Tutti frutti : You & Me

Love  means to commit yourself without guarantee.
Anne  Campbell

Sometimes you cannot help it by jumping on the Trend/Urban bandwagon as well. The so called healthier option of eating frozen yoghurt as opposed to the good ol ice-cream. Undeniably, it does taste good and psychologically does make you ‘feel healthier’. Yes, Im talking about Tutti Frutti.

I chose RedVelvet. Mr Husband has a swirl of chocolate and vanilla. Then, we ‘decorated’ our yoghurt with fruits etcetera, sat at one of the tables and just did some people-watching.

Love  is being stupid together.
Paul Valery

There were people with families, couples on dates and of course boarding school students on their weekly outings.

Best of all, it was our Us Session. No baby. No parents. No Inlaws. Just us.


tutti frutti

The Weekend is Here



“Seeing the family is a very important part of my weekend”
Susannah York




Its true when doctors of the older generations say that you’d only have to endure the suffering as a Houseman. For life will be bliss once you step out as a Medical Officer. The reward comes in no calls and far from having to work on weekends. Of course, the Weekend Calls quota have to be fulfilled. Otherwise, life is pretty much awesome.

When I was an MO and single, I get to travel and dine out with other single friends. Or indulge in casual dating.

When I was an MO ( and still one) and with a family, I get to spend time with my loved ones. I get to clean the house giving it a good hoovering and mopping. Do the laundry, experiment new recipes and sort out my priorities for the following week. Which normally includes planning the menu and catching up with some educational reading.

But you know what I love most about free weekends?

I get to attend functions like weddings, birthday parties et cetera …it makes the circles of friends grow larger and I get to connect with my family & extended family more.

I love the weekends.