March Babies

I love celebrating birthdays even if its just with a cupcake and us in pyjamas. Of course the grand ones are just as lovely. Recently my nephew and niece turned 2 and they were born just a few days apart.



He is my younger sister’s 2nd son. We had a closed family celebration but the food my sister prepared was like for more than a dozen people. The cake was from Berry’s and its decorations were upgraded with a Superwings Sugar paste photo. Laksa Johor was the main dish and the variety of finger food was delicious – Hotdog rolls, crabmeat sushi, mini colourful burgers, cheesy wedges and crinkle cut fries AND marshmallow in a cup to name a few. My sister really has the best ideas when it comes to parties and events. No wonder she makes a good teacher.


Surrounded by the abundance of food, consumed also by gluttony – memang sah naik berat badan 2 KG.

Ee bought a plane present for Akif and his older brother, Adil got Thomas. We bought it from the ToyShop at the 3rd floor of Aeon Melaka. Every purchase is eligible for free wrapping and batteries if needed.



The following weekend pulak my niece turned also, TWO. There were lamb briyani and nasi ayam. My MIL made her favourite drinks – air mata kucing and lychee. As for cakes, there was a choice of 2 – a sponge cake with a toy on it and a blueberry cheesecake.


This time I got Amira a mini briefcase toy of the Supermarket series. I hope she likes it.

Until next year March babies. Now I can’t wait for November.


Today was a great normal Sunday

One could easily tell my state of mind through firstly my pile of laundry and secondly my grocery supplies. If the fridge is like ’empty’ of peeled fruits or at least 2 types of vegetables in the bottom drawer – that is an indication that I have been neglecting myself and the household.

It will mean that I have turned all my family members during dinnertime into Italians for god knows how long as I’d probably be serving them pasta or spaghetti for days. Breakfast will be like the English with our toast and coffee. Forget about tea and scones though. Not applicable.

I was glad to be oncall early on during this recent long weekend. At least despite being post call and sleeping the lethargy off the next day – I still have one full day to get my stuff sorted. And boy I was motivated to just keep things in line. Mop rumah je payah sikit.

I managed to keep away some of my folded clothes. Only to be replaced by a new pile of course. I spent 75 minutes at Kipmart getting proper food to fill up the fridge and pantry with slightly more nutritional options. I feel more human having seedless grapes for snacks and that green leaf stuff in my soup! We even had homemade ayam goreng kentucky for lunch.

The best part of the day was when Mr Husband booked tickets to see Pete’s Dragon. It’s been a while since we watched a movie on a weekend. Together. The 3 of us. I think our last movie was Avengers: Civil War.


Pete’s Dragon got me feeling very sappy and kinda got my eyes welled up in tears since the beginning of the movie. *bawl like a mad chicken here* thank god it has a happy ending. And our final pitstop of the day was a dessert treat at the Big BOwl outlet. What a great Sunday.

I’m a woman in my 30s and I still enjoy Farm In the city

I love petting zoo – it’s like fulfilling my childhood dream through my son. We went to Farm in the City at Seri Kembangan recently and it was fun. I used the WAZE app to find my there.


The ticket price was reasonable. We were a party of five. There was us three, my nephew Adil and my younger brother Danial. I purchased The Family Pack (RM116)– a wonderful combo deal for 2 adults and 2 children. The kids are entitled to a pony ride each, a mini badge, a certificate for participation, food vouchers and complimentary tickets for future visits. This fee also includes the food kangkung we will be feeding the animals in the farm. So jgn malu2, bagi je haiwan tuh makan. 

There were special rates for MYKAD holders and Senior Citizen rates. So bring your parents along. My younger brother who was also the manny for the day paid only Rm32 with his MYKAD.


  1. GIANT TURTLE – I thought this area was pretty informative. Even the parents were learning something from the farm rangers. Every child who participates in the activities will get a souvenir and of course know more about the turtles. Ee completed the puzzle of completing the turtles anatomy. Although the boys hardly understand what the rangers were saying – at least they had a particular ‘focused’ facial expression on

12936683_10208824846368835_6056603062617689574_n  Recently Updated5

2. REPTILE – I was amazed that they could put the snake on the glass ceiling above our heads. It was freaky but interesting all the same.

3.CATCHING FISH – this is probably one of the fun things Ee enjoys doing – catching little fishes with his mini net in the ‘longkang’. Although he didn’t catch any , including the father, it was entertaining to see the kids putting a lot of effort into the activity.

Recently Updated6

Of course there were other animals such as goats, birds and the ever favourite rabbits. There was even an owl in the farm but it did not do much. It was perched on the branch looking very bored. I wasn’t even sure if it was asleep.



  1. Have your children wear something very comfortable. Be prepared to bring home excited, tired children in dirty clothing. Maybe wet if they’ve been fishing too much. On second thought, you should be in casual wear too. You might enjoy petting the goats too much.
  2. Always remember to wash your hands in between animals. There are plenty of sinks at the area with soap to remind you.
  3. Be respectful to the rangers – you may have seen the boa snakes on NatGeo and think you know better but do take heed of their advice and instructions. Memanglah you bayar masuk tpt tuh.. tp jangan perangai macam beruk boleh.. 
  4. If you are a postcrosser like myself, consider checking out their souvenir shop. they have interesting animal postcards on sale.

I think this is the best petting farm I’ve been too so far. I need to check out the ostrich farm in Port Dickson to compare.