Pemeriksaan Perdana Jemaah Haji 2019

This is an initiative by Tabung Haji in collaboration with KKM to ensure that the pilgrims  (jemaahs) are in the best state of health to perform Haj. Primary health centres, hospitals, GPS would nominate a few medical officers to attend a crash course onto the health criterias one has to fulfill prior to flying to Jeddah.


Most jemaahs would feel nervous attending the medical checkup but I make it a point to inform them that this is merely a stage where we try to detect any health problems and manage it accordingly so that they will be fit to fly and do Haj. And this, we try to achieve within a few months we have prior to the trip. We do not want them to think that we are sabotaging their trips. That is never the intention. In fact, we want them to be at their best.

We just had a big medical checkup event last Saturday. The turnout was about 206 people with a manpower of 11 medical officers and their respective supporting staff. Alhamdulilah, the session did not drag out till late in the evening as it was a Saturday after all.

Thankfully, we are eligible for a day off (at our chosen time) and given RM50 each as  a token of appreciation. lol.

When a patient arrives, they would first register at the counter before going to the next station where they could check their blood group, Hb and glucose levels. Afterwards, their vital signs and measurements would be taken. Then it is a waiting game for them to be called into the examination room. If they pass, they can proceed to take their meninggococcal vaccination in the next room. If they have medical issues to tackle, they would be redirected at the nearest Klinik Kesihatan for a followup review to get a pass for their medical exam.

I would advise prospective jemaahs to being their medical books, medicine and better still their latest blood investigations to the checkup to speed up the process. Especially when some of the patients choose to follow up at their respective private GP. Or buy their own medicine at the pharmacy. We just need to know if there is an acute problem within the last 3 to 6 months that needs further medical attention.

Most of my patients passed the examination leaving just a few to tackle on their high blood pressure and in some, a new diagnosis of diabetes. There were also a few tricky cases especially involving obese and elderly patients as we are divided between thinking of what is best for them and what they want. I have yet to have any clear cut fails but we will see how it is for the next few months. InsyaAllah. 

I am also hopeful to be selected as Allah’s guest one day. InsyaAllah.

Langkawi 2017 : Food at a glance

We never miss The Laksa. Its thick white rice noodles in spicy-sour fish broth. We did not managed to find our favourite laksa near the school. Perhaps it has relocated elsewhere? We have no idea. So we went to the next best place for laksa – the stalls scattered around the airport.



I have to highlight that Langkawi’s Cendol is a bit different from the ones available in Malacca. They don’t use shaved ice in Langkawi – instead its literally ‘ais batu’. Initially I thought they had run out of shaved ice. However after a few meals with cendol – we realized thats how it was prepared in Langkawi.




On days when we were too tired to find laksa – we’d have chicken rice at the shop near the hotel. Not bad for RM5.



So yes, this trip was not much of a culinary adventure to us. Perhaps next time we get to explore more new eateries in Langkawi.


A Merdeka Weekend at Iqlil Salon

I had the need to fulfill my inner diva last Merdeka Weekend. Apart from browsing online for other facial products I could purchase from SimplySiti – I felt gravity pulled me towards frequenting  Iqlil Salon again. This has to be like my 4th visit this year.

No 55, Jalan TU 49A,
Taman Tasik Utama
Ayer Keroh
 06-232 4600

The first visit was for a wash & cut, the other 2 for hair thermal spa (treatment) and the recent one for a bit of colour to cover the grey hair. I have yet to apply for membership but the price, even for non-members were I feel reasonable. After all, this place is run by a fellow mate from high school. And this was a Ladies -Only Spa. I wouldn’t sell it as a Muslimah Spa as the meaning could be miscontrued but a Ladies Only Spa seemed more appropriate.

I was impressed that the place was still up and running with well qualified stylists. I was greeted by a lovely lady with beautiful tresses of straight hair. She gave me a casual analysis of my hair which I truly appreciated. Her advice was simple – to not let people ‘nipiskan rambut’ for I will lose the glow and strength of the hair.

I know nothing about hair. So I kind of gave her permission to do what she deems fit and suitable for it. This liberty included the type of hairstyle and the new colour of my hair. This was when things got interesting. Cause you see I have a history of being silently wild and outrageous prior meeting Mr Husband. I was very confused and e.m.o. Like Goth Emo.

The stylist immediately knew I had my hair dyed black before. Dying my hair black was one of the moments when I had enough of being blonde – yah, I bleached my hair prior to that due to post break up depression. She mentioned how Asian hair is rarely pitch black like mine and is usually at a grade of 4 or 5 (I don’t know which or what scale is this). Mine was a Grade 0 and have about 5 inches left before it’s all gone from the head. To put colour on top of a Grade 0 would be difficult unless the chosen colour is strong. Which is why Gina, The Stylist suggested a Red Wine colour. I couldn’t agree more as I was already envisioning myself as Song Ji Hyo in the K-Drama Emergency Man and Woman.

Iqlil Salon hair products are from the Alfaparf range. Said to be 95% organic and water-based.. which means its allowed in prayers. I trust that the owner a.k.a. my colleague would not sell something discriminating or doubtful to the market. Kata orang, harus amanah dan bertanggungjawab. 

The session lasted for 3 hours and by the time everything was done – I was mildly starving. This is because the staff at Iqlil were very compassionate and made me a cup of tea with biscuits to dip in during the session. I felt like a princess with all the hair steaming and washing. The Red Wine colour was very subtle and would only shine under white light or the sun. I was advised to not use white towel or wear white clothing as the colour could still wash down for few weeks.

Will I go again? Yes.

The whole thing costs me MYR375. I had 3 things done;

  • Wash & Cut
  • Basic Hair Treatment
  • Colouring and Highlights


I think I would like to try their Shimino Facial next visit.


No 55, Jalan TU 49A,
Taman Tasik Utama
Ayer Keroh
06-232 4600