Review : Anggun Ayu Spa Royal Bali, Bukit Katil

I walked out of the spa feeling like a battered fish. Nearly served with fries. Dahsyat kan perasaan tu? Ha ha ha.


I found this spa on Instagram. And then an old blog review which praises mountains of the place. Indeed, the place is pleasing to the eyes especially with the sound of Gamelan music in the background. The scent was mystical. Everything felt magical.

Until the masseuse stepped in.

I have had a Balinese massage before. In Bali itself. It was what I remembered as very relaxing, very soothing and pleasant experience. The pressure on your body was just nice and you don’t feel violated. Hence I was expecting a similar experience in this spa. Unfortunately it wasn’t as nice on the massage part.

I understand that you need to engage with the client. It is very comforting to know that you are asking if the pressure was alright with me but once I say, “It’s a bit too hard” – please take note and lighten the pressure instead of saying “It’s because your body have not had a massage for a very long time, it’s angin“. And it doesn’t help with the repetitive question of “sakit tak?” if you know that my answer will be “yes, sakit” and still keep that sort of pressure on me. I almost had doubts if the person massaging me was an android or something cause everything sounded so monotonous and scripted.

I was hoping to just you know… sink in my thoughts but she started asking me about the election. And what startled me most was when she asked me Who I voted for’. That is just overboard.

The Scrub on the other hand was a better experience although at times you feel like your modesty is being violated a bit. Terpampang susu kantung kat depan. urghhh.. Perhaps I need to try more spas to ensure whether this is a common practice of otherwise. It felt weird. After the scrub, I get to soak in the jacuzzi for 20 mins. My 1 hour 30 mins session ended with a lemongrass drink. The package cost me RM200.


I will think about it.



Zoo Melaka. With the baby this time.

Ninie has not been adventurous as a baby. Her older brother Ee, at her age have already had his first flight experience from Sarawak to KL. Ninie have not had that opportunity yet and I doubt she’ll get the chance to travel SEA countries as much as Ee. This is because Mr Husband is in a study program and his leave days are confined to only 14 days a semester. Even if we could clear our schedule, we have Ee’s formal schooling to think about.

But we did not want her to miss out on the fun. So we brought her to our favourite zoo. ZOO MELAKA.




We arrived at 10AM on a Saturday morning just so we could beat the crowd. We had a heavy breakfast at home and brought our stroller. Baby Ninie is already 6.5Kg. Too heavy to put her in a carrier and walk.

Toilets were plenty. There was even a surau. I don’t remember seeing it there before. We skipped the bird show cause we have seen it a gazillion of times.




There were deers and kancil almost everywhere. Also monkeys. Ee of course enjoyed the elephants. I, on the other hand was mesmerized with the shape of the giraffes pËnis. The giraffe looked ready to mate but it just wouldn’t get on with it. So I had to leave. Mr Husband loved the safari trail cause he could do his 10,000 steps on the pedometer. Baby Ninie was oblivious to her surroundings.

We finished our visit by 1140AM. Our parking coupon was well timed. Yeh, you need a coupon to park there. As always, the mandatory picture with the turtle statue before we head off for lunch at the nearby McDonalds.


The Shore Oceanarium, Melaka

Ever since Baby Ninie came into the picture – it was very difficult to have a one on one Mother-Son moment with Ee. I still manage to squeeze some quality time (meaning focused on him) in our everyday interactions during dinner, bedtime chit chats or that morning breakfast.. but any activities more than an hour stretch was hard to come by.

I finally did get that chance to spend time with him during one of my precious off days on a weekday when Baby Ninie was at daycare!

We went to The Shore Oceanarium, Melaka. I picked him up from school that afternoon, had a quick lunch at home and changed our clothes. The place was less than 10 mins from where we live by car and I managed to secure a parking lot for FREE at the 2nd floor.


We showed our MyKad and Mykid at the ticket counter and soon we were on our mini excursions. Mind you, there are no toilets inside the Oceanarium itself, so please try to empty your bladder and the kids, before coming in.


This was the price we paid for. The Combo was apparently for the 3D Theatre Package stuff and Souvenirs. Our Welcome Gifts included an expensive looking Fridge Magnet and a Badge. I added the Feeding Frenzy Package for Ee for an extra RM10.60. I’m not quite sure if it was worth it though. I will tell you later. We were given a plastic bag yang bergulung-gulung for that feeding part. You have no idea whats in it guys..

We were also given a piece of paper which had questionnaires on it. Kind of like a Treasure Hunt. The answers were inside the Oceanarium and upon completion, we were to hand the paper back to the reception to claim a complimentary prize even though you did not get 100% right.

Our first stop was the ‘petting area’. We get to touch a starfish, a rayfish and some other fishes. There was a lady, very friendly and was all smiles tending to us. Ee macam geli, so he refused to touch anything. Before long, we were on a momentum admiring the facts about some of the sea creatures through the questionnaires and the beautiful boards on the wall.


