Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya : perasan kaya sekejap..

Hotel Bangi Putrajaya was previously known as Equatorial hotel. I was informed by a friend that their star ratings dropped – hence the change in name. Which probably includes the management team. That did not deter me to book it for my so called weekend stay-cation.

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The plan was to ronda2 Putrajaya or Bangi and use the room for sleeping only. We ended up soaking in the luxuries of the room and place. Ha ha. Our feet were practically rooted to the room.

Our room number was 611. My son thought that we were given that particular room because he enjoyed watching Astro Ceria. Of course – that was not the reason.

The world doesn’t evolve around you my son.

So what do I think of the place?

Price : I’d say it is worth every penny. This is after all a resort. I booked my room through Agoda.Com, so it was quite easy.

Location : Love the hotel on top of the hill. It overlooks a golf course and if you’re lucky you get to see the pool. You would have the feeling of being isolated in a land far far away but interestingly we still see flocks of people appearing here and there. Mostly participants of a meeting or a course.

Hospitality : Very friendly and accommodating front desk. They were also very thoughtful by providing free flow drinks while waiting and a bowl of sweets at hand for visitors. Mr Husband loved the FREE, COMPLIMENTARY English newspapers. I also learnt that they have a shuttle service to IOI Mall Putrajaya.

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Food : I wish I could say the breakfast was awesome. Well.. they could try harder. He he.. after all there is a nearby food court which has a the famous Haji Samuri Satay!

Cleanliness : Tip top. KUDOS to the housekeeping team.

Would I book it again? definitely! Once they are done with their renovations of course.

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Kuching 2015 : 56 Hotel

I chose 56 hotel primarily because it is within my budget for a long stay. It is located in town with nearby 2 shopping malls and plenty of other small eating outlets. Initially it was a choice between the Lime Tree Hotel and this one but I ended up choosing 56 hotel because its 8km from the wedding venue I was supposed to attend.

56 hotel rated themselves as a 3 star hotel. I agree. Any room without a mini fridge is a 3 star hotel.

But it has a few plus points;

Breakfast like a little- King

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There should be something for everybody especially for kids. I am not hoping for 12 different pastries for breakfast or 19 types of fruits in a salad. Variety is the key even though its a choice between ‘two’. Throughout my 5 day stay, I get to sample food like Nasi Goreng Dabai, Nasi Lemak, Mi Kantonis, croissants, koko krunch, porridge… with fruit juice and hot beverages. Needless to say, it was a great start everyday as we fill up our tanks early on. The selection is admirable for a 3 star hotel like this one. I praise them for the effort and hopefully they would keep it up.

In house toiletries

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.. including self-embossed towels! Although we bring our own shower gels, it is always nice to have new ones to try – be it a shower cap or a cotton bud. I also loved their prompt housekeeping – very fast, efficient and the room always smells nice. Crumbs swept away, pillows and mattress fluffed up for another snooze fest at night after a tiring day. They also earned brownie points by providing an in room kettle – very important for parents with children who still drinks formula milk. As for the complimentary beverages … well well.. thank you very much for replenishing them without fail daily.


Not that we were planning to shop at the malls or anything -but having not only one, but two shopping complexes in less than 5 KM radius of each other is a delight. Food seems so nearby and it does provide an avenue for a short brisk walk to get rid of the extra calories. These malls are The Spring and One City Mall. All within ‘free hotel shuttle distance’. Which brings to my next point …

Shuttle Service

56 hotel provides free shuttle service to these 2 malls and also airport transfer  – on allocated hours. I did not use the service myself but I suppose you could always make arrangements at the front desk.

I made my booking through The website has great deals on Fridays especially to members and the membership is FREE. As long as you have a safe and fast internet connection, the online booking process should be without hiccoughs. I paid a total of RM 538.44 for the 5D4N stay in Kuching.

Our little family would like to thank 56 Hotel for the wonderful hospitality. Hope to see them again soon.

My next entries will be about places we eat and places we went. Cheerios..