Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park

Nearly 9 years in Melaka and this was my first time to this tourist site even though I have been to the zoo countless times. We were aware that due to Covid-19, stringent measures are in place.

There were plenty of parking space when we arrived and upon entering the taman, we could see the traditional houses of the different states beside each other. To me, it was a great place with tremendous potential for more visitors. Even without the abandoned mini theme park and petting zoo. It is starting to look like something out of a horror movie.

The place needed its maintenance activities in check. The original houses were so beautiful but some parts of it were wrecked. The ASEAN part was technically ruined and risks being a breeding site for dengue. We have been bitten by Aedes Aegypti so many times there.

Of course, I wouldn’t know exactly what is required to keep the place up and running but if you’re a person with money and keen eye for entrepreneurship, perhaps this is one project you might consider taking up.

I loved the Sarawak longhouse best. It was the most vibrant, colourful and different as compared to others. Followed by the Sabah house and perhaps the Terengganu one after.

It took us just about an hour to finish walking around the whole place with minimal photo taking. It is good exercise. We then headed to the Big Bowl Ice branch at MITC to have a cold beverage and light lunch.

The milk pudding with fruits is more toddler friendly, I suppose. Haneem had that. These cold serves goes well with its fried food options. We love the paratha.

Big Bowl Ice, Batu Berendam

If Inuits run this place, we’d probably see a dozen types of ice shaven dishes. I had no idea that our ice ABC could come in various forms of ice. Indeed, having dessert here is an eye-opening experience. The main ingredient is ice and yet, we could add so much to it to make it special. Things like sauces, fruits and nuts.

Be warned though, they come in various sizes and is very very sweet.



Big Bowl Ice (M) Sdn. Bhd.

No1 , Jalan MP 3, Taman Merdeka Permai,
75350, Batu Berendam, Melaka
To order is simple. Make yourself comfortable at the many tables. Write down the order on the piece of paper. Submit it to the cashier and make the payments. Then.. just wait for the frozen yummies to arrive.
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