Everytime we get an answer to the questions, we would put a chop to the answers. Ee really enjoyed that part. Tapi jawapan main taram je. There were plenty of places to strike a pose and there were also Augmented Reality areas where someone like Ee can berlakon a bit before taking a picture.

The Feeding Frenzy Area was our last stop. We opened the plastic bag and I was disappointed. Isi ikan yg ntah brp ketul je with plastic glove. Just that for RM10.60. I would put the price for that package for at least RM5. Bagus lagi bagi kura2 Farm in the City makan kangkung sampai buncit. But since Ee enjoyed that part of the trip most –  I was torn on whether the package was worth it after all.


We handed over the paper to the reception and hey ho – we got a quality keychain each. Takyah susah2 beli souvenir. Unless you want to get extra for your family and friends.


It was an educational afternoon for both of us. I just wished that the ladies at the reception and at the turnstile gate be more charming or at least smile. Like the girl at the petting zone tu ke. Diorang sangat masam ok. Like helloo.. you are working in a place that caters to kids and family. They should learn something from the Farm in the City folks. Yang kerja kat Zoo Melaka and Legoland pun happier. Blom lagi yg kerja kat Everland Korea. Mampu nak pusing2 tangan cakap Hi?

Putting that aside, it was still a fun and expensive entertaining trip. I’m already scanning my calendar for our next Mother-Son date. Perhaps Mamee Factory at Jonker Street?



Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary

Since Mr husband is busy – I had to make myself busy. Honestly, on weekends that I’m not oncall, I just want to cocoon myself at home and do nothing. is that too much too ask? because once I ‘find my legs’ – not even marriage could chain me to the house. My Mother is an example. But Mr Husband dislikes seeing me doing that it seems – its like Im an abandoned fat hippo or something. He wants me to do something – well.. aku malas nak kemas rumah kalau dia ada.. semua benda tk kena.. so.. I went out.

So I brought my son to the less popular Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary. To demonstrate how unpopular it is – when we arrived at 10AM, there were only 5 visitor cars at the carpark and when we neared the ticketing booth – only then did they play some sort of welcoming music through the loudpseakers. Ha ha. When we left, the crowd was not getting any bigger at the car park. There were still less than 20 cars on a Sunday.

It’s a place much smaller than our local zoo.

A White Peacock

Admission fee were;

RM18 for adults (no MyKad or MyKid needed)

RM12 for children (3 – 12 years)

I was looking forward to the butterfly sanctuary – I imagined the habitat to be like something out of Avatar – but no, it wasn’t. Not totally disappointed because I think the curators made an equally beautiful effort. I had no idea butterflies feed on soursop fruit as well. Hehe..

My son loved the reptiles. I hated it. He even wanted to go into the snake sanctuary. Hell no am I walking in there with the snake dangling from the trees! Euwwww euww euwww.. it becomes gross when I imagine them sneaking on you. Its OK if I see them at work or around someone else’s neck.

We also fed the Koi fishes and bought the packet food for RM1.

Hazeeq got to practice on his throwing skills. LOL.. We thought we were to feed the Koi’s at the bridge but it turned out that they had a special area for the Koi’s themselves. So yeh.. we finished it quite early. He he..

This place is OK for that once in 5 years sort of thing unless they have new animals or bigger sanctuary.

Few recommendations : More rabbits would be fun especially for petting. Or a snake informative video session – the ones where you get to sit in a dark auditorium and they tell you about snakes and stuff. Or you could put a ranger in that snake sanctuary so visitors wouldn’t be afraid to step in because someone is in there to bail you out if something happens.Ha ha..

Malacca Premium Outlet, Cendol Bakar & Rojak

Perhaps a valuable lesson to teach your young uns is of how to do window shopping – and that was exactly what we did at Malacca’s newest shopping attraction  – Freeport Malacca (Premium) Outlet.


It has the usual things  – the windmill was pretty. My boy loved it a lot. We tried on shoes and clothes but we did not buy anything. Ntahlah .. tkde nafsu nak beli apa2. After all we are saving our mullah for our ‘delayed honeymoon trip’ next month.


This also means skilfully distracting our boy from going into Toy World and making up creative excuses for him to not go on the carousel or indulge in money related activities. kedekut.



We did have lunch at the foodcourt though. Expensive. Whadya expect? But since Ee finished his spaghetti meal – it was worth every penny. Despite not buying anything, we spent nearly 2 hours day strolling and checking out every store – comparing prices from what it should be outside the outlet. I’d say it’s quite  a bargain for the quality of things one could get from there. Perhaps they’d be even greater discounts during festive seasons. At least I know now where to get a nice pair of Santa Barbara Polo Racquet shoes …

I loved the open concept. I wish there were more trees or shady areas. Perhaps it will be in many years to come.

Our adventure did not stop there. We also made a pit stop at Cendol Bakar Drive thru. Ordered 2 VIP cendol before heading off to Alor Gajah to buy its famous rojak. A day well spent.