Overnight Oat Breakfast

Sometimes the best meals are not those which are made  from expensive ingredients. But almost always one that is made out of pure love, effort and conscience. And food stuff of course!

Bits of coco crunch/sweet cereal


All tossed in the Tupperware and left to stand with cold milk poured into it in the fridge overnight. The oat bathes in the milk and voila! a wonderful breakfast to start the morning.

Breakfast …

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

The menu

[Pic : What used to be our grocery shopping at ASDA]

Its less than an hour to midnight. And already my brain is whizzing through the next few hours, skipping the REM sleep, planning tomorrows breakfast menu.

Shall I serve ..

  • fried rice
  • pancakes
  • oatmeals
  • toast
  • or Srwkians favourite.. Maggi Mee