Getting to know the companions of Muhammad – Mufti Ismail Menk

I stumbled upon Mufti Menks lectures on Youtube. I was scrolling through the videos from a favourite channel of mine, Free Quran Education when his videos were recommended to me. The first video I watched was a joke about a parrot. You should watch it.


This CD was given to me a senior who I really adore. She is like a walking inspiration.She effortlessly carries herself as this all rounded muslimah who not only excels in her career but also in raising her family. To me, she gave a different meaning to how we choose to measure our success in Life and Hereafter. In a way, I can see how some people prioritize things differently from ours depending on what suits them – but if we have Allah in mind and as the ultimate purpose to please , InsyaAllah there is nothing to lose with the choice that we take.

I don’t know about other moms but as for me – I missed the time when I used to be able to attend study circles or just listen to a ceramah for the sake of just wanting to know more. These things were routine or part of the programme when you’re in a matriculation centre. But once you step out into university and later into the working world, it is up to you then… to find these Islamic classes.

Nowadays, I see women wanting to learn how to perfect their salah. And there are gatherings for that. Or learn tajwid in proper classes. There is always an avenue for women to learn from each other if we look hard enough. We may have a rebellious personality when we were younger but later on like most muslims at a certain time in their life – we just want to return to our fitrah. We want to learn religion so we could understand Allah plan.


And so we could answer our children’s questions when it comes to Islamic studies. he he he.

footnote : Mufti Menk in these lectures did say we could copy and distribute the CD to as many people as we like. May the person who initiated this project be granted pahala and should he/she dies – this effort will be a form of amal jariah to the individual.


What a working mother needs

I am a working mother. While I have it literally much easier than some of my counterparts, juggling responsibilities is still a challenge. Despite having a planner, I still have to work it out in my mind on what I have to do, who I have to meet and stuff. In short, I get things messed up sometimes and ended up getting things on my virtual shopping cart. That I’ll end up paying for.  HA HA HA HA HA.

So let’s see what I need. I need;

  1. HELP. It can come in the form of a team helping to manage a case in the clinic. Sometimes Help is a husband buying dinner for the day instead of me having to cook up a meal. Help is also online shops which makes transactions and item delivery become easy peasy. Today, I requested for a special kind of Help. I contacted a company, MAID 4 JAM to send someone to my house and help me clean up. My job list included cleaning the bathrooms, fans, windows and wiping down surfaces at high up shelves and such. I did not ask for help to fold my laundry or iron clothes and anything of that sort cause I know the earlier task would take a bit of labour to finish it off. The HELP did not come. I was heavily disappointed. Thankfully no payment was made yet.
  2. FAITHFUL LADY FRIENDS. I find that my friends come in categories for different life purposes. I envy those who have that fix lady friends they can hang out with by a simple watsapp that says ” jom tgk wayang” or ” jom makan” or ” jom masak sesama ptg nih”.
  3. A NEW WARDROBE EVERY 4 MONTHS. In fact, I am now decluttering, touching each of my clothes, running my fingers through my hijab stack thinking ” does this spark joy?” #konmari
  4. A HOBBY/HOBBIES. I am into journalling in my HoboMinci. I am also into reading but good books which can make you finish em in one sitting is really hard to come by. I also have a special interest in Essential Oil nowadays, namely doTERRA.
  5. MORE TIME WITH MYSELF SO I COULD SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY. but of course, this all goes down to time & energy management. Now that I am working the normal hours of the day ( 8AM – 5PM), I need to find time for myself either during lunchtimes or certain hours of the weekend. At the moment, my hours are at night which is after the husband and kids are asleep. Technically, I’d have to sacrifice a bit of sleep. Honest be told, they;re not really proper Me Time. It’s shared with Chores around the house and Work I have to bring back with me from the clinic.

It is never ending. All these things keep me occupied at times when I just want to rest and enjoy my blog and HoboMinci.

I hope my daily affairs will ease out a bit after my attachment with the O&G department early October. There’s too many little pebbles in my shoe at the moment even though they’re Crocs.