Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Good location, comfortable room, delicious food.

That would be my heading for a review on Agoda.Com. We stayed there over the weekend. I had a conference about Old Age. Which means Mr Husband and the kids get to roam the city as local tourists. They went to Zoo Negara without me. Hmph.

But I joined them for the trip to Petrosains KLCC the next day. That will be another blog entry.

Generally our stay at GSH was great. Its near the Chowkit Monorail which can get you anywhere in KL once you reach KL Sentral. Hotel facilities are modern and up to date with a bit of Indian touch to it when it comes to food. Very nice. Plenty of legal parking space.


There are however a few things of concern. More of to highlight so guests could make preparations in advance;

  1. The toilet has a bidet. Which may not be kids-friendly. Kids might have difficulties to adjust their bum and what not hence could be off target in most cases and you end up with a puddle.
  2. The lobby toilet is only available for hotel guests of if you’re a customer of their very own Avenue Cafe. Weird. Even Ee was like commenting ‘tandas bawah ni pun dia nak kunci?”
  3. Its a popular hotel. In the heart of Kuala Lumpur and a popular venue for conferences. If you’re like me, who decided to check in late, just be prepared that your extra requirements may not be met due to the huge number of guests. I did not get my large bed. And my non-smoking room. The reception said, “I’m sorry, but this is all we’ve got for now”. And he forgot to give me my Wifi password and inform me where I’ll be having my breakfast the next morning.
  4. Speaking of WIFI. It is free BUT it has a limit. Like maybe just 2 slots per room? Cause when Mr Husband and I wanted to do our work on the laptop – we couldn’t log in because we had initially used the free WIFI on our phones. And even if we had logged out of the service on our phones – the WIFI won’t connect with our laptops. So.. penat je kan angkut benda alah tu. Geram I. 

I guess that’s about it. Breakfast  is wonderful . Fresh fruits. Delicious nasi lemak sambal with chicken percik. Rich banana cake. There’s even tosai for those tosai lovers.

During our stay , there was a minor renovation going on at the swimming pools floor. The pool is still open to public. There is a gym on the same floor and also a dodgy looking spa. Grand Palace Spa. I dare not enter as there was a man sitting at the reception. Perhaps it is too under renovation in the inside. I was dying for a Reflexology Foot Massage.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay but I would choose to book there on a weekday. And not on a school holiday. And if it has to be there because of a conference or something.. then I’ll check in early.


July 3rd, Adam Rayqal

Malaysians were not ready to read it in the news. Nor to receive the circulating update on Watsapp regarding the whereabouts of Adam Rayqal who went missing after being allegedly picked up by an imposter who said he was the father of the child from the babysitters house that day.

But as soon as my eyes were open to start the day – it was all over social media. The 5 month old baby was found in the babysitters house, in the fridge. DEAD.

Image result for rayqal peti sejuk

Netizens reacted with disbelief. Netizens played detectives. Everyone was trying to put out a theory as to why Adam was in the fridge and what on earth happened and what the hell was the babysitter thinking by having a child in there.

Credit should first be given to PDRM for their efficient investigation. We wouldn’t expect less from one of the best police forces in the world. I trust that justice will be served especially after seeing a footage of the Mom screaming at the crime scene, still in her scrubs (she is a neonatal ICU nurse) – ouh, it just breaks anybody’s heart.

The babysitter has been charged, pleaded not guilty and is still under trial in court. I am still curious how this lady who also has an adopted OKU ( = disabled) child could commit such an act. Was there an underlying psychiatric disorder? Or was she that malicious? What really happened and Why did she resort to keep Adam in the fridge, concoct a story of abduction instead of calling up the parents if something genuinely did go wrong? These are questions we still do not have answers to. And we wouldn’t know if we’d ever get to read about it in the official papers. Unless we attend the trial.

You would think that in this situation – netizens would hold hands and give support to each other, comforting the mother right? NO. BIG NO. I was appalled at how insensitive some Malaysians can be on their keyboards.

Amidst the melancholic atmosphere, a particular mom condemn openly the action of sending kids to babysitters or daycare  – and gloated about how she quit her job to care for her kids because ‘rezeki’ you can find anywhere.

A man said the mom was selfish to work (she is an ICU NURSE for freaking sake) and her place should be at home to serve the husband and family. GOsh. LIKE OHemgeee.. I would want to see if the man would allow a male doctor to conduct his wife’s delivery if all ladies are to stay at home. Sheeesshh.

