Ninie is 1

When I carried her in my womb, I had an inkling that this could be a girl but it wasn’t really confirmed until I finally saw her during my Caesarean section. She is turning 1  years old today. Some say she is a spitting image of my mom. To me, she is a mixture of my face and my husband’s.


Haneem meaning penuh kasih sayang

Raising a girl is more than just putting pretty clothes on her. It is a lot of hard work from a moms perspective. I am not saying raising a boy is easy, it’s just that the ‘syllabus’ is different. LOL. If I could pre-programme Ninie’s virtues – my top 3 would be Kind, Generous and Intelligent.

Kind so she would not say or do things that could harm someone elses feelings or well being. That she would choose her words carefully and react accordingly. So she would always be pleasing to Allah, to us and those who love her.

Generous so she can share if she has the means to do so. To be thoughtful of other peoples plight. And in order to give more, she would strive to have enough in the first place. And work hard for it. Which is closely linked to my final trait.

Intelligent. A young lady with a sharp mind can never go wrong. With that brain of hers, InsyaAllah she is going to use it for the benefit of her family, the ummah and humanity as a whole.


But these virtues do not just come by on its own. It will depend on the whole village especially the parents to lay down those bricks to shape out what type of person their children will be. A daughter should have the best of what her parents can provide and this puts me in a big, big shoe. If you read the news nowadays or just scroll down the newsfeed on Facebook, there is a lot of crimes, misdemeanour, liberalism and hatred in the current society that one cannot help feeling worried for their family members. Me too, included.

Which is why it is important to include ALllah in your daily life, your decision making etc. For it is He that will listen to you and guide you through life. We can never know the future but I pray that all will be well biiznillah.I can already imagine the hurdles that Ninie  will be going through as a young girl, a teenager and later a young adult. I have had uncertainties as whether I could be the best role model for her.

Reflecting on the latter, perhaps that is why Allah bestowed upon me a daughter. We all have our own pathways in getting closer to Allah. Some through wealth, others a good career, several through building a family, a few through Death or predicaments in everyday life. Mine is through Haneem (ninie). Knowing me, who wants to be the best version of myself to both Hazeeq and Haneem – InsyaAllah, I would take steps to improve myself as not only a mum, but a muslimah as a whole.

I want them to see me who uses the talent/skills Allah give me towards doing something useful. I want them to know that I care about not only our own family but other people who needs help as well. I want them to see that I use good words in my conversations and that I always smile  the company of people, even amongst those I don’t really like. I want them to learn how to manage their emotions, their time and monetary resources by example. In short, I want them to be proud of me as a mum.


That they would confide in me when they encounter problems. They would shower me with endless hugs and kisses. That they know I am not just a mom, but I am also a doctor who knows how to have a good time. ha ha. Above all, I want them to pray for my well being always as evidence that they sayang me a lotttttt.

Happy birthday Ninie. I hope you grow up to be a beautiful lady loved by Allah and his ummah. InsyaAllah. 

Nenek Mummy missed Ninie

When I was a student in Manchester, I would give my mom a call almost every weekend. she would do most of the talking of course and I’ll be ”ummm” or “oohhhh” for the one hour call or so. It was one of those 1 min = 1pence callrates.

When I became a houseman (HO) – the calls became less frequent but compensated writh a text message on every other day.

When I became a medical officer and got married, the communications vary from one form of media to another. I think we used to have Viber Calls. Now it’s Watsapp. But not as frequent as my calls in Manchester.


Earlier last week, I sent my MOm a video and a pic of my daughter. A few days later, my dad sent me a Whatsapp. My mom missed her granddaughter a lot. She was replaying her videos almost all the time and talking to her pictures. So I told my husband that we really needed to make that weekend trip to Jenjarom.

I try to visit my parents at least once a month but eversince I had Ninie, I haven’t been keeping up with my vows. I felt guilty. Ninie is now 5 months and this is the first time she’s sleeping over at Nenek Mummy’s house. Prior to this, it is my parents who have been doing the visiting to Melaka to see us. So Minci.. please do better. Jangan buat hati Mummy nangis rindu2 OK.

Hotel Tanjong Vista, Terengganu .. a 3 star hotel. Really?

Work and leisure can come hand in hand. Especially when the husband is the one doing the work stuff like going to a conference whilst the wifey gets to explore her surroundings. teeeheee.. we did just that last month as we make an 8 hour drive to Terengganu.


Mr Husband chose Tanjong Vista Hotel because it promised a lot of good things. Their selling points included a pool for the kids, a breakfast buffet to ease the early morning hunger pangs, free parking for in house guest and a strategic location to most of the places you need to go.

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I have to admit. They delivered these wonderful things without fail.

