66 Hours in Phuket : What We Did

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In short, there were 2 highlights of this trip.

aksi muka spontan

First is the Phuket FantaSea and the other is Island hopping specifically to James Bond Island since we’ve been to Phi Phi Island when we were in Krabi.




To me this place is a mix of a mini theme park and a circus show. Its not a big place nor is the show heavy and elaborate, but it was entertaining nonetheless. There were lots of picturesque or cute locations to take photos and just hang around.


Prior to this trip, Hazeeq have been watching Dr Seuss’s Horton’s who – this story about an elephant who is on a mission to save a world on a speck. Hence, my boy was very excited at the sight of elephants performing on stage at The Elephant Palace. To be honest, I don’t totally understand the storyline of the play yet I remained enthralled by the beauty of their graceful traditional dances and costumes. The show lasted for an enjoyable one hour and we hastily proceeded to the buffet area.

Phuket Fanta-Sea was very kind to provide a Halal buffet spread which we enjoyed to bits. It is however sad though to see some patrons wasting precious food. Some cakes were untouched after a flick of the fork at its icing. Oh dear, why can’t these people just finish what they took. Or shove it into their partners mouth or something.


We spent roughly 3 hours there before the transport man picked us up as scheduled. Money well spent!



I had no idea that this trip was relatively safe for a toddler like Hazeeq. I was a bit apprehensive when they mentioned canoe-ing as part of their activity even though they say ‘can bring baby – no problem’. To be more safe, I brought Hazeeq’s swimming vest for him to wear on board. We were not taking any chances.

Subhanallah, everything was just beautiful. Whoever discovered these islands are pure lucky – bless  those who choose to share this with the world. And of course earn money from it.


Lunch was at Koh Panyee – a  floating Muslim fishermen village. Populated by nearly 200 families who although lives surrounded by the riches of the sea still needs to go to the mainland for dry goods and fresh water. Electricity is supplied by a generator to function during certain hours of the day. Tough life.


Followed by a 90 min free and easy activity at Naka island. Our guide was ethical enough to inform us against taking picture with the ‘baby monkeys’ on the beach when approached by the locals. He said some of them went to the extremes of killing the mothers of these baby monkeys so they would be attached to their human mothers. He didn’t really say “Don’t” but mentioned he thought he should just let us know – for he fears paying the locals for a photo with these monkeys will fuel their ‘monstrous activity’.

Most tour participants swam, sunbathed, drank cocktails and stuff. We were on the other hand itching to go home as my boy was already sleeping. So we just sat there, meditated, took a nap. .. until it was time to leave.


All in all, it was a good trip.

Pretty Phuket – Another trip to Thailand

Our Hotel ⌉ What We Did ⌉ Halal Phuket Food 




It was another short holiday abroad for our little family of 3. Mr Husband couldn’t resist trying to book for another Free Flight offer by Air Asia and yippee we landed a freebie to Phuket.

At the moment, I’m still hooked up with some leftover assignments at work but details of the trip is coming soon – I hope.

Yang penting, kita enjoy!!

A brief itinerary of the trip:

Fullscreen capture 13102014 104644 PM

Medan : The Itinerary and Grand Angkasa International Hotel

“With Air AsiaGo, every ibuk can fly”

Finally, I had my birthday trip to Medan last weekend. However, I should mention that this trip has no Brastagi. No Piso-piso Waterfall. Not even a visit to Paten or Hillpark Sibolangit. No Bika Ambon. Danau Toba? Forget it. We think that our dear boy Hazeeq could not stand the 6 hours journey in a confined space. Hence, the mini adventure was limited to just Bandar Medan.. and wow it was still a worthwhile birthday ticket for a party of 3.

1.00 MYR = 3,702.00 IDR

Why Medan you may ask. Why not Bandung or Jakarta. Well.. simply because it was cheap on AirAsiaGo. We were undoubtedly excited about the trip and took much time reading outdated blog entries regarding Medan,till we have overlooked an important fact. The international airport tax in Medan per se has risen to 200 000 IDR fr0m 75 000 IDR starting May 2014. Perghh… nasib jak ada duit lebih. Mun sik.. gine nak bayar yah..

Grand Angkasa international Hotel

In Medan, we lived like royalty.


We thought our hotel was a 3 star accommodation because of the price but it turned out to be a 5 star hotel.  They were also kind enough to give us a room with proper double bed instead of twin single beds that we initially booked. Breakfast was not included but what the heck.. makan luar ajalah.. As you can see, our days were liven up by the spirit of food and shopping. We went to every single pajak or mall we could think of with the BETOR (beca motor) as our favourite mode of transportation despite Hazeeq’s frequent refusal, “naik motor burok agi?”

a betor with a door

Here is a glimpse of our itinerary.

Fullscreen capture 2582014 90344 PM

Of course the room was clean, housekeeping was superb. Mr Husband made it a point for them to replenish our shower gels that have been used walaupun pada hakikatnya it has been stashed away.. he he. Beds were comfortable. TV reception was satisfactory. We even managed to catch up on movies like White House Down and G.I Joe during Hazeeq’s afternoon 3 hour nap.

Later, stories of shopping and our culinary adventure!!