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Skincare regime – the neverending quest for clear skin

This year alone, I have had at least 2 or 3 significant episodes of horrible mask acne. I thought the problem is solved once I re-embraced my SKII essences. Turns out the acnes are not giving up. Furthermore, they are happily fueled by the fact that I was having stress on top of lacking the proper nutrition and sleep. I realized that the trend of acne eruptions tend to happen near my assignment deadlines.

Encroaching 2022, I feel that I need to elevate my skincare regime. I will after all be turning 40 in a few years time. As of now, I have two different regimes for AM and PM. Skincare goal? To look great like Shakira or Jennifer Lopez for their age. Ahahaha.

The AM Regime


I decided to stick with SKII facial cleanser. If I had to use an alternative, it’ll probably be Natural’s aloe vera cleanser. I don’t get frequent breakouts with these two. Bought this as a combo with the Pitera essence on Lazada at its official store.


Goodall Vit C toner. It is so refreshing to use this in the morning as I prepare to go to work because of its strong citrus scent. The toner comes in this plastic tub with cotton pads inside. Even the last one is adequately soaked with the ingredient. You can get this between RM50 – RM60 at Shopee mall. The full price is about RM70 for at least 70 pieces.


This is then followed by a gentle tap on the face with SKII Pitera Essence. It has a fermented smell as you first applied it to the face but it doesn’t linger. I don’t use cotton pads to apply the essence.


I super-love this new product I discovered on Shopee. I like the cooling gel-like texture of the formula. It is supposed to help calm down the active spots and blemishes on the face. Indeed, I feel that my skin’s temperature is a lot cooler after application. In fact, I love this so much that I began to moisturise more frequently than before. It has a cooling effect even though you don’t keep it in the fridge.


Applying sunscreen is also a new habit I am taking with me to the year 2022. Although I have seen lots of Reels and Youtube videos emphasizing this part of skincare before, the action never sticks. Until I discover this Apieu product. I bought 2 types from this brand. Daily and Pink Tone. I like the daily formula better as it is not sticky. The pink one has a more matte finish to it. I thought I wouldn’t be bothered by that but since I don’t wear much makeup at work, the matte finish does make my face appear a bit white-casted after using it. Hence, I’d only use it when I intend to use makeup afterwards. Or on the weekend t home where it is ok to look weird. Otherwise, I prefer using the ‘daily variant’ sunscreen on my bare face. The scent is nice too – smells trusted but not medicated. Almost similar to Natural’s sunscreen product.

The PM Regime

I tweaked certain steps in the routine using a different product. In the evening/night, I still use the same cleanser and moisturiser.


I use Wardah Lightening Toner. Wardah is an Indonesian product with good reviews so far. I trust that his brand would know what will work best for South-East Asian skin. I chose this product because it has Niacinamide in it. Niacinamide works synergistically with other skincare ingredients that I incorporated into my routine. I apply the product with a cotton pad and gently wipe it on my face. It is so refreshing to do this PM. After that, I would apply the same moisturiser I use in the morning.


This is another new routine to my skincare regime. I am using The Originals 0.5% Retinol in the squalane product. I keep the product in the fridge and the holy advice has always been to apply it at night as it is photosensitive. Retinol helps with skin turnover thus improving acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. When I first started, I only use it twice a week as I fear that my skin would peel terribly or experience purging. My skin responded well and I was able to use it every other day. I am happy to say that my skin texture improved after consistent application for 2 months.

Skin experts recommended that we start using retinol in the late 20s. Not to be mistaken with its stronger cousin, retinoid – retinol are easily available over the counter as any other skincare product. There are concerns about using retinol-based products in pregnancy. I feel this is something that one should discuss with their physician. Those with really sensitive skin are advised to a retinol sandwich where you apply moisturiser-retinol-moisturiser in that fashion.

Extra TLC

Eye mask

I decided to give the eye mask a try and bought this Gold Collagen Eye Patch online. When I first used it, I could feel my under-eyes burning. Weird though because it was cooling (even though I did not put it in the fridge) and yet it stings like hell. I use these masks rarely – once a week.

