FujiFilm Instax Share Sp2 photo printer – I choose you!

I am not a professional photographer nor a full time blogger. I don’t even know how to reformat my laptop and when it comes to knowing the tech words people who are into cool gadgets know – I’m afraid you need to explain to me again about RAM, WIRELESS, BLUETOOTH and stuff.

But I am passionate about memory keeping, journalling, kawaii stuff and so on.


It took me a lot of Youtube videos, blog posts and techie articles to go through before finally deciding on getting my hands on the FUJILFILM INSTAX SHARE SP2. Prior to reading the reviews on the SP2 – I had an idea of what I wanted.

  1. Easily available and maintained. Meaning no weird batteries or films or repair centres.
  2. Small and handy. Easy to use.
  3. Print nice photos.

and later of course.. you learn new things along the way. I think a particular video got me sold on the SP2 – about a girl walking in a park, saw a nice flower, took a photo with her SMARTPHONE, got the SP2 out of her handbag, printed out the picture and put it in her scrapbook.




I bought the Instax on SHOPEE for RM699.00 and the retailer threw in 20 pieces of instax film for free. Here is my take so far;


  1. Instructions were quite self explanatory in the pamphlet and also the INSTAX app on GOogle PLay Store for a noob like myself. Especially when it comes to setting up the printer and its connections. It seems that I have to turn on my GPS as well to make it work. I’m using a Samsung J7 Prime by the way.
  2. Printing does take only 10 secs. And there’s an indicator on the app to tell us how much films are left in the printer. You shouldn’t open the hatch prematurely as it could ruin the leftover films.
  3. The polaroid films are easily available online. You just need to be wary of those trying to sell nearly expired ones. Check the dates.
  4. You can print photos not only on your device but also the ones on your social media accounts.
  5. The app has made photo printing more exciting as you can add your own text and filters to the photos.
  6. You can share the printer with your friends. As long as they download the app and bring their own films of course.  So it’ll be a great attraction to any planner meetups or social party.



  1. Its really expensive. To me. Both the printer and the film. You could get alternatives like Pringo I think, but there weren’t much reviews on that in the local scene #malaysia. I did consider getting the Instax Mini (camera) but since I’m very shy to take out that bulky camera and take a photo – I ditched the idea.
  2. The printer tends to time out really fast, so you might need to switch it on and reconnect it before printing another photo. Unless you’ve organized your photo already.
  3. The pictures are of the size of a mini credit card. So details in the picture can vary.

These are a few points I could think  of right now. I don’t think I would paste these pics in my HoboMinci. But I’ll definitely display them on the kitchen table or something using one of those stand alone albums. They’re very cute.

.. of ikon belia

If someone is nominated as Ikon Belia – you would expect that person to be kind of famous and is contributing something extraordinary to the Belia nation.

Recently I had to not only Google Ikon Belia – I also had to Google “Who is Dato N ? and her contibutions”

I am already struggling to find a proper website or page that lists down the names of Ikon Belia each year. Now I’m not quite sure if this is a formal recognition or just a title you give somebody when you introduce them on TV. I even went to the extent of putting ‘define: belia’ in the search box. Even then regardless of popularity, since mainstream media nowadays somehow love celebrities more than real news, an icon should be someone who when we read about them, makes you say ‘wow’ and want to find out more of what they do.

And they may not need be someone who is a doc like Dr Amalina the genius child who studied medicine in Edinburgh , or prominent names in sports like Dato Nicol David or Pandalela Rinong or Farah Ann although that is like glaring icon material to the face – It can be those 3 young gentleman who tours around the country cleaning madrasahs and suraus. They could be someone like Syed Azmi who advocates kindness and charity. Sometimes a simple person like the lead singer of Caliph Buskers can be an icon as well. And let’s not forget the husband and wife team of Bella Ammara or Fashion Valet. Did you think it was easy to build an empire and franchise yourself? Thou shalt not also discard Khairy Jamaludin who is not a Dato by the way but at his ‘belia’ age is already a minister front page model and a good one (so far) at it too.

These are people who manage to achieve extraordinary success despite their ordeals and limitations. Most importantly their success gives a positive ripple effect to other people. If you succeed on your terms but only benefit yourself – that is not an icon. You should be able to inspire at least a small community let alone the whole country. You should be able to give back to the rakyat in your own way. Be it through glory, dignity or visible aid.