Another person gave lots and lots of tips on how to choose a babysitter. While the intention was well meaning and helpful to assist other parents who will make the same choices  – it sounded condescending when certain words were used like ‘sepatutnya mak dia.. bla bla bla‘. It’s not the type of thing a parent who had just lost a child would wanna hear.

So what could help them ease their pain? I am still learning how as a medical practitioner. For not one method is the same for everybody. Not everyone likes “I am sorry for your loss”. For those who are spiritual (detected through their zikr or anything relating to religion) I would try to comfort them by saying that the child is in heaven. The child is waiting for you. The child is in good hands. Something along those lines. Sometimes the parents calm down. Sometimes they keep bawling their eyes out. There’s never one method but I’d love to know how some of you deal with loss. Either as an observer or the one who had experienced it.

As for Adam Rayqal, I hope it was not painful for him. Rest in peace dear child, may Allah take care of you.

Sick kids – The Mummy vs Daddy at work

My little bub was ill last Friday. Daycare called me at work and informed me that she has a fever of 38.5 Celcius and they had taken measures to cool her down ( tepid sponging). I acknowledged their efforts and mentioned that I will have her picked up from daycare as soon as possible. Now here comes the difficult part. 

Which is informing my boss and colleagues that my child is ill and that I may need to take the afternoon off – so I could nurse my baby back to health while leaving my workload for others to tend to.

I irk that feeling of uneasiness and guilt – rooting from that judging look people give you when you need to scoot off for your family/kids. And it even happens when you work in healthcare. While some may understand, there are a few ( unfortunately with bigger voices and authority) that will question things like, “again?” or ” which child is this?” behind these moms backs. They will still let you off but with a poker face that hid a sigh underneath on top of that “make sure you find someone to cover you before you go home” sentence.

padahal kita mak kot.. 

But its different with dads. They emit this very gallant Mr Incredible aura. They look very responsible and give off this hands on sorta family guy vibe when things like this happen. And the approval they get to save the day is almost always a big yes. It’ll be like “go, don’t worry about work. We will sort it out for you”.  I really need to understand the psychology behind this.

At my current workplace – from what I’ve witnessed, my colleagues have so far been great and empathetic towards each other when needs like this arise. I cannot say the same for the boss’s point of view as I have not experienced much of this yet, albeit I still remember what happened when I wanted to apply for proper leave to take care of my children while Mr Husband went for umrah that time. It was not approved. I had to import a manny (my younger bro) to help me.

Anyway, the feeling of being rejected and disappointed at a time when you really needed a kind consideration still lingers. HA ha ha. It scarred me till now. So instead of going to my boss and explaining the sick baby situation – I decided to use The Caring Dad Card. I called up my husband and asked if he’s finished with his talk for that day. He said he was and alhamdulilah – he could fetch the baby. And guess what, he was allowed to have the noon off just like that by his boss.

Langkawi 2018 : Langkawi Wildlife Park


This place is a hidden gem. I had no idea it existed before and was in fact, voted as tripadvisors Travellers Choice in 2014 & 2015.


Adult RM 24.00 /Children RM 16.00

It may not be as huge as Zoo Melaka but at least they have a full covered walkaway, which helps shelter visitors from the rain and sun.

We arrived at the place just near 0930 AM. Good timing as the morning feeding sessions were like 10AM, 11AM and such. Plus, not many people have flocked to the area so we could walk slow and steadily without the distractions of other visitors. And we could feed the animals first.


Ee enjoyed feeding the animals and learning about what these creatures eat as well. We bought one food pack which has a variety of stuff in it. Ee was ecstatic to discover that birds can eat more than just bird seeds. And emus can actually eat peanuts. The friendly rangers even demonstrated to us on how to feed the animals and gave us a fun fact or two about them.

During our visit, a mini Fear Factor Challenge was ongoing and I participated. I had to find shillings in a snakes case, also coins in a mountain of worms and finally trying to identify a particular animal in a box. My reward was a 50% discount on my next visit to the park within one year. Yeay!!


We were out of the park after about 90 minutes and this is after seeing two feeding shows – the deer and crocodile of which visitors are encouraged to participate. Not too bad I have to say. Will be one of our favourite places to go every time we come to Langkawi.