BTS PTD on stage – from my room

This is like my 2nd online concert of this year. Again, a BTS concert. Online concert should be a forever thing in the future. It is a great option for people like me.

Old. With small kids. No stamina. Difficult to take leave from work. Cannot stand heat . Moderate social anxiety levels. Yup. So dear artists, all artists, please consider online streaming an option. I know it is a lot of work. And money.

온라인 콘서트에 벌써 행복해. 온라인 옵션을 열어 두십시오. 앞으로 오프라인 콘서트가 있더라도. 때문에… 팬사인회가 있더라도 무료로 갈 수 있다고.. 난 아직 안가는 타입 나는 내성적이다

Anyway, as usual my eyes are on Suga. And this has gotta be the perfect outfit ever. Love the hair. The makeup. Everything.

halu Yoongi

So, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.. bolehka nak mintak online concert?

Staycation at Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

It’s been a while. Previously, before the pandemic, I try to visit my parents once a month. Once Covid19 came, the routine was disrupted. I couldn’t even spend Eid with the family. The next thing I knew, Mom caught the virus and subsequently died from it’s after effects. Who knew, kan?

When the Prime Minister announced that we could cross state borders – I immediately made a booking at Everly Hotel in Putrajaya. Since the kids have grown, I chose the Executive Suite. The room has a bath tub and a small living area where the kids could play and give us adults, some space as we attend to work and study related matters. Yes, it sucks being a doctor. It’s very difficult to shut off. I have it easier compared to my husband. His work is endless. Baru JKN, belum KKM. Eh.

I paid for the room through Agoda.Com as always. The room included breakfast for 2 pax. I paid extra for my son’s breakfast which is RM15/child. Total cost for the stay was RM827.82 including tax and fee of RM62.14. In return, I receive Agoda cash of Rm20.59. The Agoda cash is useful at times.

Some people find it weird that I would stay at a hotel instead of my dad’s house. Thing is, the house is quite small and I don’t really want to burden my dad in having to prepare the room for us. I guess this is the way it will be for future visits.

The birthday spree will start in November, all through December and into the new year. Memang diet ke laut lagi.. huhu..

On a different note, BTS In The Soop Season 2 has officially started. I purchased the series on Weverse, so I could watch it on my phone whenever I like. Episode 1 was splendid and I am looking forward to more clips of Chef Suga cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Apart from that, it’s also a good series to pick up mind-opening ideas and life quotes like this gem down here. Can’t wait for next episodes.

BTS's Jin points out the significance of rest | allkpop
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