Mobile CAC in prison

An ad-hoc CAC mobile team was deployed to assess the well-being of prisoners diagnosed with Covid19. The team comprised of 6 medical officers with another 10 supporting members of medical assistants and nurses. The team was already gathered by 0830am. All ready to go by 0900 but was met with unforeseen circumstances. One is the limit of mobile phones to be brought inside the cell despite providing the clearance letter. We use mobile phones very heavily during CAC for consultations with specialists and entering data. Hence, the hard work only started at 1000am.

I was curious to know what each coloured uniform of the prisoners means. There were white, red, green, blue and purple. Interestingly, during each interaction, they appeared well-mannered and non-hostile. Perhaps it was because we were on the other side of the barrier. Lols. Most of the prisoners were well and at Covid Category 1. A few needed an admission at the Covid hospital. Transferring them is not an easy feat as they needed prison officers to guard each of these convicts.

I don’t really know how much these correctional officers earn. But I hope they are paid handsomely for the responsibilities they are shouldering. It’s like menjadi bapa yang penyayang tapi tegas. Tough love.

We wrapped things up by 1830. Everyone was exhausted, sweating and wrinkled from dehydration. No food, no water and no toilet break. That’s about 9 hours in PPE under the warm, tropical weather. I could only hope that in the near future, there would be better communication between both agencies. And that we have a commander on site who could help foresee the flow of things and keep the ball rolling. On top of making sure that the well-being of the team is well-taken care of. Although we were told that there was a musolla on-site, being a visitor there, it does feel a bit awkward to just doff out of our PPE and berkeliaran at the prison’s complex. It would help to have some sort of floor manager saying things like, “ok, table 2, doffing, gi makan, solat. come back in 20 mins”. Takdelah rasa bersalah sgt doffing while your friends are hard at work.

All in all, it was a great experience to do our jobs in a different environment. I wonder what other adhoc things we would be expecting in the future.

C19 is already in the family

At the moment, my mom, my sister and her two kids and husband is positive of Covid19.

My niece (her baby) is negative. My dad and my brothers are also negative. Only my dad has been vaccinated so far.

These results are based on the PCR test they did at a nearby private GP. It started with my brother in law, K having symptoms and was subsequently told that a colleague at work was tested positive. He had to get his tests done as they shared the pantry at work. Once K was tested positive, his close contacts were screened. Naturally that would be my sister and kids. My parents came into the picture because they went to my sisters house for a weekend visit. Takde road block, maka orang tua pun redah je lah kan..

The diagnosis

Their test results were notified to the nearest health district office. The headache then begins. Who is going to take care of the baby girl. Her parents and siblings are all tested positive except for her. Some sort of isolation needs to be done to minimise exposure. My sister couldn’t leave her to our dad, the grandfather because to be honest, we were not convinced that he could care for an ex-prem baby. Not even with the help of our brothers. I couldn’t help either. I was in a different state – 2 hours away. Even if I could take the baby, as a frontliner, I still need to work.

The quarantine plan

The district health officers got in touch with my sister in 2 days. That is considered quick given the surge in cases recently. During that time, everyone was in my sisters house including my mom. With the negative baby. DRAMA broke out between my parents which resulted in my mom also at my sister’s house instead of being able to quarantine herself in the comfort of her own home. My blood boils every time I think about it. Some relationships are just not meant to last till jannah. Anyway, long story cut short – my mom, K and the eldest son were picked up by the ambulance and sent to MAEPS, Serdang.

The baby gets to stay with my sister at home. My other nephew who was initially negative-turned-positive is also on home quarantine (HQ). The baby is planned for repeated swabs and my sister is taking the best precaution as a covid positive mom handling a covid negative baby. It was challenging. She was advised not to breastfeed directly but use a bottle instead. Thankfully, she had really cool and caring neighbours. They would send her hot meals, desserts, fruits and what not at the gate. They even gave her grocery supplies. Alhamdulilah.

Current update

It’s been nearly a week since they are quarantined at MAEPS and HQ. Early this morning, I received news that my mother has been transferred to a tertiary centre. She is not doing very well. Amidst this news, family DRAMA is still happening. But out of respect for the older people in the family, us younger ones have to keep our mouth shut. My sister tried to speak up but mom ended up merajuk with her words. Mom got so offended that she put my brother’s name as next of kin should the hospital need to contact family members. That role has always been my sister’s role.

My brother in law, K is still having persistent headaches. So we are not sure if he could be discharged in the next few days or remain at MAEPS for observation. My nephew is doing well so far – he has the best chances of being discharged early.

I created a whatsapp group to ease communication between us siblings. I have no idea what to expect but I anticipate that it will come to a time where we would have to make difficult decisions. For Mom. And Dad.

2021 Muster Sowoozoo at home and the birth of Aunty ARMY Minci

I have seen the word floating around but never paid any attention to it. Not even when it was mentioned on Weverse. Until, I stumbled upon a post by an FB friend saying that it is due to start in 30 minutes. And I was like,

Is this a concert? I am not going to miss it!

Within 30 minutes, I managed to checkout a ticket for the online concert. And there I was, with my airpods listening to the amazing vocals and fantastic sound system. I told my husband to call my son’s phone. I am in a concert – do not disturb me.

BTS had their hair done. Gosh – why did Min Suga have to bleach his hair and become blonde. He appeared rather buff too. Perhaps too buff. I like him in dark hair. It’s an aesthetic contrast against his really fair, pale complexion. They performed great songs and gosh, time flew really fast. Just like that, the concert ended.

Anyway, the moment I declared myself an ARMY on my FB feed, I started to discover other ARMy’s in my circle. We have ARMY’s my age and well… teenage daughter of my friends. I could just imagine them asking their daughters,

” who are you going to the concert with?”

” With Aunty Min.. and her friends. They have kids too”

“ok then, you may go” Yeh… people say there is Rich and Poor ARMY. Now there are Aunty ARMY’s babysitting teenage ARMY’s during concert. I told my new found fellow ARMY’s to start saving up for BTS’s concert cause once his pandemic is over, and they start setting foot around the world, you’d be sure this Aunty ARMY will be organizing that trip to the concert by bus.

My mask acne cleared up – finally

Remember my Hermo Haul some time ago? I was on a quest to solve my acne troubles. Well, the problems solved but the star product wasn’t from any of the items I bought. Some of the skin care products helped but you could tell they were more as an adjunct and did not lend any significant improvements to my skin’s condition. I tried and implemented a few new things to my schedule/regime.

Lifestyle changes

  1. Drink more plain water – I am refilling my water bottle more often at work since we have the dispenser machine at the workplace. That helped a lot
  2. Manage time better – sleep better, plan my assignments so I wouldn’t have to cram every single thing in 2 weeks or so
  3. Change my 3 ply mask more often – it is now recommended to double mask to protect ourselves from new, vicious strains.

Self love

  1. I bought loose flowers for myself from this online florist – The Fine Flowers. Staring at the fresh flowers reminds me of my happy days as a medical student. Back then, I got mine from our local supermarket like ASDA. Loose flowers ni kira normal and keperluan utk omputih. In Malaysia, flowers mcm for special occasions je.. hence the steep pricing. Sedeh sis.
  2. Explore good music that uplifts the mood – as you can tell, my current obsession is BTS. If I can get over Take That and NSync when their time comes to part, I am sure I would be able to do the same for BTS. But please, tunggu sis naik 40. ha ha ha.

Invest in good skincare product

For now, from my previous hauls.. I am really loving Goodal’s Vitamin C toner pad and Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. In fact, I am repeating the order for Goodal although it costs quite a bomb. It’s about RM88 without discount. Which means, another Hermo Haul coming soon. So, what is the star product that managed to solve my mask acne problem. It is actually a Japanese product that most Malaysian women have grown accustomed to. I have used this product before and due to it’s hefty price, decided to switch to a Korean brand. Turns out, these products are superior and well received because they do what they say.

It is SKII.

Sk-ii Pitera Welcome Kit By Sk-ii - 3 Pc 2.5oz Facial Treatment Essence 1oz  Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 0.5oz Rna Radical New Age Cream, 3 Count- Buy  Online in Bahamas at

Bought the welcome kit from an online store

It worked wonders in less than 2 weeks – I was delighted. Even the acne scars have become less pigmented. Throughout using this product, I didn’t use other beauty products, not even makeup except for the facial cleansers. I guess SKII is here to stay until I am 40. It has been giving me a youthful look so far. LOLS.

Vaccine Mobile Team

I have been absorbed into the vaccine mobile team at my current workplace. Somehow, my superior is convinced that I could contribute well as a vaccinator considering my previous participation as one in my past clinic. At the moment, the vaccine mobile team plays a role in going to the potential vaccinees who are having difficulties to go to the vaccination centre themselves. These group of people are usually part of the marginalized community. So far, the government mobile teams have been going to old folks home at nearby areas. This correlates with the objectives of PICK’s 2nd phase of vaccinating the elderly population and those with medical comorbidities. Soon, this service will be extended to those living in the very rural areas of the country, prisons and others.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is also working closely with medical NGOs like IMARET and MERCY Malaysia to materialize these efforts. Once these NGOs can work independently, these outreach activities will be delegated to them so as the MOH team could concentrate on their respective vaccination centres.

Last week I shadowed my senior counterpart in learning the ways on how to manage these sessions. Starting from making the line-listing on Excel, ordering the vaccines and checking on the team for the day. The vaccine mobile team will consist of one medical officer, an assistant medical officer and two nurses. I have to learn everything as fast as I can on that day cause I will be on my own next week for 3 days in a row. I hope I don’t screw up. Allah, help…

I had the opportunity to meet up with the MERCY volunteers as well. Bless their soul for participating in the programme in their free time. They have a heart of gold. PICK is scheduled to go on till next year. Like it or not, the world needs to accept the new normal.