A lot of good things happened on this date.

It was Mr Husbands birthday. Made spaghetti carbonara and bought a cake which we ate at home.

Mothers Day. 

And the end of my 1st trimester. My little Syazmin ( this will be his/her first name) is supposed to have fingerprints now and is as big as an egg. My chances of having a miscarriage like my previous one is also reduced. InsyaAllah – no surprises. The last thing I want is to have PV bleed and to be unfortunate working with my male colleagues. Erkkk..

Am I feeling better now? Well.. my mornings are easier as I can have breakfast (thank you placenta for taking over the hormone production stuff) but the nights are still making me queasy and uncomfortable. Its that unexplained rumble in the tummy and that acid reflux that never seems to pass (unless I force myself to sleep with 2 pillows up). I still dislike eating rice and prefer noodles, toast or french fries instead.

On a different note, I need to look into getting my capsule maternity wardrobe. My pants does not fit anymore *cry blood like Vivy* nor does my FA scrubs. My normal working blouse are making my boobs feel too snug and big. Huhu.

I have my antenatal appointment due next week. Which means I’m binging on mineral water to flush possible stones and bacteria thus am ever so compliant with my Ural Sachets. *meh*

finally, my HoboMinci is starting to look more colourful. Dah ada mood nak tulis2 sket. 


Happy birthday lil man


Every year I’d be telling myself – I will throw a birthday party for my son. Where they’d be kiddie pools with inflatable dinosaurs or pirates. A corner for finger food. A booth for candy and chocolate fondue. A station for kids to colour and paint. A decent place for adults to have adult food.

But of course, it never happens.

It’ll be that same ole family gathering thing to have outside food with a cake or two. Please don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining because that was how I celebrated mine anyway. He he.. perhaps the need to wanting to throw a party was more for my own benefit so it’ll make a good excuse to just binge at the choc fondue station since its my sons birthday.

So on his 5th birthday, The Taib Clan had Nasi Arab at MITC which is costing a limb nowadays with all the GSTs and god knows what. Then we had two cakes and naturally he was showered with gifts since morning till night. As usual, he gets to cut the cakes with his cousins.


I still felt like I needed to have a party afterwards. So the next day during my own teaching session  – I treated everyone at work to KFC. Lol.. party lah jugak kan.. 

Happy Birthday my son. You will forever be Abah’s and Mommy’s favourite child. 😛


A flip through my journal/planner

HI PAMmers and Readers,

I find that I suck at planning because I tend to procrastinate – and I cheat on my To do List by doing the chores first, only to list it down and tick it later.*gulp* Mostly to make me feel organized and accomplished. Muekekeke.. So I guess I’ll stick to journalling and writing diaries or blogging – macam dulu2.. 

Today is my birthday. This year I purposely asked for a day off because on previous years when I’m at work – I was showered with wishes and cakes by colleagues. It was fun and weird. Not to mention the awkward group photos afterwards. Ha ha. Gosh.. I’m suddenly missing the attention. NOT! I guess I’ll give them a break this year – kot2 ada yg stress nak kena jadi wakil beli kek bagai..  😛

I will be escorting Mr Husband to a weekend course later. So allow me to share with you my so called creative work in my planner and journal. Have fun.

I hope you enjoyed your 1 minute plus eye candy. It’s not perfect but I’m looking into ways to improve its quality.  Please share your layouts in the comments or better in the FB group – I really look forward to seeing them. I’m sure the admins would approve of them too. As of tomorrow, its the weekend aite – I’ll put up my haul post. Watch this space.


Snailmail – a birthday greeting

happy bday kakjet.. hope you enjoy the 3D card

I am sending my ex-housemate a 3D birthday card. She’s married now with 2 lovely kids. Her birthday falls on the 1st of Jan – on New Years day.

If only POSMALAYSIA has a vending machine for stamps. That will be grand. Memang muka aku jelah beli setem kat mesin. 

*updated : a kind reader just messaged me privately regarding Postal Automated Machine (PAM) in Malaysia which provides a similar service. Thank you for the info!!!