Salam Ramadhan 1440H

Some people need their whole life to turn a new leaf. Some, need just a Ramadhan.

📸 🧕🏻

It is fasting season again and already I can predict the same unaccomplished goals repeating itself. Hahaha.

  • Quran tak abis baca
  • Puasa tak penuh becoz of haid
  • House not ready for raya
  • Self not ready for raya

I was so not in the mood for Eid last year that I could not be bothered to even get nasi impit. I think its because I just got a baby that year and was transfered to a new working place. Hence, knowing myself with regards to my festive season affective disorder – I applied for a one week leave off work a week before Syawal. Syawal is the month of Eid.

I would like to use that week to just contradict myself. (Wuttt) Meaning something along the lines of wanting to take a break from work but running errands for the house. So its not exactly resting or Me.Time exclusively as I know I will be going to the bank, get groceries, deep clean the house, bake eid cookies, preparing gifts for friends and families. And of course the duit raya. Who could forget that? Theres many little humans to pamper and shower with love.

2 nieces

3 nephews

My god sons and daughters. The beautiful list is endless.

Back when I was a medical officer in Hospital Jasin, I would usually volunteer to be oncall on the 2nd of Hari Raya. I would make my ward rounds in the paeds ward and then distribute some duit raya for the kids and babies. Of course they would get one on the first day of raya from the hospital. This, is my personal contribution. Now that I am in a primary care setting, I hope to continue that maybe with kids in klinik desa or something. We will see.

Ramadhan as a mom is different every year. Although most of my roles involve finishing up leftover meals of my kids ( thank goodness I only have 2) or become a walking encyclopedia/dictionary – it is always interesting to find out every year.

I now have a secret helper in the kitchen – Madam Coway. Gosh, I really like the idea of having icy cold water at the tip of my finger.

For my terawih ( a form of Ramadhan exclusive prayer) at home, I now have the doTERRA diffuser and essential oils to keep my spririt up and running. Ninie is also at a developmental milestone where she can obey simple command and walk. If she wants to 😑.

There is always something new to learn about myself and my family everyday. We all grow up better physically, emotionally or spriritually. It’s like that night nanny in Tully (movie) saying how we all ‘grow a little each night’

Not just babies. We all do.

Coway. Our story

When the home water dispenser trend first came out, notably from Cuckoo and Coway – Mr Husband was very quick to sway from the crowd. Very typical of a person who choose to just disagree dulu, and then consider. Ha ha ha ha. I could still remember his words vividly,

” buying bottled mineral water is cheaper”(then he would make his calculation and lay it out)

Well sayang, of course it is cheaper if you decide to drink only 1 litre a day per person. *roll eyes* Perhaps it did not cross his mind that the one boiling water and refilling the bottles in the fridge was mostly me. Later I got tired of boiling water many times a day, and that was when I decided to buy bottled mineral water. It soon became a choice of more boiling sessions or drink less. or buy that RM1 mineral water at the clinic. 

The problem with  buying was that it was extremely exhausting lugging big big bottles and boxes of em with my little frame. Cause I do my shopping alone, you see. But I kept going. Of course, he did his part as well but I guess he soon realized that it was just too much effort to keep replenishing our stock.

Furthermore, we are both on a weight loss journey. So a lot of water drinking is involved.

Perhaps Mr Husband got inspired with the presence of that machine at my sisters house. It does not use that much electricity and maintenance service is included. Perhaps it is the hot weather which made us crave for more icy drinks.

The Neo Coway is finally installed in our home today. We went on board with this promotion and now it is here! I think everyone completed their recommended water intake today.






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