Being Oncall. Part of the responsibility really.. like it or not. Yet hygiene and beauty is a must. My oncall bag – part 1

“To the world you may be one person, but to  one person you may be the world”

– Dr Seuss

Honest be told. Doctors are not paid a lot to be oncall. But we still do it as its part of the job description. On a good call, you’d have fun colleagues to work with, interesting cases to heal, time to eat, pray and rest and no patients die. On a bad call, you get the opposite of the above.

We’re not paid much but we are expected to work like robots for the whole night and again expected to function the day after till at best 12 pm, at worst 5 pm or longer. But we still love it, cause we love medicine and our patients. For now. Hehe.

Hence, with the expectation that I always get busy nights, translating into minimal amount of rest,I normally don’t bring an extra change of clothes for the night since I know I wouldn’t have time for an evening shower anyway. Instead, just bring a fresh pair of clothes for the next working day where I’m expected to have a morning bath prior to resuming my duties for the new day.

So I bring the minimum essentials for my call.

oncall bag

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Simply Siti , a drugstore brand worth your pennies


“Pernah kita jatuh
Mencuba berdiri
Menahan sakit dan menangis
Tapi erti hidup lebih dari itu
Dan kita mencuba melawan”
– Siti Nurhaliza, Seindah Biasa –


I am an avid fan of Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysia’s number one songstress. Im no fanatic, just a normal fan. I dont have all her albums but I do have a few. And my personal achievement as her fan was by going to her concert in Royal Albert Hall, London. Well, I was a student in Manchester at the time so no big deal. Conveniently, the concert was held right after our very own group trip to Italy. A perfect end to a great vacation, but thats another story.

So when Siti Nurhaliza came out with her new line of cosmetics, SIMPLY SITI … I was one of those people who simply had to get something from the range she offered. If possible, the cheapest one without sacrificing quality or customers satisfaction. And I havent been disappointed. Thus, for a few shopping trips to Watson over about a year,( I think), I have bought the ;

  • Beginners kit of her skincare products
  • C Bright Simply 5 cream
  • Simply Lips and Gloss ( soft passion )
  • Simply Feminine Blush ( sweet pink)

My latest purchase was the blusher although I have to admit, up till now, I have no idea how to exactly use it. I thought it’ll be straightforward but perhaps I was opening the wrong thing at the back of the applicator? In the end, I just dabbed the sponge on the powder to apply the blusher. Colour was awesome. I looked … youthful.


Recently, Simply Siti came out with a new product, Dermagic. The packaging looks interesting.. hmmmm..