My 2015 resolution – a reflection

This was what I wanted to achieve for this year. Let’s see what came out of it.

  1. Teach Baby Zeeq the wonders of life
  2. Prepare a decent meal to feed the family at least for that one meal a day. Be it a simple fried egg or dried anchovies sambal
  3. To perform sunat prayers and Do Charity
  4. Read on knowledge that would make Work more interesting and of course Read to liven up the long lost fantasy world
  5. Workout and be fit. To maintain a BMI of less than 24
  6. Construct my fairy-themed garden
  7. Attend social gatherings,reunions and fulfill wedding/party invitations
  8. Send Parcel Kasih Sayang to besties 
  9. Learn new skills and make new friends
  10. BLOG 

The highlighted ones are the objectives that I feel I have achieved in one way or another. Interestingly, I find that 2015 was a year full of holidays. Like more than what I could imagine. I don’t think I would be able to do it alone. So it’s a good thing to have a partner in crime. Mr Husband of course.

It seems that I enjoy getting on airplanes, performing rukhsah in solat, tasting new food and just soaking in the different atmosphere. And I thought cuddling up in a blanket on the sofa with a book was ‘travelling more than one page’ already. 😛

Now I can’t help wondering if, say if, it would be equally exciting to go travel but in the company of my girls!!! ha ha.. something to think about.

Time to draft my 2016 resolution.

grinning in green


Parcel ‘kasih sayang’ for the girls …

The December/New Year edition of my personalised parcel ‘kasih sayang’.

EE sends his love to all his aunties..

.. because in the midst of being a wife and a mother, we sometimes forget that we are women of our own. We have our own ambitions, desires and needs. That sometimes you just need your girl-friends to tell you to hold on, or go for it, or hey.. whatever it is, I will always be here for you and your kids should they need me when you’re not around …

This activity of sending parcels to my girl-friends have been around since I was in medical school. I don’t do it that often – just at times if say, I saw a beautiful scarf or book and cookies. It’s my way of sharing my joy or the recent happenings in my life.

Of course, everytime I go to the post office the people at the counter would question me about Poslaju and what’s in the package – they keep thinking that I have an online business.  For God’s sake, I just want to send this beautiful package to my good friends. Have you guys forgotten how nice it is to receive goodies from a friend?

In my recent pack I have given them a shawl, a pair of hand socks from Kulsocs, some lollipops, a du’a card, an organ donation information card (lol), bookmark, my syok sendiri blog card and of course lots of invisible love and kisses floating in the envelope.

Now that I know the minimum postage to send a parcel via snail mail is MYR 4.00 I am considering making a New Year Surprise Package at say a flat price of RM15? Ha ha.. I wonder if anybody would be interested – especially from the local planner addicts society. Hmmm.. just let me sit on the idea for a minute.

He is now 4 years old. Only 4?

Yes, my son is a December baby. That means if he goes to school he will be one of those kecik lil kids who has yet to mature like other kids in his class. I initially planned to host a Dinosaur themed birthday party but of course it just didn’t happen because penat decides to join in the game. Lately it has been a bit exhausting at work hence this short break is very welcoming.

This year Hazeeq’s cake (Hamlet) is from Baker’s Cottage – not my favourite but better than Kings Confectionary. Italy Cake House still reigns the top of the chart for birthday cakes.


He’s already got 9 new toys to play with. I haven’t given him my present. It’s accumulative. It will be there when he is 13. Ha ha.

This young man will forever be my beloved firstborn. Gosh I adore his flat kemek nose and that little dimple on his right cheek – cute anomalies inherited from his maternal side of the family tree (moi). It’s amazing to see a little infant blob growing into a proper human at 4 years old – who can role play comic characters with you or crack a kiddie joke. And this is despite having a mother who feeds this blob with junk food most times. I vow to serve better food when he goes to kindy or setting foot in Primary One.


I hope he grows up to be a young man who is kind. Who is smart and witty but kind. Kind men attracts kind women (i hope) and good karma. I hope he learns the value of sacrifice and hardwork. That money may not mean everything but still worth something. That family always comes first  – a concept that I’m still struggling to grasp and adhere to for I’m a borne workaholic.

I wish him all the happiness and luck in the world. I wish that no Evil shall lay its eyes or hands, not even a shadow on him and drag him into a world of misery. I wish that he may not have to experience war and hatred, far from being a victim of racism or Islamophobia. That he can continue to be an obedient Muslim without having a gun pointed to his head or his family being torn apart. I wish him the best of both worlds – Here and Thereafter. Insya-Allah..


