Online Contact Lense Store : MrLens

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”
Sophia Loren

I bought my contact lenses online the other day from a Malaysian based website. MrLens must be tremendously happy of the effort made by beauty bloggers in recommending the website to potential customers. One such customer is myself having read beauty blogs by our very own Malaysian bloggers. And boy there were lots of them.


The website was clean and user-friendly. I loved that MrLens had a very wide array of options to choose from. It makes experimenting with a new brand seems like an adventure as I scroll through the specs and stuff.

The order was processed in a swift manner and I felt that the delivery charges were acceptable. Although I did not receive a free contact lense case, I still get a small gesture of thought in the form of free gummy bear candy. Auw,, so sweet! And it came in a ziplock bag to protect the contents from being spoilt.

Innovations are also taking place as they offer affiliate programmes, selling glasses online and even promoting body shop items at its site! So there are plenty more exciting things at hand.

Will I restock on my contact lenses from MrLens again? Yes, I will.

Contact lenses

“Competence, like truth, beauty, and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder.”
Dr. Laurence J. Peter

I realized I was far-sighted at the age of 12. I told my father that I wasnt able to see clearly and after a modified Snellen test by Father [read: pointing at random words on house objects], we went straight to Focus POint and got my first pair of glasses. The nerd type. Those plastic ones with thick frames. I had to oblige considering I wasnt the one forking out the cash and that Father did not trust me with the much prettier frames.

So I wore glasses throughout high school as an ugly duckling. Got labelled as Tweety the bird as well. And somehow it was only at the start of college years did I met my best friend, Contact Lenses.


I first experimented with the normal clear lenses for the first year. Then, I fell in love with Fresh Colourblends in Amethyst. Once the Korean inspired BIg-Eye Lens came out, it instantly became my craze. I just had to get one and my first such pair was from FreshKOn in Black. I was so excited with its release that I sanggup order online dari UK just because kamek teringin nak makei. Yezza.

I still prefer the Big-Eye type as compared to the normal sized ones. And just early this week I placed an order through this pretty cool local site. FocusOp.Com. My merchandise surprise! surprise! arrived in less than a week. I was ecstatic. I bought ;

FreshKon Winsome Brown

FreshLook Colorblends in Turquoise

Freshkon Designerz in Pink

My next obsession is the contact lense case. Aku maok yg kawaiii!!