Eating at Seoul Garden Mahkota Parade – the new norm

The lunch at Seoul Garden a few weekends ago was probably our first outside meal as a family since Covid-19 set its contagious foot in Malaysia. As both parents and medical doctors, we were a bit apprehensive in bringing our kids out in public. However, with the dropping number of cases and Malaysians trying their best to adopt the new norm – we felt it was s.a.f.e

We really need to give ourselves a pat in the back because, despite a small population of idiots who do not wish to follow the new norm, most of us are willing to go forth with a new way of living. So, tahniah.

In malls, people wait in queues like in Kidzania. Each premise has a different number of patrons allowed to be in store at one time. Temperature is checked at the entrance and you fill in your details in the register book accordingly. All of us wore masks including Ninie until it was time to eat.

At Seoul Garden, each group that came in will be limited to 2 hours of mealtime. Food will be plated by the servers at the buffet stand and technically everyone has to socially distance themselves. A few customers stepped out upon hearing the ‘new rule’ lamenting “rugilah makan mcm ni”. I thought it was acceptable and very considerate to everyone especially at times like this where you have to be wasadtiah sikit dengan kehidupan.

We enjoyed a good portion of the bulgogi meat with a bit of carb (rice) on the side. Sipped a bit of soup. Had cups of juice, carbonated drinks, tea and finished it off with a half mug of hot chocolate. Ninie had ice cream!

After the meal, we walked a bit around the mall but did no shopping and headed home. It was a short family outing day well spent.

Ramadhan 2020 in the midst of Covid-19

Muslims are unable to perform congregational prayers especially Terawih in this holy month. I am sure other religious practices such as Sunday Mass are equally prohibited for the time being. As for myself, I have been performing Terawih ever since I became a mother – so this is a norm for me. But lately, I banyak tersasar. The mental drain and physical lethargy gets overwhelming towards the evening. I tend to sleep early at night.

There is no Ramadhan bazaar. There are only online options which is a bit limited and risky as in you need to find a reliable seller that sells tasty food as opposed to newbies who just wants to test the water. I miss legit taufu fa and apam balik crispy. I miss ayam percik, nasi kerabu, laksam and nasi dagang. I can’t seem to find sellers that sell less spicy popia sira, kuih bongkol (at least that is how Sarawakians spell it) and delish air kathira.

I ordered online food for Iftar yesterday since I was Working From Home (WFH) from Jaykam Katering Enterprise. I couldn’t really order online on days I work because the runner/rider’s timing might not coincide with mine. I do not want to trouble them in case I don’t reach home on time. Unless they can deliver to the clinic before 5PM. I tried the menu from this seller because I was craving for asam pedas tetel and paru goreng. Ee wanted Laksa Penang as well. On top of that, I tried their Jus Delima (pomegranate juice). The food was very spicy for my Sarawakian taste buds. Even my Malaccan husband had difficulty to tolerate it because he has a low threshold too. I bought other dishes too and I spent RM44 from this seller alone including runner service fee.

I also bought desserts from another vendor but since the food is disappointing, it is best not to leave a review.

My firstborn Ee has managed to fast for one whole day which is an achievement. It has been a few years of ‘half-day’ that we think, as parents it is time to take it up a notch. Thankfully, due to COVID-19 he does not have to endure school in Ramadhan as it is closed. The hot weather and tight schedule might put him off. Yes, it may defeat the purpose of fasting but I’d like my kid to observe fasting as something fun and memorable as a child. Not of pain and punishing.

As for the little one, she has more vocabulary than ever and often copycat her brothers words. She will commence her daycare session probably this Friday with necessary measures, of course. I hope she will be OK.

COVID-19. A change in routine

17th April 2020 – this is Day 31 of the RMO. Upgraded to the MCO for at least the past 2 weeks. Both Mr Husband and I are still required to go to work since we are part of the Essential Services workforce. We have mixed feelings about it. Part of it is this positive emotion driven by Altruism and at the other hand is the fear of contracting the disease from unknowing, asymptomatic carriers.

The roads are empty except for a few cars. Children and other vulnerable members of the society are keeping themselves inside their homes to avoid risk of contracting the disease. Despite the early fear and panic-buying among citizens, the hype slowly died down and we see people shopping more responsibly.

“There is no emergency in a pandemic”

Truth be told, you could be dying of a heart attack but if I don’t know your COVID status or risk, you would have to wait until I don my PPE fully. Which is part of the reason why we need people to stay indoors. To minimise risk, break the chain. All healthcare services are playing their part to manage this pandemic. We may not be the one working in hospitals but we all have shoes to fill. Medicine is practiced differently in primary care. I can only say for what we are doing at my centre though.