Eye heat patch

This is a wow product and very easy to use. They practically heat up once you remove them from their packages. You put it on the eyes like a pair of sleep goggles and soon you’d feel this warm, steamy sensation on your eyelids which is so relaxing especially after a tiring day using your electronics. If only they could consider making them recyclable items instead of disposables. I use this every Sunday night as I prepare for work in the new week.

Foot Mask

I saw a few adverts which show how the skin of the foot would peel off after a few days using the masks. Mine however does not have the same effect. But it does moisturise and brighten the foot instantly. My foot was a few shades lighter when I removed the mask – it’s like I am wearing socks!. Callus was easier to remove as I run my foot under the running water. I have yet to have smooth baby feet but with a few more weekly foot mask sessions, it would get better.

Face Sheet Mask

I am currently trying a few brands and there are at least 2 brands that I super-love at the moment. Will elaborate on that much later. Maybe next year? I am also taking a particular supplement to help with my skin. If it works, I will give my review in another blog post. That too will have to wait.

Being fans and stans – drawing the line

A.R.M.Y went wild when BTS members created their individual official accounts on Instagram. I was equally elated. Management was saying that it was an avenue for them to express their individual artistic elements and personality. Which is great!

Naturally, when you have more than 10M fans around the world, there will be toxic ones lurking around on these social media platforms. Trying to justify their digital presence and footprints as proof of fandom support. Some of my least favourite fans or fans include the;

Fanstagram creators

I am ok with fanstagram. These accounts tend to compile photos or clips from various resources and upload them on their feed. They tend to have names that resemble the artists themselves which are Ok, cool, it’s fine. To have fan account names like treatyoongiwithkindness or iamlikesugainreallife is to me, still OK. As it is glaringly a fan account. Recently though, I have discovered new accounts that take stanning too far. Out of respect, these accounts should not have the same profile picture as the original account. They also shouldn’t have account names that are similar to the original artists – where they are making changes only in a single alphabet or adding a few symbols on the handle. That is just rude digital mannerism.

The extreme OT7 supporters

OT7 without a doubt! But you shouldn’t go as far as criticising A.R.M.Y who may prefer to follow a few members on IG simply because they are keener to know the artistic progress of that particular member. As for myself, I am keen to know what RM and Suga are up to cause I love their work and persona more! does this mean I hate the others? Of course not. It’s just a personal choice I make so that on top of BTS, I could also see other people’s feeds that I follow on IG! It doesn’t help to make a post and compare the followers for each member. OT7 after all, have achieved more than 10M followers on their account- even if they’ve only posted one picture on their IG.

Media manipulators

Especially the photoshop experts. I totally get that we like to root for couples in the industry or wish for a couple to exist. It gets a little bit too far when you start editing images of stars that looks too intimate with each other. It’s just, inappropriate. I was stunned when I saw an edit of Jung Kook (BTS) and Rose (BP) on one particular IG account. It weirded me out. I wonder how these artists would feel if they stumble upon the images.

Digital mannerism, content plagiarism are things we learn as we go. It is difficult enough to abide to the rules in the academic world. What more within the realm of entertainment. Artists and fans needs to foster a symbiotic relationship to make it work for both parties. The artist in earning a living and the fans filling their void to become happy.

PTD-LA has ended

First, I was not there. But I can feel the joy from miles away as I scroll through IG looking at the lovely photos and videos. I have to say, overseas ARMY is damn extra. Love it! Their outfit is so on point and some even went to the concert for all the 4 days. Like .. what???? How’d you guys have so much money?? I guess it proves that the purchasing power in the United States is higher in comparison to us in Asia. Not surprising though. I am just glad that they have so much fun.

I also love the fact that BTS spent some time after their concert on Vlive to connect with K-ARMYs (or any Korean speaking fans). They took turns to be on live streaming so that their fans wouldn’t miss them too much. That’s cool.

To be honest, even if they come to Malaysia for a concert in the distant future, I don’t think I will be able to attend. So, please, keep the online streaming option open. Always. And more subtle merchandise for older ARMYs. The kind where there’s no obvious bias name on the thing. Something more tiny tan-ish or BT21-ish. So we could give each other nod’s of recognition when we bump into another ARMY.