Carboot Sale – What I learnt from the experience

Our car boot sale would not have materialized if my sister was not on board.

major players : my sister and her husband

major players : my sister and her husband

We read about carboot tips from experienced car booters online. We screened our items for any faults – even if one shirt has no button on it, it will not be included in the sale because kita bukan nak jual sampah, kita nak jual barang baik punya at a low price. If say after 3 attempts at selling it off, the item is not bought – the stash will go to charity for those in need. In Malaysia, there is always someone in need. We just have to know where to find them. Some are easily found through charity organizations. Others may be missed out due to location or other factors we have yet to discover.

We booked our spot early

We brought our floating money – those small change you give to buyers

We folded our recyclable plastic bags from home so buyers need not worry about how to bring back home their goods

We brought our breakfast to the site and shared it with our ‘neighbours’ – then we kept our food trash properly in our trash bag so we wouldn’t litter the area unnecessarily

We brought chairs for us to sit down and mini fans to combat the dry and hot weather

We labelled our things well and are open to negotiations

We followed every single advice we gathered through the world wide web to make our sale a success. Once our boot has been set up – there were only a few things to do

  • wait for customers
  • people watching and profiling

It seems that our area is heavily populated by generations like ourselves. Young parents with toddlers and preschool going kids. There were not many elderly parents nor were there many teenagers. Perhaps the latter were still in bed on a weekend which left us wondering where the younger uns are. It’s like if we  have to go to war, there will be a lot of widows and orphans left behind. So our baju nenek2 were not selling fast enough including my stickers and planner related items. I should just pack them and sell them online. Or have a try setting up a booth at a planner related event.


Then I noticed that we have a lot of young foreigners working as domestic maids and contract workers looking for cheap clothing. The contractors were looking for worn out T-shirts they could use for their daily work whereas the maids were looking for fancy blouses. What we were not expecting was that the ladies were not looking for the sizes that we have – in fact even the locals were the same. They wanted bigger sized clothes. I almost forget Malaysia is an overweight and obese country as compared to the other ASEAN nations. So yeah.. my kurus clothes did not have as many buyers as opposed to my maternity clothes.

One thing stood out though on that day of how a foreign contract worker was looking for books to read. I love people who read and this particular man was looking for an English novel. I handed him a few to choose and he bought one off the shelves. It was a rare sight but I thought it was cute to have this big man in his safety helmet and boots, looking all rugged and bulky  – having in his hand a pink plastic bag with my book and 2 free owl bookmarks and a self-made calendar. I hope he finds the book interesting. I was a bit disappointed that no one wanted my older edition of Reader’s Digest – where are all the bookworms? It’s only RM5!!!

My sister and I were not there to make big bucks. It was more of an activity we can do together as sisters. Married with kids plak tuh..  At the same time decluttering our home. We felt like we achieved something at the end and now we are planning to do a Sarawak themed car boot sale. It would be interesting the next available weekend. Time to plan! Where is my washi and stickers!!

Later I will tell you what I did with the money I got. It’s got something to do with my Tabung Minci.

The parents are coming

I will be receiving guests at my house this weekend. And I am not oncall!! Woohooo.. My parents are coming with my younger sister and her little family. It will be a Full House!

So you could imagine the preparations I’m doing at the moment

  • washing the old linens and duvets
  • stocking up the fridge with ‘proper food’ like fruits and vegetables and fresh poultry. not that I can cook like a chef but hey its the thought that counts
  • vacuuming every corner of the house – I will mop the floor on the morning of their arrival.ha ha
  • my pregnant sister is already requesting that I have a few packets of saltine crackers or Cottage Fries crisp in the pantry
  • storing away toys with little parts since my nephew likes to put everything in his mouth

now that’s a lot going on right – only problem is half of it is still in my head. I have yet to pick up the vacuum stick.

Pinterest and Instagram have been giving me a lot of inspirations in making our guest rooms cosy. In one picture, there was even a suggestion to do a ‘guest welcoming basket’ filled with wonderful toiletries, magazine and such. However I could imagine my mother picking up the basket and put in the floor – not even bothering to appreciate the fine details that go with it. Ha ha h.. biasalah urang tua. 

I have less than 2 days to conjure magic in transforming this little house into a mystifying shire-like home fit for hobbits. I hope I will not be distracted during my oncall tomorrow.