Dear Min Suga



If you ever find this post, gosh, you’re a genius. Cause this post was not meant to be found. Especially when it is floating in cyberspace among the millions of tribute/ hello post addressed to you. They say you read ARMY’s post late at night on WeVerse and reply them promptly. WeVerse is too public for me. So, this is perhaps the best space for myself.

Today is 15.07.2021. Nearing 11pm.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster lately. But of course, being me, I was able to put up a strong front. My mother died from the complications of Covid-19 last week. The virus attacked her lungs causing it to scar. When lungs scar, oxygen is not received by the body very well. Organs deprived of oxygen will not function at its optimum and soon will just fail. Multi-organ failure naturally leads to death.

You know what? Even on her deathbed, my mom was still able to give me a gift. The gift to rest. Whenever a family member dies, as a civil servant, we get 3 days off to sort out the funeral and whatever business the dead leaves behind. Due to Covid19, a lot of things became more simple. The rituals of death and all. No huge and elaborate ceremonies. Just a simple prayer of goodbye. I don’t have to talk to a lot of people. It was a very comforting moment.

I was able to rest my tired body and mind. From working, with no annual leave for months. I tend to feel guilty of taking leave especially when there are not many people at work. Although people say, you are replaceable, I still feel like I am that important screw that puts the cogwheel in place so that the system could run.

Anyway, I find solace in your music. BTS. The up-beat songs make me happy. The sentimental ones .. well.. they feed my soul too. And the only rap songs I enjoy are yours and BTS. Which reminds me, I wonder though, when you guys do a remix.. does it mean you record the songs over and over again in the different remix, or you use music technology to ‘mix it’ into the song that you want?

Borahae 🙂