HoboMinci. Busy weekends in a row.

First there was that sudden, last minute holiday to Macao. Anything that pops up my schedule unknowingly within 2 weeks is last minute. I prefer a form of preparation for at least a month to get my stuff sorted out. I hate surprises that disrupts my schedule.


Then there was the clinics family day. I was awarded the most popular doctor but that could be because I haven’t actually scolded or reprimanded everyone yet. I bet they will change their mind once I’ve stayed put at this place for at least another year. Ha ha ha.


Finally there was also that holiday trip to Universal Studio Singapore. I will write later on the hotel that we stayed in and about the trip itself.


And today I had a work-related course which took up my whole day. I am so exhausted with all the listening especially it being a very heavy topic. It is about management of HIV patients. I like the new insight and is excited about the new knowledge cause I never handled personally HIV patients in my clinic as the more senior ones are in charge.

But the day got to a point where I am just.damn.tired. 

I think I am going to continue watching my K-Drama now, Terius Behind Me. Yup, I am on a So Ji Sub obsession right now.

Hello 2012

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going

A new blog on the block!

2011 ended with a relatively high note (s). Celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary with Mr Husband. Nothing extra mushy, just a chocolate cake with delicious icing on top. Baby Zeeq came to our lives through C-Section on the 8th of December. One week earlier than the expected due date. Thus means Im still in the confinement period under the care of Mr Husband and myself. Man.. I do have to become independent in all aspects. So thats already a double joy for both of us in December.

At work, Im at a comfortable position as a Medical Officer in the Anaesthetic Department. I have seen, learnt and done much and am happy to take my maternity leave for 3 months before I resume the adrenaline rush again.

Finally as with most people, 2012 is a time to get things right by making new resolutions with the hope of keeping at it. As a start, lets just make sure I get to post at least a new post everyday aite? This blog may just be another small wordpress.com outlet though I hope it will serve as a medium to make new online friends, keep in touch with old ones or just to polish my writing flair (if any). Cheers!