Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru

We stayed at Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru. This is not to be confused with JB Central Hotel as this is a different place altogether.


Ours is a budget, 3 star hotel with just enough facilities to bring about a restful day. It is at Tanjung Puteri and a few minutes walk away from the R&F Mall JB. The hotel is a comfortable place for you to have a quick breakfast, a comfortable bed to sleep in after a tiring day at USS. If you find this hotel not to your liking, then there are nearby hotels – practically a doorstep away such as Erica Hotel, Erya by Suria and GBW Hotel.

We booked a Family Room for 2 Nights. It came to a total of just below RM 350 without tax. Breakfast included. The room has a single bed and a double bed.


I specifically mention these hotels because they are walking distance from each other and are in collaboration with Pakej USS dot Com (yes, the name of the agency is that straight forward) in terms of pickup and group movement.

The day trip is done daily and it offers ticket prices as below; (as of April 2019)

Adult   : RM 265 / Children : RM 215/ Senior : RM 175

This will include the entrance ticket for USS as well. Nice, right? Will write about USS later.

Back to the hotel, it was OK. At night, they have food trucks near the lobby and the food sold there were great. We really enjoyed the Mac & Cheese. Breakfast at the hotel was adequate. You have the toast section, noodles, nasi lemak (of course), cereals, fruits & salad and your juice with beverages. Kira OKlah with what you pay.


Then, there is a swimming pool located on the second floor. Unfortunately, the changing room was not open, so you kinda have to wipe yourself really dry before entering the lift or find a spot and change to a drier outfit.



The toiletries were at its minimum – meaning no toothbrush or toothpaste. So bring your own – it is not that difficult if you are a frequent traveler. The hot shower was great, water pressure nice.

Most importantly, every floor has a Cuckoo water dispenser machine. Imagine the joy of free flow hot and cold water. Especially when the machine  is standing just 2 doors a way. No need for boiling hot water for Ninie’s milk.

Since this hotel was booked by Mr Husband, I will put any small discomforts to rest. Like the broken furniture, limited parking space and ragged looking towels. If it was up to me though, I’d probably upgrade my room or choose another hotel. However since we were tired after a long day at USS, these small glitches just doesn’t matter anymore as it was drowned in our snores.




Pic taken with Samsung A7

the short trip to Johor Bahru


If it was entirely up to me – I’d probably sleep my way from Saturday (postcall) to Monday. But Mr Husband has other plans and when he throws Ee into the picture like “kesian Ee cuti sekolah tak pergi mana2” _ I caved in. OK lah oklah… where are we going?

Merenung Jauh



and I imagined having bowls and bowls of laksa johor. which I ended up did not having. *pilu*

For our short stay – we booked a room at Tropical Inn. Which is just opposite Double Tree HIlton guys. A contrasting picture indeed. Wished I took a photo. One old school, haunted look hotel and the other, very modern and posh.

Despite its ancient decor – our room was clean with complimentary breakfast. There was no bath tub to Ee’s dismay but there’s a mini fridge which was good enough. The location of the hotel is very near to the shopping mall and Pasar Karat. You can literally walk there in 10 mins unless you’re heavily pregnant like Yours Truly.

Air conditioning was inconsistent. Perhaps they switched it off temporarily at night during certain hours as sometimes you do wake up feeling either too cold or too warm.  To save electricity, maybe? Otherwise, the service and amenities were fulfilling the star ratings. If only the breakfast options were a bit more meriah.  ha ha

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Zoo Johor. Its a small zoo in the city and the entrance fee was super cheap. RM1 for kids and RM2 for adults. Most of the time I’d be sitting down on the benches while Ee and Mr Husband climb the many flights of stairs to see the lions or something. I just couldn’t manage it anymore. Generally, it was still a nice zoo where the whole family could enjoy a day out together with minimal budget.



As of food, Wak Radols satay is a must. Mr Husband seems to like it very much.

somehow we drove to a different branch of wak radol..


This time, we took the opportunity to try Sup Tulang Zz’s famous mee rebus. Each bowl was quite pricey. Taste-wise .. nasib baik sedap. tkdelah very marvelous but the dish kept the business going.



And like any tourist, a picture around bandar JB is a must. We wanted to go to the night petting zoo but posing near the crown at the fountain was good enough. I thought the city was very pretty at night with all the LED lights. Very clean as well. If only we could stay longer but our jobs await. hmph.




Johor Trip : O&G Life Saving Skills

“There is no day in which you learn something is a complete loss”

It was a one and a half day course hosted at HSAJB.

To be honest, I had not the slightest interest to go in view of its duration and location. What with now I have a baby in need 24/7! However I felt compelled to go in the end out of these reasons;

  • for my CPD points
  • the most experienced MO in the field of O&G will be leaving soon, hence someone’s got to know something extra than the rest of the group. someones got to reverse an inverted uterus or deliver a surprisingly huge baby.
  • it would be an opportunity to visit my bestie who studied together with me in Manchester and STF.
  • a good chance to travel out of Jasin/Malacca once in a while

In short, I did benefit from a few things in the course. Above all, I was able to expand on my connections. We never know when we’ll ever meet again. There’s no harm in adding on a few more friends while soaking the lessons like a sponge.

In the end, what mattered were the good times I had and a certificate!! Woohooo..

Johor Trip : Sate Wak Radol

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
 Orson Welles

We placed our trust in the stranger as she led the way to the famous satay stall in JB : Restoran Sate Wak Radol.

The sate was succulent, juicy, sweet, meaty and makes me want more and more. I constantly had to remind myself

“this is the last stick, stop it Minci.. stop it! You’re on a diet!!”


Jauh juak aku pegi JB makan sate jawa.. sate celup rah melaka tok pun blum dirasa..


Johor Trip : Scholars Inn

 “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” 

Martin Buber

I have always loved travelling. Be it just a two hour drive from Kuching to Sematan beach for a one night stay there. And I dont mind doing it alone. So when an opportunity came for me to attend a course on Obs & Gynae Life Saving Skills in HSAJB , I was super excited. And since Im not single anymore, its only natural that I try to include my family into this event as well. Something like a family trip.

We squeezed ourselves into my Saga FLX – atok, nenek, myself, Mr Husband and Baby Zeeq. We stayed at a hotel that most Johoreans appararently had never heard off. THE SCHOLARS INN.
Maybe because its located inside UTM itself rendering its rather ‘exclusive’ and ‘smart-sounding’ place of stay. Add an owl to the entrance, its almost like a modern Hogwarths. Most importantly the room rates were fairly reasonable. We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite for just less than MYR 200 and boy it was comfortable enough for the whole family to bunk in.

Theres no problem to find food either since there’s the Scholars Cafe. The service is a bit slow especially during peak hours but the food taste awesome. Or was I damn hungry that night?

Im pretty sure they had a mini gym as well but I didnt have time to check it out. Over all, Scholars Inn earned 5 Minci Stars.