So here I am trying to understand this twisted world.

While she said the recognition was a gift – shouldn’t you give it back if you think you don’t deserve it. Or if giving back is not an option, shouldn’t you validate that gift and vow to do more so it is deemed worthwhile and meaningful?

Instead, you chose the road not taken which is heading towards a ditch.

I strongly acknowledge and believe that as human beings we are susceptible to mistakes and wrongdoings. But to strip it bare and parade it to the public? Surely ikon belia resonates positivity and greater good. Why would you want to play the ‘its personal’ card when already your life and your family’s is already an open book? lets hope the next chapter becomes more promising instead of cheap entertainment. I’d rather buy Eh! magazine if that’s the case. A second chance maybe for Dato N?

Kuching 2015 : 56 Hotel

I chose 56 hotel primarily because it is within my budget for a long stay. It is located in town with nearby 2 shopping malls and plenty of other small eating outlets. Initially it was a choice between the Lime Tree Hotel and this one but I ended up choosing 56 hotel because its 8km from the wedding venue I was supposed to attend.

56 hotel rated themselves as a 3 star hotel. I agree. Any room without a mini fridge is a 3 star hotel.

But it has a few plus points;

Breakfast like a little- King

Recently Updated7

There should be something for everybody especially for kids. I am not hoping for 12 different pastries for breakfast or 19 types of fruits in a salad. Variety is the key even though its a choice between ‘two’. Throughout my 5 day stay, I get to sample food like Nasi Goreng Dabai, Nasi Lemak, Mi Kantonis, croissants, koko krunch, porridge… with fruit juice and hot beverages. Needless to say, it was a great start everyday as we fill up our tanks early on. The selection is admirable for a 3 star hotel like this one. I praise them for the effort and hopefully they would keep it up.

In house toiletries

Recently Updated8

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.. including self-embossed towels! Although we bring our own shower gels, it is always nice to have new ones to try – be it a shower cap or a cotton bud. I also loved their prompt housekeeping – very fast, efficient and the room always smells nice. Crumbs swept away, pillows and mattress fluffed up for another snooze fest at night after a tiring day. They also earned brownie points by providing an in room kettle – very important for parents with children who still drinks formula milk. As for the complimentary beverages … well well.. thank you very much for replenishing them without fail daily.


Not that we were planning to shop at the malls or anything -but having not only one, but two shopping complexes in less than 5 KM radius of each other is a delight. Food seems so nearby and it does provide an avenue for a short brisk walk to get rid of the extra calories. These malls are The Spring and One City Mall. All within ‘free hotel shuttle distance’. Which brings to my next point …

Shuttle Service

56 hotel provides free shuttle service to these 2 malls and also airport transfer  – on allocated hours. I did not use the service myself but I suppose you could always make arrangements at the front desk.

I made my booking through Agoda.com. The website has great deals on Fridays especially to members and the membership is FREE. As long as you have a safe and fast internet connection, the online booking process should be without hiccoughs. I paid a total of RM 538.44 for the 5D4N stay in Kuching.

Our little family would like to thank 56 Hotel for the wonderful hospitality. Hope to see them again soon.

My next entries will be about places we eat and places we went. Cheerios..

Mini Project : Buku2 Malaysia

It is time to get acquainted with our talented writers in the local scene. Hence, I couldn’t thank enough lejenpress for restoring my faith in reading Malay genre books after Kapal Angkasa Yang Terhempas Di Subang Jaya .

But lets not be greedy. Let’s take it one step at a time and make some ground rules regarding what kind of books I’d like on my shelf. Ones that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed to share with other people or show around when visitors come over to the house. We do want to appear well read, huh? HIhihihi..

buku2 msia

Avoid picisan.

Avoid poor language. Slanga driven books. Im reading a book. Not a diary.

Avoid books that start with Tales of malaysian bla bla bla.. . In a way, avoid anecdote-like books. Or compilation of short stories.