  1. Appointments are postponed. If patients have demonstrated good control of their disease during previous visits, we would endorse a prescription for at least a month. However we would still see those with horrible personal disease management and pray that they will do well and not go into a DKA or Hypertensive Crisis.
  2. All coughs, cold & fever are treated like something BIG. We get agitated if a patient penetrates the screening counter for fever and enter the consultation room. This is because these patients are supposedly triaged and seen at the Fever Center. Whereas those at risk of COVID-19 will be seen at the isolation room (bilik wabak).
  3. HANDWASHING has become a common practice not only among HCW but also patients.
  4. Seats in the waiting area are spaced out for Social Distancing and reinforced dutifully. In the consultation room, the patient is also sat at a distance and would perform physical examination as necessary.
  5. Medical officers are not wearing wristwatches and are bringing their personal items in easily disinfected carrier bags.
  6. I can get to work before time (as always ) . Only perks now, parking is easy to find. I really love that part.

Family life has also taken a different routine.

  1. Since daycare and formal school is closed, the kids have been shipped to their grandparents house very morning by my husband and I will collect them every evening. Previously, we were sending our kids separately to where they need to go.
  2. Husband has been the one buying the groceries as operating hours are limited and its much easier for him to get them on his way back from work. In the meantime, I could get house chores or dinner done and have the kids washed up.
  3. Husband is working EVERYDAY for long hours. Office hours doesn’t mean anything to him anymore. He is in Public Health and whenever a pandemic strikes, they are the ones working behind the scene coordinating and keeping track with the numbers. His task this time is to handle the reten. The states data.
  4. GrabFood and FoodPanda riders have become our best friends bringing food to house.

Spending Habits

I find that I have more cash to spare nearing payday in a weeks time. This is after deducting the necessary monthly payments and all. I am still paying for my loans and childcare services. On top of my moms monthly allowances, donations and what not. It made me think of how my expenditures were prior to this. It made me wonder what I spent my money on despite my efforts of being frugal.

I realized it’s in the little things that later add up to become more. It is those little ringgits that make all the difference.

  1. I either bring pre-packed food from home, fast, buy a bun or rely on food donations for lunch.
  2. I have also cut down on my DOTERRA LRP purchases. I still enjoy the products but nowadays I buy only as needed. I controlled my urges to buy another diffuser or just so my to achieve a 100PV order to get my commission. It is because if I calculate back my expenditures, I feel that there is no need for me to spend RM600 per month to get RM300 back in return, when the ‘rasa untung‘ part can still be attained if I spend only RM250 for the month.
  3. The bookstore, POPULAR is closed. That means I save at least a few hundred ringgit from my casual stroll in the store to buy books or magazines that keep on adding onto my TBR list.
  4. My free Friday afternoons are spent resting/studying in the clinic as opposed to outings at the nearest shopping mall. There alone, I am saving from the trips I go to Watson, Popular (again) and a fancy lunch.
  5. Visits to Family Mart has also been interrupted as I fear coming across a roadblock just to get a Sando or my Bubble MIlk Tea. So far I have managed to visit FM once in this 1 month of MCO and its because it is coincidentally near the place I work. Once instead of the weekly visit.
  6. Since Mr Husband is buying the groceries, I guess I did in a way save a few hundred ringgit as well because of that. I used to get foodstuff using my money so hey, extra savings there!

We will be celebrating Ramadhan during MCO. This means no bazaar. In a way, I am grateful for that. At least, tak banyak makanan yang terbazir during bazaar and iftar at hotels. We should start observing Ramadhan as how it should be done with humbleness and gratitude by thinking of the poor and unfortunate, more prayers , sedekah and quran reciting.

How has Covid-19 made changes to your life? Were they mostly positive changes or it made life more miserable for you?

Covid-19. Minci was there.

This is a post circulating in my news feed on Facebook. I think it deserves a spot here too.


Peristiwa ini akan terpahat sebagai sejarah penting negara. Hari ini 15 April, sejarah besar dalam bidang pendidikan..

Peperiksaan UPSR dibatalkan
PT3 dibatalkan
SPM dan STPM ditangguhkan sehingga Mac 2021

Takkan sesekali aku lupa, setahun sekali FB akan remind. Jika panjang umur, kita akan membaca, mengingati dan mengimbau kejadian ini, walaupun ia bukanlah kenangan manis untuk kita kenang. 😭

18 MAC – 31 MAC 2020 fasa 1
01 APR – 14 APR2020 fasa 2
15 APR – 28 APR 2020 fasa 3

Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan seluruh MALAYSIA

📍 harga minyak jatuh sehingga RM1.25/liter

📍Semua pejabat di seluruh Malaysia diarah tutup sepanjang Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) dan kerja – kerja dilaksanakan sepenuhnya dari rumah.

