Happy New Year 2017


My new year started with a personal health scare – I’m still trying not to panic although I could sense Mr Husband having his own concerns. I’m just waiting for the signs and symptoms to kind of phase out and hopefully could attribute it to a normal aging process.If it doesn’t, I can imagine my whole year confined in a private hospital bed simply because I don’t want people to know. Urghh

My resolution this year does not fall far from the Tree of Empowerment.

  1. To keep educating myself be it in the knowledge surrounding my field of work, my hobbies and general stuff – this will involve a lot of reading and taking up courses. Perhaps a course in Photoshop or something like that.
  2. Journal to reflect more. #journalminci will be a regular feature I suppose
  3. Cyber connections – it’s been a while since the times of GUBU. Perhaps next year would be more among the PAMmers?
  4. Believe in Allahs plans more. More Tawakkal on top of Effort.
  5. Take holidays and time off whenever possible. Every moment counts – plus you want to create great memories all the time.