Oh well. Talking about avoiding. I did start off the year with a book that himpunkan kisah2 pendek. It was by a blog writer. I was swooned by the title : Desaturasi Merah Jambu. It felt poetic and indie. I used to read Perempuan JOmblo’s blog religiously some time ago when I was a medical student but then I got absorbed into my daily routine as the nonappreciated, burnt out, love-less house officer working in a busy hospital. Thus, have missed out quite a lot over the years.

Now that I’m more stable *ahem* , I am able to indulge in my favourite pastime of scrap-booking, blog writing plus hopping and book reading. So it was nice to reconnect with her stories and boy.. a lot has happened it seems.

Anyway, this year will be an ode to our local writers. I welcome suggestions of books to read. Nothing too extreme I hope. Something different and mind-opening I plead. It doesn’t have to be written in Bahasa Melayu. In fact, some of our local writers write excellent English books. Here’s to a year of Buku2 Malaysia.

SuperMom – what makes them what they are …

A happy woman is an attractive person. Which explains why the Angels of Victoria Secret look so majestic, magical and beyond reach. A flash of their huge smile could melt Elsa ‘s snow palace in seconds.

Taking a step closer to my homeland, we have women like Vivy Yusof, Marion Caunter and Sazzy Falak to name a few… that portrays an image of SuperMom in Malaysia. They are mothers to their kids and have a bustling career all year round. I am also grateful that they don’t coin terms like ‘fulltime mother’. Like, is there such thing as a part time mother??!!

They make Motherhood seem so glamorous and fun – as though their lives are full of sunshine all year around. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE THESE WOMEN. And I totally understand that amidst the sunshine, just like any other moms, these could be rainbows … those colourful bridge of colours one get after a downpour. Everyone has their personal battles right?

I follow them on Instagram. I read their blogs. I forced myself to look into why these women are so attractive in their own manner. Of why other moms want to become like them. And this is what I discovered:

1. They made their own mark. They were able to stand on their own two feet before they met their respective partners. These ladies are not trophy wives. Instead they could potentially turn their spouses into one if he doesn’t buck up. It is important for any woman to establish herself as someone full of wort. We not need be famous. We don’t have to own a multi-million ringgit company. But we should be able to define ourselves for who we are. Dato Siti Nurhaliza for example is referred to as herself, Malaysia’s songbird now cosmetic entrepreneur. We don’t call her Datuk K’s wife, right? Hence  I, for instance should aim to be known as myself rather than Mr Husband’s wife.

2. They work hard. They play just as hard. And it shows through the smiles in pictures. The social events they attend. They are not afraid to SHOW how a particular job gets done. They share these secrets and genuinely want other women to follow suit. To actively chase their dreams. Which trails on to the next point.

3. They seem to be able to balance it all. Its as though they keep genies in their perfume bottles who could regenerate more time so they could work, have time to date the husband, play with the kids, workout to maintain that fabolous body etc. This beautiful illusion of proper time management is something all moms covet. Including myself. But if they can do it.. then why not. But here’s the secret. They know how to ask for help. Supermom has a team of little elves behind the scenes. In fact, this is how everything is able to fall into place. It’s not a crime. There’s no rule in saying supermoms must work alone. NO. Supermom knows how to delegate, organize and pick the best help around. This comes in the form of an understanding husband, a trustable nanny, dependable work colleagues and so on.

4. They still have their girl-friends. Those girls you’d hang out with before you met The One. This I feel is something that I have kind of neglected. The power of GirlPower. Its easy to toss aside those friends or housemates you’ve lived with for the past 5 years in medical school once we step into marriage. But this doesnt happen in these ladies lives. If you notice, they still hang out with the girls. They have the occasional gossip session, brunches or lunch. All this, without the husband or kids. Get what I mean? Your very own Spice Girl group is a great way to survive motherhood.


5. A strong supportive family to begin with. Their own parents and siblings that is. Notice that it takes nuturing from the early years of their lives to become who they are today. As the Malay proverb goes, ‘melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya’. Despite some of them not born with a silver spoon in their mouth or a privileged educational background, they were still able to defy all odds and create their own form of success in the world. This is something we should learn, I should learn. To not think that just because I don’t have a headstart, I can’t make something out of myself. If the tortoise could outrun the hare in the race, why shouldn’t we. Kan?

But these are just my plain observations. *peace*