Jung Kook’s painting

I am a new A.R.M.Y. I embraced the fandom when Dynamite came out – which means I am watching old old videos of BTS just because I wanted to know their names in the first place. Once such video is BTS In The Soop where the boys get to chill at this house doing whatever it is that they like. Be it making legos, playing ping pong, cook meals, binge on games, fishing and such.

What caught my attention was Jung Kook’s painting. Needless to say, all the boys are talented and produced great art on the canvas. With the exception of Tae as he ‘created’ a sculpture instead.

Great paintings and sketches start with the base/ basic shapes.

For someone like myself, who doesn’t know how to draw a simple face and hand, this was what I observed during my scrolls on IG. Artists always start with circles or ovals before filling in the details of the drawing. It is puzzling to see how the most detailed drawings start with just a rectangle. Then I was super amazed when I saw Jungkook painted the greens and yellows over that black mountain. I had no idea that it was possible. Ingatkan kalau dah hitam tu kira tak boleh nak ubah apa dah.. I was proven wrong. In fact, the colours came out so pretty. There’s so many things I don’t know about art on canvas.

Dalam konteks manusia, your past mungkin kelam. Hitam. But nothing is stopping you if you want to start anew, rebrand and become a better person. Just like the colours in Jungkook’s painting.

Aiming for 50% coverage of vaccination rate

I am keeping this here because they got my name right. Not Yasmeen or Jasmine.

So far, Melaka is at 48% of completed 2nd dose of the vaccine. Once the state reaches 50%, we could hopefully slide into the next phase of the National Recovery Plan. As someone working behind the scenes, the situation is not as rosy. Meeting targets means stretching ourselves short. Working on weekends and public holidays. It got to a point when my daughter told me one day to stop going to work. But I still had to leave after a lot of reassurance. I am still thankful that I could see her waking up and tucking her in bed at night. Some of the front liners do not have such luxury.

I am all for vaccination.

However, the current policy of mandatory vaccination to enter public premises and all, is something I feel needs to be scrutinized. The problem with such implementation at the society level is such that it can be too ‘strict’ so much so that it is not accepting isolated cases where members of the public who are not fit for vaccination. Which leaves the MOH again in figuring out a way of how to certify the medical conditions of these individuals. Do we have them assessed by certain specialists? Do they get a special certificate or memo regarding their health status? So far, since I am part of the mobile team, I have yet to come across these ‘special’ cases but I am sure I will encounter them in the near future.

My 2nd reel on Instagram

I don’t know how the youngsters do it. Doing a tik tok/reel one after the other. Such genius beings! How do they get the timing of the video and audio in sync? I had to refer to a tutorial to do the #add27photoschallenge. It took me about 3 trials to finally get it right, somehow. This 2nd reel is a snippet of how the district’s vaccine mobile team (technically, my team) goes about. I am still shooting and collecting videos to edit and make it into something I could put on Youtube. Aiming to upload a 10-minute video.

Our little team

A medical officer, a vaccination (nurse) and a driver. Sometimes, we have a medical assistant to help or NGO’s.

There are 2 medical officers – I take a turn with my colleagues so we could rest.

5 go to meals I love

I love August. Everyday feels like a gift. it’s a month to reflect on myself and getting to know about myself better. So, today is about food. It’s hard to answer people when they ask, “What is your favourite food?”. I just eat. And be thankful for it. So I had a think about it before coming up with this list. It’s the type of meal that if say, we go out for fun and the waiter needs to get the order, a.s.a.p – it is safe to order for me these meals.

1. Pasta

I actually loved the arabiatta I had at the cafeteria during my uni years in Manchester. It’s an unforgettable taste. Here, the arabiatta taste different. So, I am quite happy with a spaghetti bolognese or a non spicy aglio olio. Carbonara is not my go to meal but I’d still have it if someone ordered it for me. The best ones are prepared by my mother of course. The sauce is just wonderful. Tak jumpa kat mana2.

Photo by Angele J on Pexels.com

2. Tomyam

The best commercial tomyams I super love are the ones from Black Canyon and Johnny. The stalls ones are good too but sometimes it gets too spicy. Tomyam can come in red or clear broth. I have no particular preference.

Photo by Lovefood Art on Pexels.com

3. McD

In particular a Double Cheese Burger Meal (fries + sprite). I would occasionally get the chicken porridge meal too. I love the McCafe options too. A latte with the chocolate or red velvet cake!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

4. Japaneses and Korean dish (not spicy ones)

There is this restaurant called Sukiya that serves japanese food. The gyudon bowl with 3 cheese is superb. Add on the karaage chicken or edamame is just ‘chef’s kiss’. A korean dish equivalent would be something called bulgogi. Love it because it is not spicy. I also love the Korean dish called Japchae. sebab tak pedas.

This is japchae. Photo by chudesabyvaut on Pexels.com

5. Laksa

Laksa Johor. The best are the ones my friend make.

Laksa Sarawak. Either Madam Tang or MOM’s Laksa (the kedai one). I am beginning to like the one available in Melaka too. At that restaurant called Kolok vs Laksa. I wonder if it still exists.

Laksa Utara. This one is tough. The best ones are home made (by somebody else.. ha ha). I love the ones with very fishy broth but not spicy.

reminiscing the times we could travel and go for holiday in langkawi 🙂

Siti Sarah Raissuddin


Siti Sarah meninggal dunia | Astro Awani

She is a Malaysian celebrity. One of the best vocalists in the country. I like to believe that Siti Sarah Raissuddin has achieved husnul khatimah. A good ending to her life. A syahidah. Amidst the news of her death however, crackheads are passing off unpleasant comments like ‘she died because she was put to sleep by the doctors’.

I wonder if these people have ever sat beside a dying person – it’s painful to watch. What more for the dying person.

If I could have my way, I would want my mother to be put to sleep during her last hours. Sedate her, give her more morphine. Anything! However, sedation and assisted ventilation was not an option for her because her prognosis was guarded. Administering a drug, especially with anti-conscious properties, without proper indication may be misconstrued as euthanasia. Hence, us siblings could only watch helplessly as mom’s breathing becomes more laboured, gasping for air. I could only hope that her hypoxic state would further reduce her consciousness, so she would not be aware of how tired and painful she is. And that whatever’s left of her is on autopilot mode, where the body (without the mind) is just doing what it can to stay alive.

The pain is such that she was on her lateral side most of the time as she tried her best to breath, until it came to a point when she was ‘ready’. Just like that, she turned into a supine position, took a few deep, long gasps of air and heaved her last one. As sad as I was at the time, I was relieved that the pain was over for her. She can now rest in peace.

A friend sent me this article to help me in my grief. Perhaps it could help you too.