A lot of good things happened on this date.

It was Mr Husbands birthday. Made spaghetti carbonara and bought a cake which we ate at home.

Mothers Day. 

And the end of my 1st trimester. My little Syazmin ( this will be his/her first name) is supposed to have fingerprints now and is as big as an egg. My chances of having a miscarriage like my previous one is also reduced. InsyaAllah – no surprises. The last thing I want is to have PV bleed and to be unfortunate working with my male colleagues. Erkkk..

Am I feeling better now? Well.. my mornings are easier as I can have breakfast (thank you placenta for taking over the hormone production stuff) but the nights are still making me queasy and uncomfortable. Its that unexplained rumble in the tummy and that acid reflux that never seems to pass (unless I force myself to sleep with 2 pillows up). I still dislike eating rice and prefer noodles, toast or french fries instead.

On a different note, I need to look into getting my capsule maternity wardrobe. My pants does not fit anymore *cry blood like Vivy* nor does my FA scrubs. My normal working blouse are making my boobs feel too snug and big. Huhu.

I have my antenatal appointment due next week. Which means I’m binging on mineral water to flush possible stones and bacteria thus am ever so compliant with my Ural Sachets. *meh*

finally, my HoboMinci is starting to look more colourful. Dah ada mood nak tulis2 sket. 


A mothers love

“Women do not have to sacrifice personhood if they are mothers. They do not have to sacrifice motherhood in order to be persons. Liberation was meant to expand women’s opportunities, not to limit them. The self-esteem that has been found in new pursuits can also be found in  mothering”

 Elaine Heffner

May is the month for the merry. A season of love and thought. The time to give and share. On my calendar, May is joyous because of ;

  • Mothers Day
  • Nurses Day
  • Teachers Day
  • Good Friends Birthday ( Stella )
  • Mr Husbands Birthday

And the top of the list today is MOTHER’S DAY!!

We all love our mothers. We love how they’d cook for us, talk to us et cetera. I, for one is grateful towards Mother for one thing. She taught me how to read the words of the Quran. She taught me how to mengaji.She found us (her daughters) a good teacher who could guide us into reading the Quranic verses well. It was the most valuable ilmu that she could ever give me. Even a chocolate cake recipe have to settle at 2nd place.

Hence, on this special day .. I have placed an order for a cake and 3 stalks of roses through my favourite florist online.



I first heard of it through my best friend, Mimie during our studies in Manchester. She had wanted to send a birthday cake to her “then boyfriend,now husband” who was already in Malaysia.

From what I know, it is a Malaysian based website and service. It sells bouquets of flowers, cakes and mini gifts at a very reasonable price. Delivery was superbly punctual and the goods arrive in prime condition. I have used love.com to send mothers day and birthday cakes to my family for nearly 5 years now.

This year, I got Mother this :


Payment was easy and secure with Maybank2U and my mother received the cake on the same day I ordered, just like they promised.

Happy Mothers Day!!