A huge impulse that is. Little did I know I was starting to eye other peoples washi tapes. very keypoh rite?? It’ll be like, ” Oh em gee…. I just spotted a nice roll of crayon design. And ouh.. did that roll just went on SALE? And there’s promotion for FREE POSTAGE this month? “

And these are a few online stores that I discovered. Please say a big HI to *drumroll please*



The Haul 

 Favourite item/s : Postcard, crayon washi



The Haul 


Favourite item/s : Kiwi Sticky Note



The Haul


Favourite item/s: lantern & space washi sample

4. four38six


The haul 



Favourite item/s: City skyline washi, mushroom washi


5. tapesandthings


The haul 


Favourite item/s: Jellyfish Washi

6. My Washi Therapy


The haul


Favourite item/s : ECG & sheep washi



The haul 


Favourite item/s : Book & Tree Washi

So that was my haul for the past 2 weeks. If you happen to have an online store on SHOPEE or INSTAGRAM – please let me know. I’d love to search for more magical things in your shop 😛