Sometimes I forget that I’m a MOM…

.. which is daunting because having the MOTHER title is a huge responsibility.


When I was young, I was fed with the universal idea that “Syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu”. That it would be a big sin to go against the words and wills of a mother. Mulut mak masin. Meaning that whatever our mothers say – things tend to come true. So as children we become wary of these special powers a mom has.

And now I am a MOM. And sometimes I forget that now I am important to my kids. That my words and du’a , InsyaAllah will count and come true. Eventhough I still have girlish screams when I watch a chick flick or grin foolishly if Syafiq Kyle was to suddenly stop by at my clinic for a consultation for his fever. Gitew. 

I have to actively remind myself to say good things about my children. To wish happy things for them. To be careful of my words for they are all prayers to Allah. Sabar (patience) needs to be a virtue so I will not have a slip of tongue and say ‘bodoh’, ‘babi’ or any vulgar connotations of that sort towards them.

I have to make a conscious feeling or intention everyday that I love my family. I am thankful for their presence and that I will try my best to keep this amanah. For I worry, if I say the wrong things my children would turn out to be what I pray for through my words – even if I do not mean it.

Let me tell you a story.

Once, there was a lady working at a hospital as a clinical staff, who had a child of which upon birth suffered from hypoxic brain injury. Subsequently, the child would occasionally have seizures but he managed to grow up as a young man in his late teens , with learning problems due to those medical conditions. His seizures are so bad at times that he requires multiple visits to Casualty only to be discharged later at his parents own risk.

One day, he had another seizure. He must have ruffled a few feathers with his mom, the clinical staff, earlier that day because when she knew he was in Casualty – she vent out loud probably due to exhaustion or desperation – “another fit? Gosh.. can’t you just let me breath once in a while?”. Then, she used this one word which she probably regret even thinking about it later on – The exact word was ‘menyusahkan’. [burden]

Anyway, the teen was observed at Casualty and since the parents requested a discharge at own risk – he was allowed home with advice. His mother continued with her work while her husband brought the teen back home. After all, this was just another one of those seizure episodes. However, a few hours later – the hospital received a frantic phone call from the father saying that the teen was unconscious in the house. An ambulance was dispatched to their residence. The teen unfortunately, was pronounced dead by the attending paramedic.

The mother? Who actually did not meant what she said.. as you can imagine.. was howling and crying uncontrollably. She did not mean for her son to be taken back by Allah and now she has all the time in the world ‘to breath’. And that her son is not her burden anymore. So powerful is the du’a of us Moms that if we are not careful with our tongue, badan akan binasa. 

That will forever be one of the stories that taught me to always guard my tongue and use it for kind words, useful knowledge and good lessons. InsyaAllah.. 

Sonja’s Prayer


“I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.”
Albert Einstein


Moosa was a high earning officer in a private company. He makes a salary of near 5 digits every month. Anyone would be happy to live on that luxury but Moosa was never content. He even complained that what he earned was never enough to support his family lifestyle. Which was not full of a Hilton or Kardashian bling to it anyway.



He has a little family of 6 of whom two of his elder daughters had already got married to respectable young gentleman. His third son now studying in a renowned university under government scholarship leaving only one young son ( who is 17 years old) by the way to feed. Along with his wife, Sonja. In their own, non rented home. It makes you wonder, how could it not be enough?

Moosa apparently had an ambition. He wanted not only a pay rise but also a promotion. He wanted to be Boss No 2 in the company.  But every  time theres a vacancy, the post would be given to someone else rendering Moosa feeling disappointed. Again and again. He was dumbfounded. He doesnt understand why he was never picked despite his shining accolades and achievements. He was always ‘the best’ as per the CEO but why isnt his hard work translated into a higher position in the company?

His wife, Sonja, however had no qualms. As though she knew the reason why her husband Moosa’s wishes arent coming true. When I asked her…

Sonja said,

Everyday I pray to Allah.. if Moosa spends his earnings towards gaining Allahs blessings and towards his family, then do grant him more Rezki as he wishes. but if Moosa spends it on matters otherwise, on things that’ll drive him away from Allah and neglects his family, then Ya Allah withold his Rezki until he fully repents and own up to his sins.

Something to think about.