Oncall : Almost a train wreck

I work as hard as I can,

For as long as I can,

And the best that I can,


The severity of oncall should not be measured by the quantity of patients that we see. Instead, it should be reflected in how it makes us feel the day after.

I just completed my Public Holiday call. Which entitles me to claim a meagre MYR220 from the ministry for the amount of labour and feelings I put in for more than 24 hours. To be honest, even the nurses were surprised at how little we actually earn through our oncalls. They were under the impression that we were paid by the hour. Uhuk. how wrong they were.

There was a total of just over a hundred patients in the morning shift alone. Even the asthma bay was full. Thank god for no resus cases the whole day until…

as how people put it..

train wreck

Yes. The day after the call was a mess. Two resus cases came through the door. Both were unsaveable. A young girl with severe head injury after a self-motorbike accident and a gentleman in his mid-40s who died of a heart attack.

Urgh.. kepiuh nyawa.