📍Semua sekolah dan pendidikan dilaksanakan di atas talian. Anak- anak mula rindu akan sekolah.

📍Penjarakkan sosial sentiasa diutamakan

📍Pita pelekat dilekatkan di atas lantai – lantai kedai untuk menentukan jarak selamat 1 meter di antara pelanggan

📍 Restoran dan kedai – kedai makan ditutup, hanya dibenarkan bungkus sahaja.

📍Hanya beberapa orang sahaja dibenarkan berada di dalam kedai.

📍Kedai bukan keperluan asas dan perniagaan tidak berkaitan pembekalan makanan diarah tutup.

📍Keseluruhan acara dan musim sukan di seluruh dunia dibatalkan serta merta

📍 Konsert, perlancongan, festival, acara hiburan dibatalkan.

📍Majlis perkahwinan dan pelbagai sambutan majlis bersama keluarga dibatalkan.

📍Tiada lagi jemaah di masjid, dan rumah – rumah ibadat ditutup. Tiruppati, Mekkah, Vatican city ditutup pintu sepenuhnya.

📍Tidak dibenarkan perkumpulan 50 orang atau lebih, kemudian diubah kepada 20 org atau lebih, hanya dibenarkan 10 orang atau kurang dari itu dibenarkan.

📍Taman permainan kanak – kanak ditutup.

📍Kekurangan stok penutup muka, gaun,
dan sarung tangan untuk kegunaan pekerja barisan hadapan.

📍Kekurangan alat bantuan pernafasan
bagi pesakit kritikal.

📍Berlakunya pembelian panik sehingga kekurangan alat pembasmian, tiada sabun cuci tangan, tiada cecair pembersih tangan

📍Rak – rak di kedai menjadi kosong.

📍Kilang – kilang pembuatan, kilang penyulingan dan perniagaan lain telah menukar perkhidmatan mereka dengan membantu menyediakan visors, penutup muka, cecair pencuci tangan dan PPE.

📍Kerajaan telah melaksanakan sekatan jalan di setiap kawasan dan tertutup kepada pergerakan yang tidak penting.

📍Tiket kapal terbang murah, namun kita tidak boleh keluar melancong.

📍Sidang media dari Kementerian Kesihatan di keudarakan setiap hari.

📍Kemaskini kes baru, yang telah sembuh dan pesakit yang meninggal dunia dilakukan setiap hari.

📍 Jalan raya menjadi kosong tanpa kelibat manusia.

📍Ramai orang memakai penutup muka dan sarung tangan apabila keluar.

📍 Pekerja perkhidmatan penting menjadi takut untuk keluar rumah.

📍Pekerja kesihatan pula, menjadi takut untuk pulang ke rumah dan berjumpa keluarga.

📍 “Mendatarkan lengkung graf” itulah yang sering dikatakan, bersama dengan kata-kata ” Kita lakukan ini bersama” dan “Kita harus menang”

Ini adalah Novel Coronavirus ( Covid-19) suatu penyakit pandemik, yang diwartakan pada 18 mac 2020 😭😭😭😭

Near misses

In the movie Final Destination, victims tend to have near misses before their final death.

I have had near misses of infectious diseases throughout my short career. Once, I had in contact with a patient who had suspected Meningitis. I received a prophylactic shot in my arm because I was pregnant at the time.

Some time down the line, I was in contact with a patient who had pulmonary TB and is on active treatment. He did not declare he had the illness until I saw his family coming in with masks. It looked a bit odd to see these people all in masks when they had no symptoms. It is as though he was immuno-compromised. When I asked them the reason behind the mask, one of the more younger family member said her father has TB.

Trust me, I was furious. Because I was also pregnant at the time. I asked a colleague to take over but I felt sad for the other HCW who tended to him earlier in closer proximity. The patient was very defensive. He said there was no need for us to know. He said if we knew he had TB, we will owe his back pain to TB. Stupid people exist. Little did he know that he was imposing harm to not only us but for other unsuspecting patients.

And now we have COVID-19. People tend to forget that those working in primary care are also front liners – for we are who the patients see first in ill events. Any front liner is risking chancing upon a COVID positive patient during the consultation. Let us just pray that everything will go well.

COVID could be walking around us.