The part when Han Yoon Chan declares to Jang Hana

Hana asked Yoon Chan,

” You still worry about me knowing that I love him? “

and he said..

” I told you to lean on me when you’re scared or things got tough. Even if you love someone else, my feelings won’t change. I’ll always protect you.

I’ve known you and him for a while now. I wish I was your love. But I acknowledge that I’m not the one who makes your heart beat faster.

You won’t give up on love or work. I know you won’t. You’ll keep going forward. You’ll be in pain and you might feel lost. When things get tough, don’t forget that I’m always here for you. You’ll be in pain because of your love for him. You’ll realize one day love that hurts can never last. Come to me when you realize that. I’ll be waiting.

There are many kinds of love. My way of loving you is to be there for you.. no matter what”


*then the chorus of this song explodes in the background*


My current KDrama Obsession : Good Daughter, Hana

Good Daughter Hana is currently on show at Astro Ch 393. Truth be told, Han Yoon Chan (Lee Tae-Gon) appears more attractive than …. the other guy. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown ‘old’ thus the choice seems more ‘classic’.

Yoon Chan despite being cold, displays an abundance of warmth and affection when it comes to the woman he loves. His words were mature, his stares were full of amour. I couldn’t help letting out a shrieking “oh my god’ plus aksi guling2 gelak sorang2 although I was watching  a particular romantic scene alone. The type of omg  girls would scream to each other when they watch a tak larat scene in a chick flick.

“Hold my hand
I’ll give you three tickets
You can’t see them, but pretend you got them
When you’re having a hard time, when you’re scared and when you need someone, call me
I won’t ask anything and will do what I can do for you”

These words were uttered by Yoon Chan to Eun- Seong/Hana (Park Han-byeol) when Hana was in a turmoil in deciding whether to reveal or conceal herself as a woman as opposed to being a man. Sadly, Hana perceived this statement as a form of brother-ly love. Haih.. if only she knew that Yoon Chan has already known her for who she really was and how he really feels.

The total episode for this drama is 112. I haven’t even reached episode 50 on Astro. So I watched the finale online and am happy with the ending. Utter happiness. I can now continue watching this drama knowing that the finale is not disappointing. He he.