Raya 2014 : Salam-salam, jalan-jalan, kenal-kenal, makan-makan …

How do you spend your first day of Eid? 

After the Eid prayers and breakfast, we’d usually start the day with a formal salam-salam ceremony. My parents (who looked like royalty this Eid with their yellow outfit) would sit and ‘bestow’ forgiveness and money to their ungrateful, degil children. Hehe.

Mr Husband finds this ritual kind of humorous as this was his 2nd time having to again, salam and cium lutut. Even Hazeeq could not escape this adat. 



Then, a couple picture with the royals. With a few selfies along the way.



Later, a mini convoy to our relatives houses for their food and famous layer cakes. My kid has yet to understand the joy of duit raya but that did not stop him from making a collection from the elders and stuffing the envelopes in his little pocket.

Upon bringing Hazeeq berjarah, I learnt of an old adat as well. Adat sambut anak sulung. Intrigued by its name, I asked Father what it was. He said old folks believe that if you bring any eldest child of the family (anak sulung) to any house for the first time, you should spray him or her with perfume and such. This is to prevent the living spirits in the house from befriending and attaching themselves to that young sulung child and cause mischief. Itu kata orang2 tua lah. The good thing is Hazeeq smelled nice for the whole day. He he.

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Highlight of Raya 2014 was when we visited another aunt the following day, who was staying at the house Mr Husband and I rented when we first got married. We couldn’t resist taking a quick picture to wrap up the Raya. Smile.. KImchi!


What this New Year means to .. Yasmin MusTa

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
― Carl Bard

I have always kept a diary ever since at an age of 7. No one actually taught me about ‘jotting down your feelings’ or ‘ keeping a journal’. I must have watched it from a movie or TV series somewhere that inspired to cultivate this habit.

Diaries during primary school were colourful with scraps of paper. Doodles and keepsakes of people I admire in school. I would have been regarded as a stalker should I keep up with the obsession though. Later, in secondary school the thoughts were more interesting as I began exploring teenage years and sexualities. Confusions on what sort of personality I wish to blossom into took its toll as I experimented and saw consequences of my actions and words.

Medical school introduced me to online blogging and thats where I discovered that we could befriend total strangers and enjoy a fruitful cyber relationship with them. One as such would be my favourite couple : FaezNadrah.Com. I sometimes wonder if the current relationship we have [read: tak pernah jumpa face to face] would change if we were ever to see each other for real. Ha ha.

Now blogging time is scarce. No, let me rephrase. The hiatus and infrequent entries are due to a ‘writers block’. A really long block. I just have no idea on what to write on. Perhaps its because Ive taken on a more ‘important role’ that involves a lot of talking and expressing thoughts. I honestly dont know. Sadly though, I feel that my writing skills and English flowery expressions have diminished. Which is a shame. I no longer use wonderful descriptive vocabularies in my everyday speech. I am beginning to forget the rules of grammer, the beauty of poems and idioms, the abundant figure of speeches.

Consequently, because I have allowed Work to suck me into its blackhole.. I have quite forgotten the dreams and ambition I longed for. I no longer remember the wonderful memories Ive had long ago that helps to inspire the things I can do today to keep it alive thus generating more happy memories.

With the 2014 curtain open.. its an opportunity to Relight the fire‘. I hope. I want to love language again. I want to love writing. Eventhough its not worth a film script. Or a Petronas commercial. Haha.



A resolution to Make Time

Few people know so clearly what they want. Most people can’t even think what to hope for when they throw a penny in a fountain.

Barbara Kingsolver

I will Make Time to;

  1. Teach Baby Zeeq the wonders of life
  2. Prepare a decent meal to feed the family at least for that one meal a day. Be it a simple fired egg or dried anchovies sambal
  3. To perform sunat prayers and Do Charity
  4. Read on knowledge that would make Work more interesting and of course Read to liven up the long lost fantasy world
  5. Workout and be fit. To maintain a BMI of less than 24
  6. Construct my fairy-themed garden
  7. Attend social gatherings,reunions and fulfill wedding/party invitations
  8. Send Parcel Kasih Sayang to besties
  9. Learn new skills and make new friends
  10. BLOG