I too loved that they have an ironing board in each room. And a fresh smelling sejadah (praying mat) because most public prayer mat macam kusam and kepam rite? Most importantly they have a mini fridge which is like awesome for a 3 star hotel. And can we please give them a round of applause for complimentary drinks in the lobby and daily newspaper!!

The location is just great as it is nearby tourist attractions like Pasar Payang and the beach with loads of stalls and eateries. Finding local delicacies is not a problem. there was not a single stall in Terengganu where the food taste awful .Like wow.. kitak urang tok keturunan chef istana dolok marek ka apa? he he.. 

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Even the hotel breakfast buffet was commendable. Such delish nasi dagang for breakfast. And a whole lot more variety befit of a 3 star hotel.

Of course there were minor glitches. For instance;

  1. free but limited parking space. So if you happen to be staying there during a conference or something – be prepared to leave your vehicle outside the hotel premises. You can still see your car from the hotel room window but if something happens – you can only manage an ‘oh nooo’ from your room
  2. customer service information may vary from one personnel to another – to make it simple, be nice and just talk to the most senior person in charge. They have no malicious intent on charging you extra. They just don’t get that you need separate receipts for each room.
  3. Housekeeping may arrive at your room a bit late. Even if you’ve been out for almost the whole day. They were nice to apologize for not being able to make your room on time especially when you have soiled diapers that need to be disposed off. We make do by just allowing the team to get rid of the rubbish and replenish the supplies which include shower gels and bottled water.

Despite the above, it was still a good stay. it was a 3 star hotel on the high side. LOlz..

Ill souls on a weekend

Baby Hazeeq seems to live in an imaginary yet effective little bubble. For he is the only one among us 3 who is not infected with the flu and fever. I’m not quite sure whether to rejoice that he is well or feel sorry that he has to play on his own.

The terrible bug attacked Mr Husband and I last weekend.

I had a terrible oncall in Casualty. Despite a grateful 3 hour snooze from 0330 to 0630 I woke up to a flat tyre that needed changing and a tortoise speed drive back home. Once at home, I was greeted by a couldn’t-be-bothered husband on the couch. He muttered an ‘eh’ from beneath the blankets and continued to wrap himself in it like a mummy. Dopey from probably his chlorpheniramine. Baby Hazeeq was already doing the helicopter spin on the floor with ‘snacks’ on the table and the TV switched on to Frozen. A bait to leave the father alone. And it’s only 9 in the morning.

I managed a quick breakfast. Chucked down two tabs of paracetamol and a tab of piriton down my throat before I too, took a spot in front of the TV in the living room to …. rest. In between my ‘nap’, I would be awakened by Hazeeq playing his dinosaurs on my contoured body of hills and mountains. Later, I am supposed to be a giant in a deep slumber. I just have to make a roar now and again to make him happy. Once Hazeeq got bored, he told me to change the channel to Minions. And then Frozen (again). And then Monsters University. Oh well, at least I get an 80 -90 min rest in between.

Lunch was toast and leftover pasta for the little guy. Mr Husband and I just gulped down glasses of water.

We felt better during tea time but we were still groggy. We had pizza for takeout. And mushroom soup for the soul. Perhaps the happiest person was Hazeeq by then as now he gets undivided attention from both his ill zombie- like parents. Who happened to be doctors. And is expected to come back to work again the following day. MONDAY.

Forever. The Daughters.

Last weekend I had The Visit from my parents. As usual, I’d be hoovering the place 2 hours prior to their grand arrival and getting the clean sheets in the guest bedroom. This time my younger sister tagged along together with her 2 year old son, Adil. I stocked the fridge with yogurt drinks for my dear nephew and loads of snacks for my sister. They love to eat. They’d be looking for food at midnight.

The main agenda for The Visit was actually to the Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). Although in the end, only my parents went. I didn’t think Hazeeq would enjoy being all cramped up in the car for 2 hours. Adil on the other hand was a handful. He’s like an energizer bunny on an automated recharge mode. He never gets worned out. So parents went on their date to JPO. My sister and I just shopped at the nearby Tesco for new clothes and scarves.

It was only later in the evening when the parents finally came back. We were in the middle of enjoying our tea with cekodok pisang when suddenly two big plastic bags fell on our laps. One each. My sister and I, both in our early 30s and late 20s, both earning our own paychecks, both have babies of our own were grinning cheekily at the Fossil shopping bag.

‘ooooooouhhhhh.. gifts!’

Immediately, it was like an edited scene out of Frozen as Princess Anna (my sister) and Queen Elsa (et moi) became super excited with our presents. They were both handbags of the same colour and size. The parents did not want us to fight over the colour of the bag. Not that we will pun , kan? he he..

Both of us were elated with the handbag and stuck to the rule. The rule of just saying a big hearty thank you and never ask why. Cause we know – in our parents eyes, we are forever their daughters.

Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad.