Good Things Happen, when you least expect it

I just woke up from a nap I really needed since yesterday.

I had a long journey escorting my patient from one state to another in the ambulance. It’s one of those I really wanted to go trip that I forbid everybody else to take over. Simply because

  1. I know it will be a long journey. The colleague who is going to take over might have plans. I know I don’t have anything special going on in the later part of the day.
  2. I wanted to see how the particular procedure is done at the specialized centre
  3. It would be nice to get out of the hospital once in a while
  4. It would be nice to eat someplace different for lunch.. hoho

Thankfully, the journey was uneventful and fruitful all the same. It was very inspiring to see all these great minds being very passionate and hardworking in their daily duties. I could never become a cardiologist!

The patient himself must have done really good deeds as everything seems to work in his favour. It’s like The Universe saying it is not your time to die today. The world and your family still needs you.

I finally reached home at 745PM. Thinking that I had quite an exhausting day for a pregnant lady, I thought I could sleep well last night. Unfortunately, I had back pain with episodic leg cramps for at least a few hours prior to midnight.

Consequently I woke up feeling groggy and horrible. I was tempted to take Emergency Leave or at least go in the night shift. But since we have a visiting consultant coming in every Wednesday.. it would be a waste to not be present during teaching. So I dragged myself out of bed, forced a coconut bun and coffee into my mouth for breakfast and drove to work.

Coincidentally, my boss was there in the morning. He asked what time I came back to the hospital and surprise – SURPRISe he said, “ there’s a lot of people here today, take half day off after 12PM “

I did not argue. Ha ha ha.. good things do come when you least expect it.



Ramadhan 1438H

As usual, I am oncall on Eid. This time its the 2nd day of EID. Despite that, preparations are still ongoing for the big day. We will be going over to my MILs house on the first and then to my moms on the 3rd.

I have yet to master the art of cooking rendang and kuih kacang. So not domestic but it’s OK.. I pun merancang nak beraya kat rumah orang. HA ha ha. Although cooking Eid culinary dishes is not my main forte, I still make it a point to prepare other things like;

  1. Parcel Kasih Sayang  – This is a must every year to my girls of Sharoe Green Lane and Lily Tensai. The list is tremendously growing as I include more people that matters a lot in my life into the list. This personal tradition started when I was in medical school and I enjoyed putting up these gift parcels so much that I decided to do it at least once a year.   20170610_123817  20170610_113729
  2. Duit Raya – to the many nephews and nieces of my siblings and cousins, friends children, staff’s kids and of course my favourite, warded kids during Eid. Which is one of the reasons why I don’t get sad for being oncall on that day. I don’t give out a lot but I’m sure the sick kids would enjoy the money packet design more than my RM2 in the envelope.  FB_IMG_1497663261220
  3. Kuching trip – I try to visit my relatives in Kuching every year. Be it during Eid or otherwise. I have been drafting my list of souvenirs and kuih lapis recipients. LOL. It’s an annual gesture as a little ambassador of my state Sarawak. And of course a little Thank You for letting me take a long leave to go back home.

Then there’s the usual cleaning and stuff. HUhu. Thank God post-raya Mr Husband is on his semester break. So he will foresee most of the house chores and initiate our Projek Mega for the house. yeay..


No alibi pics

If ever I was accused of a crime or being Missing In Action (M.I.A) – I can’t really prove that I was at a particular place or time you know. As an alibi. Like these fabulous, happy moments. Where I’m supposed to be there but not really obvious. HIhihi.

*Photos copied from friends facebook pages*

shida bday

A surprise birthday wish to a colleague. Kinda lured her into the resuscitation area, asking if she treated the fake patient earlier of the day and enquired what the hell went wrong!. It worked and we celebrated with a cake from Secret Recipe.

I was there. I did not take the photo. But I was there.

iftar spital

Then there’s this moment where we had Iftar together at work. It was a quiet day and we managed to sit together at the table. Well I joined in a bit late because a patient who had a so called headache from 5PM decided to come to ED at 7PM near Iftar time to be seen. I thought he needed serious attention but it turned out he only wanted a Medical Certificate. WHATTTTTTT??? He came to Casualty just for a minor headache with no signs of increased intracranial pressure and normal vital signs!!!

Again, I was there. I did not take the photo. But I was there.


And this took place last night. A mini get-together at a nearby hotel to break our fast. I had to leave early because I have mata ayam Ee goes to bed latest by 9PM and the last thing I want to do is carry him to the parking lot. The food at Bayview Hotel was not too bad. Loved the meat and the potato salad. I wished there were more room in my stomach for more bowls of cendol. But I was full and on the brink of having a gastro-regurgitation. We paid RM59/pax for adults and RM39/pax for kids over the age of 4.

A last shoutout : I was there. I did not take the photo. But I was there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

So yeah, I make a terrible criminal.

My tickets to ‘balik kampung’ is finally here

I picked up my flight tickets from The Office yesterday. This year we will be using Malaysia Airlines instead of Air Asia for our annual trip back to Kuching. I purposely made arrangements to go back a week after the actual Eid dates so that;

  1. I could serve the community by being oncall on a festive season. Furthermore, the nurses and medical assistants always bring marvelous Raya food and dishes to work. HA HA HA.
  2. I could take longer leave and enjoy myself in Kuching – hopefully free from distractions at the workplace. But I know I’d still be curious to find out the gossips at the workplace and such. Kuching raya sebulan OK..

So since we’re going back to Kuching for Raya this year – that means I’m not inviting any people to my house for berjarah. HA HA HA. (making excuses rite.. I keep telling myself that I will light up my house compound with tuntung every year but something always gets in the way.. hihihi). Instead, I will bring over cookies and nasi impit on an interval basis to work. aci kan..

I have laid out my suitcase – it will be another 3 weeks or so to the flight but hey, I need to plan our outfits early. On top of making an appointment with Stella for late night coffee or cake. She’s a busy woman. Then of course thinking of what gifts to bring to the relatives. The duit raya. The list of things to buy from Kuching – kuih lapis, pua kumbu, kaftans and such. Drafting the itinerary on which house to visit and on what day. The food we must not miss eating like Laksa Sarawak, Mi KOlok, MI sapi, Eskrem Gula Apong and what not.

What interesting weeks ahead.. yeay!!!



Communication Skills

Yesterday I received a direct call from my specialist. In a very warm and friendly tone. She asked if I was working that day, I told her that I will be coming in for my PM Syift. She said it was alright and asked that I call her back once I come in for work.

Of course her being a specialist, I thought I’d just go see her directly for I fear I may not be able to comprehend properly the anticipated discussion. Furthermore, I feel its better to have a face to face conversation so I could interpret her facial expression and body language better.

The main point is  – no patient died. But she highlighted a few loopholes regarding the management of the patient from my side in casualty and from her side in the wards. Nothing adverse happened to the patient but she felt a few improvements can be done in the future for better patient care. That 5 minute private talk with her was one of the most valuable lessons on communication skills I have ever learnt especially when it involves a superior with her team members.

When I first came to see her,  she made sure only the relevant people were in the room – for patients confidentiality purposes and also for my own privacy I suppose.

She asked me how I was –  my pregnancy and if I was well. If I was tired and congratulated me as she only knew recently. It was a good mukaddimah to make me feel at ease.

Then she laid out the background of the case so we could agree that it was the same case and we both know which patients we were talking about.

She mentioned my good points in the management of the patient, adding on her own points and experience which supported my decision at that point in time. Only after, did she suggested a few things on how we could BOTH handle the case better. Mind you, she is a specialist already but here she is, discussing with me a mere (so called senior medical officer) on how we could BOTH move forward and rectify these loopholes we come across our cases.

Obviously, anyone in my position would want to give my full cooperation and improve on the knowledge that I have. KAn??? I was happy to share my experience of the case with my colleagues and everyone was on board and took note of how things can be better.

There was no need for name-shaming in the Watsapp Group. No need for sarcasm or name calling. Or sabotaging. And the message still gets across. To the right person, to be disseminated to the relevant team members and such.

Wonderful teacher. Excellent communication skills. Could not ask for more.