Book Review : My name is Hasmah

A biography of someone at 90 years old is worth all the time and dime to get the book and read it. What more someone in Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Binti Mohd Ali‘s shoes who has to juggle a lot of roles and responsibilities along the way.

I recognize her as Tun M’s wife. I acknowledge her being a medical doctor. I have heard of her extreme humility. However, I later found out in the book that she is damn funny and hilarious. It’s like if we were going to med school together, I’d want her to be part of the Sharoe Green girls (that’s where my housemates and I live in Manchester).

It was an easy book to read. A bit on the price-y edge but hey the life lessons in it is incomparable. Still cheaper than a new phone! I leave you with some pearls of wisdom I extracted from the biography.





Perhaps it would help to read the book yourself to understand some of the anecdotes mentioned in my journal.

Planneraddict project : Exchange Gift Kuchingites!

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yah.. sampei juak kitak urang ke sitok. Hehe..


Here are the rules and regulation for this Exchange Gift project;

  1. You reside in Kuching and hopefully will be in Kuching for the whole month of July. Simply because I have yet to confirm my ticket. Or you can have a trusted person collect your gift on your behalf.
  2. You are prepared to exchange nice, cute gifts with me. It does not all have to be brand new. Hey – I welcome washi samples and leftovers from your collections too. Think of it as an interesting way to destash your goods. Or promote your online shop if you have any. This will also involve you meeting up with me at a certain public location which will be arranged later.
  3. You agree to me posting up the gifts on social media. So make it Instagram friendly. 😛
  4. All gifts are not returnable/exchangeable.
  5. Mode of communication will be via email until stated otherwise.

If you agree to the above – kindly fill in this form [here] You would not be able to complete it once it has reached to 5 planneraddicts.

Yes, this exchange is only open to 5 planneraddicts!! 

Closing date to fill in the form to confirm your participation in this project is :

12 JULY 2016


Here is a sneak peek of what I plan to exchange with you – nothing to hide


  1. assorted stickers for your journals/planners
  2. sweety decoration tape
  3. TOBOT money packet
  4. kitty page markers
  5. mini owl bookmark – laminated
  6. 2 metal paper clips
  7. cookie face mirror
  8. checkered magic towel
  9. a 52 week money challenge card
  10. a roll of brand new Teddy bear washi


I hope you like them – looking forward to our exchange

Ramadhan with Kulsocs

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10 years a go, a handsock is merely a black or skin coloured piece of cloth a lady uses to cover her forearms. Nowadays, handsocks have become trendier and becomes a staple fashion accessory for any muslimah in putting together their outfit. Even I, myself have fallen victim to this fashion wave. KULSOCS made this possible.



Above picture is of me in a dark blue (code P002) handsock. It was priced at rm15/pair. Of course, I’m no celebrity for you to believe  how comfortable and interesting this piece of clothing is. In fact, the handsocks are far from boring as they come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures.

Perhaps one of our Msian sweethearts, Nora Danish could convince you in a way or another in the video below.
Convinced yet? Jump on the handsock bandwagon now!




Baby Care package for my dear sister Aunty L

I think I spent more on my sister than my nephew when it comes to filling the Baby Care box. Love her loads.

Things I bought for my sister;

  • Loads of parenting magazines
  • Milk booster formula
  • Nipple pad
  • Breast Milk Storage Bags
  • A new headscarf
  • Nursing pillow

The new nephew

  • A newborn set of clothes, caps and mitten (kinda like.. thats it)
  • Mini shoes
  • Angpow for Tabung Haji

The infants big brother

  • TOBOT pyjamas
  • A set of dayclothes
  • A colouring and activity book featuring BOboiBoy


One can become a mother to say, 7 children but in truth every pregnancy and birth is different with every little munchkin that comes with it. My younger sister experienced another failed induction of labor – so on top of contraction pains, she also had to endure the postoperative pain of her Cesarean section. She also had a hilarious embarrassing moment with a male House Officer (HO).. ha ha.

Since we live a few states away, I could only manage some intense dua and ‘acts of deeds’ on her name and my sister in laws name ( who is also expecting a baby in the same week) … hoping that Allah will reward these deeds or Sedeqah by bestowing upon them His Blessings with a smooth and safe delivery.

Alhamdulilah.. my two ladies pulled through.

De Nephew

the blind faith by paperdorable

First of all, please click play on the video and listen on …

Last week I decided to purchase The Blind Faith (silver) Bundle from Paperdorable after seeing Perempuan Jomblo got hers on Instagram. This package was supposed to be filled with little surprises from the stationary and kawaii department. You don’t get to choose what goes in the bag. All you can do is wait for it to arrive and act surprised!!

myr 50.00

I received a lot of cute pens – that was the whole idea right? I was more thrilled to receive the paper products and masking tape though. Perhaps I should explore more of the planner and stationery scene here in Malaysia and find the more suitable retailer to satisfy my needs for a variety of sticky notes, memo pad and such.

blind faith pens

That capsule like pill is a pen – one of my favourites I have to say. of course I loved the sticky notes more.

blind faith washi

I was delighted when they included the masking tape in the bundle.

faith bundle collage

The elephant pencil case was adorable. I intend to use it tomorrow. I think these pens should be able to last for the next 6 months. Rasa sayang mok guna pun ada.. but hey, you can always get another bundle afterwards. Perhaps you could try the Gold Bundle next.

Thank you paperdorable