Laksa Sarawak Party


Dear friends. Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me today. For fitting me into your busy schedule. 

I have had this party on my mind sometime – fumbling on when would be the right moment to host it. It will after all be my first ever party ever since I’ve stayed at this house.

After all – with what happened recently, I feel that if you want to do something, say something – go ahead. Before its too late.

I had most of the things I needed at home. I just need a few extra stuff to make this ‘makan2’ thing look kinda like a party. Thank God I have my brother Danial to help out. I started cooking at 2PM and alhamdulilah.. my doors are open by 630PM. My son and I managed to send a voicemail to Mr Husband who is outstation for a few days just before my guests came.

Menu was simple. Laksa for adults. Macaroni for kids. Bits of nuggets. Jelly. IceCream. Pizza. Toys at the play area. Hihi..

The party ended promptly by 930PM and plenty of food were sent to my workplace for those who could not join in. Alhamdulilah Allah for giving me the opportunity to give Sedekah and strengthen friendship today. Will there be another time in the future for my favourite girls plak…. hmm.. 

Friends come and go but true friends leave footprints in your heart

I am in the phase of life where I don’t have a lot of special friends anymore.I’m still grateful for what is left though. F.R.I.E.N.D.S bring on a different meaning every time. And we substitute them with so many different words depending on what they mean to us. That ‘friend’ can be just an associate, a kenalan, org sama keje kat tempat aku, a Uni friend,a dorm-mate,  a work colleague etc..

And from that handful, there will be a few that you really want to keep and grab hold on longer for their friendship. The catch is, would they think the same way of you. Would they reciprocate and want to hold on to you too? Do they love and care for you just as much as you of them?

I am still finding my answers today. I still wonder if … if I call them my BFFs – do they even think that I’m a BFF. Or a friend, someone you’d call in times of despair. Or when you wish to share some happiness.

Today, we had a farewell dinner for 2 wonderful ladies in our unit. If I am King Arthur, I’d offer them a spot on my round table. They are that great doing big big things in the future.


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The Care Package for a New Mom ..

It took me the entire weekend to construct my very own Care Package for one of my besties who is due to give birth soon. Previously, I have been sending my other besties gifts from Diaper Cake & Such. This time I wanted to give this gift my special touch. So I decided to make my very own Care Package. Another Projek Parcel Kasih Sayang from MinciSensei.Com.


Things that I took in consideration included;

  1. Budget
  2. Time
  3. Things that I would personally be grateful for if say, I were to give birth to my second child. LOL.

This dear friend of mine currently resides in Kuching. I had known her when I was a houseman in my first posting in the obstetric department. We were many characters apart. she was boisterous, loud and confident with her short hair. I was the quiet, cute, ant-y type with a tudung. Amazingly, our unlikely friendship kicked off and by time we got to MO-Ship.. we actually went to Bali together for a short trip and did reckless, silly, sinful, undocumented things. Perghhh..

Inevitably, we began to drop out from each others radar for a while after I got married and moved to Malacca. I did not even know she got married after that!!! Speaking of being friends… H aha. Anyway, social media brought us together and soon enough I hear news of a ‘rockstar’ due to pop out.

In the package, I have included more of the Mom’s Things as opposed to baby stuff. In welcoming a new member of the family, people tend to remember the New and less of the existing member. Thus, I kind of paid more attention to what the mother might need.


In the box we have;


  • Reading Materials : I gave her my own recent copy of the Readers Digest and a book entitled Bringing Up Bebe for her reading pleasure is she needs it. The book was supposed to be a good book illustrating how French Women raised their children to be civil, well behaved little humans. I did not get past the 2nd chapter of the book as i felt the font was too crampy.
  • Personal hygiene stuff for herself and baby ; Cotton buds, wipes, masks (special edition Oppa Gangnam Style), magic towels, cleanser samples and nail clippers from Cambodia.
  • Accessories : Being a mother does not downgrade any woman to being ugly fugly. I included a mini fan to kipas herself during those hot heated moments of confinement.
  • Stationaries in a pencil case : Not that she really needs it but Confinement tends to unleash the shopaholic in you especially ONLINE shopping – she would need some pen and paper to jot things down.
  • Food and beverages : Cause you never know when you’ll become hungry in the middle of the night and the only thing you can have is water. LOL.
  • For Baby : a birthday card and a comfy blanket so he’ll remember his Aunty Keciko in Malacca. Kiss kiss.

I hope she likes it. Now I just have to remember to ship it.


20 Syawal.. and Eid is still lingering

I was actually looking for the kids from the orphanage centre – just to say HI – but none were to be seen. I take it its because I  have arrived fashionably late for the annual Eid gathering organized by the hospital committee. I was after all scheduled to come in for the evening shift thus honestly not keen to arrive early for the ceremony. The plan was to sneak into the hall, grab some food, take selfies and proceed to my worldly duties. Indeed, that was what happened last Friday. I joined the fun in just under 30 minutes. Chomp chomp, Nom nom, Smile Smile, and off I went.

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People were dressed in colourful dresses, baju kurung and kebaya. Food was awesome. Laughter and jester was heard from every corner of the concourse.


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It also brought out hidden photography talents among colleagues. I wished those who could sing would go on stage and hum a tune or two. No one claimed to have such talent though. Selfies took place like mad. We had a ‘family photo’ as well and I thought it was interesting regarding a colleagues technique in trying to make us smile.

It wasn’t the classic ‘Cheese’ or ‘Kimchi’. Instead, at a count of 3 at 2.. he would abruptly scream ‘senyum!’ in a loud commanding voice and by 3, we were grinning or laughing hysterically.

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Apart from a chance to have good, delicious food, it was also a moment for myself to get to see my colleagues family – those who bring their kids and stuff. It helps to put a face to a name especially when they talk about these special people during casual conversations at work.

20th Syawal today.. and the Eid engine is still running like the Snowpiercer. Already I have another 2 invitations for another Eid gathering this month.

My dieting regime is going down the drain… Oh noooo..