Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang

I received this some time in April 2016. It was a form of recognition by KKM for a good job well done sorta thing. A ceremony was held to celebrate the recipients. My face was even randomly in the papers the next day but not many people knew that of course. Ha ha. I was thrilled but apprehensive at the same time.

I had thought that when you receive an APC – it’s supposed to mean that your boss recommended your name for it and that such recognition is awarded because well… you did a good job. is it not? But ironically the congratulatory wishes I seem to get are not as sincere and accomplished as I’d thought it be,

I have people wishing me,

” congratulations – its about time. You’re already a senior MO after all ”   ok? is that a good or bad thing?

” congratulations – you’ve got one so quick. I haven’t received one despite being in the service for more than 10 years ” ermmm.. maybe you’re not working well enough

” congratulations – kalo duduk district memang senang dapat ” i felt bad when people say this because I totally understand that those more deserving should get this but are in a tertiary centre where it can be overlooked.

” congratulations – kena kerja lagi kuatlah lepas ni. baru berkat dapat ”  excuse me? I give my best all the time.

I was honestly confused but I thanked them graciously anyway. Is APC a senior thing after all and not because its deserved? Gosh.. this is not making me happy at all. Am I in the same boat of those people yang ‘kerja kau tkdela bagus sangat  -tapi sbb ko dah lama kat sini.. ‘ sorta person? Kinda sad innit to perceive an APC as a measure of how long you’ve been in a place. Because I honestly thought I’m receiving it because I was assessed as an officer who is honest and diligent in my work.

Thankfully, a handful conveyed their congratulations in acknowledgement of my contributions, compassion and effort. That shows their understanding of who I am at work. At least I hope the person who nominated me thinks likewise of myself.


Our M.O.U regarding work


“If we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other better”
Lyndon Johnson

Even as a doctor, I still get a tad jealous of how much time my husband spent at work. Yes, eventhough we work in the same hospital, though in different departments, if I arrive home earlier.. id still be wondering, “Whylahhhhhhhh.. he’s late? Banyak lagi ke kerjanya?”

Multiply that with a few days of the week of every month.. you get a very dissatisfied wife. A lonely wife. An unhappy wife.



But because Im in the same line of workwith Mr Husband, the math kind of works the same the oher way round. This is when being UNDERSTANDING plays a huge role in our relationship.

We make it a point for each other to know;

  • what our job involves. For instance, when I was in the anaesthetic dept, I let him know what I do. I intubate patients, give spinal block, care for patients in the ICU, do premed. Its to make him feel involved. to make him have an idea of why I would react in a certain way that day etc.
  • the normal working hours
  • the extra working hours – when the next shift is, our next oncall
  • who we usually hang out with, so he can spy, so he’ll know who to find if he cant reach me

In short, be transparent. Tell everything about work. In a marriage, there’s no such thing as ‘lets not bring work home’. Work is a crucial part of any married life. At least, when I come home I’ll know that he’s not there because , “Yah.. he’s oncall” and I dont have to prepare dinner. He he.