This is about The Battleship Island (2018) and how it ends

I watched this movie in a Korean audio and an English subtitle on ASTRO TVN. In short,

The gangster died. The comfort lady died. The musician was heavily wounded and died. His daughter survived. And finally Song Joong Ki.. he lived. And escaped with other Koreans on a ship freighted with coal.

There you have it, WikiMinci. 

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From left : Gangster, musician and daughter, SONG JOONG KI, comfort lady


This took place in a war. Koreans were deceived into working overseas with good pay only to discover that they were forced labour in a mine. Working condition was horrible and any attempts to escape were foiled.

The ladies and young girls on the other hand were sent to comfort houses. It tugged my heart to see the young Sochee (musicians daughter) trying her best to escape from sexual predators.

The visuals in this movie are quite graphic and violent.For instance, a bayonet prodding through a young boys stomach, twisted several times with the boy screaming until he died. Like literally in front of your very eyes. No censorship whatsoever.


Paskal (2018)

I should start making a list of Malay movies to watch If You Want To Start Watching Malay Movies. Paskal would be one of my recommendations.

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Its an RM10 million budget movie used wisely. As viewers, we get to learn a thing or two about our elite military team. It is patriotic and I can see a future where this will be a staple movie programme on National TV every 31st August.

The plot was simple. And almost predictable. But it’s Okay coz just how many Malaysian movies can get you to the edge of your seat? Less than 10 aite.. unless you’re a big fan of MIG productions. Which I am not.

Paskal was nostalgic for me as well as it brought on memories of PKBM (L) in secondary school. I can still remember bits of the Gempur Wira song. The pic below is a page from my HoboMinci. Paskal deserved a mention in it.



To be elite team, the members must be elite as a person too. And can work as a team. I think everyone should walk out of the movie knowing that.

My 3 days off. Aneka aktiviti dalam cuti.

Since Mr Husband and his family is away for umrah – the sole responsibility of caring for the kids rest on my shoulders. With a bit of auxiliary help from other members of the family. I was prepared and in fact, have put aside a considerable number of days for me to take leave for this matter. However, due to work constraints.. only 3 days were approved.

My main reason for taking leave was so that I could pick up my firstborn Ee from school on time and usher him to his school activities promptly. I’d feel worried if he had to stay within the school compound longer than he should. Otherwise, most of the hours I am pretty much a free bird as Baby Ninie is in daycare. I tried to negotiate my hours with my boss instead of taking leave , which in my opinion does not affect the clinics daily service – but I got a look and a sigh in return. so takpelah….Minci does not beg. Or take EL. I just feel that if you are in a position to help – please do so within your capacity. I saw a way to go around the problem but my solution was not accepted. Perhaps there are hidden things I have yet to know. My youngest brother thankfully will come over to help out next soon. Alhamdulilah walaupun lunch call hours rasa mcm dah burn.

Anyway – I reaped the benefits of my 3 day leave to the max. For myself – I got my hair done after having a Mak Limah balik kampung fashion for almost 2 years, watched a movie and shopped for new tudungs. I wished to get a full body massage but the parlours I surveyed opened quite late and I would have to rush to pick up my son. So, maybe next time – an afternoon session on days Ee does not have religious school.

My Hair Do

I chose a salon nearby called Heritage Hair Salon for my hair treatment using an Indonesian product range called MAKARIZO (green tea & butter). Having experienced quite a few other salons in Kuching and Selangor – this place would fall under the budget category with perhaps a rating of 5 stars out of 10. The hospitality (meaning the chatters and advice) is wonderful but there are a few aspects which could be nicer, I think.

I go to the salon for various reasons. Apart from the obvious of getting your hair managed, I choose to go to a shop to have my hair shampooed is because I want to enjoy the head and shoulder massage and read the many magazines they have! The ones that you wouldn’t really want to buy for yourself but love to read all the same. Heritage lacked that factor a bit.

My best head and shoulder massage was from a salon in Kuching. Can’t remember its name because I went there during my zaman jahiliah times.. but it was at The Spring. I had my hair cut into a pixie, bleached and got the best massage ever from a chinese, male hairstylist. I was treated like a princess, OK. Aduh.. pastinya pengalaman itu tidak akan berulang. Astarghfirullah. 😛 I think I went to Bali after that with my girlfriends.


This is one of the reasons why I never take Mr Husbands, or any other peoples reviews seriously. He said it was a boring movie. Ee and I on the other hand, enjoyed it a lot. I love how Wakanda’s women are so empowered and that sibling relationship goals are so cute.


I went for the early bird showtime at Melaka Mall. I swear the workers there was amused that someone would actually watch a 10AM movie but that’s because they don’t have the vision of their bosses. These hours are meant for mothers like myself who steals time for a movie before they go about picking up their kids from school. I was literally standing in line for the counter to open. LOL. of course I took the time to explain to the popcorn girl that I need to fetch my kids. Just so when they talk about me during their break, this girl would enlighten them of my duties. Nanti korang jadi mak.. korang taulah ye.. nak cukur bulu kaki pun tk sempat kekadang. 

Other than my #selfreward activities, I also did the house chores and attempted to do some meal prep to lessen my cooking times. Hopefully it helps. LOL.


I managed to also bring Ee to The Shores Oceanerium but that is another blogpost. It was a 3 day holiday well spent. I will remember to put aside some time for myself again in the future. Maybe with my girlfriends next time, InsyaAllah.

I am #teamironman

Meet the unlikely new member of #TeamIronMan – taking Black Widows place… A petite superhero which emerged from the sea. No, she is not a mermaid who grew legs. She was a seaweed turned human – Minci. Urgh.. so unpopular. Sgt tak glamer..  kah kah kah.

Recently Updated15

My feed has a lot of #TeamCaptain going on. I thought I’d be one of them but I find myself drawn to Stark’s fight and motivation compared to Rogers.

I see Ironman – a human being blessed with a genius brain struggling to make his relationship work with Pepper to be in balance with his toxic self. Juggling his inner demon of just wanting to be reckless and ‘don’t care’ to being a more concerned person. I like how he now starts to think about other people than himself. I admire how he has to make difficult decisions which can be unpopular with the major crowd and his friends. Above all – his willingness to brush aside his ego at the moment when he learnt that he was wrong as he accused Bucky for the explosions in Nigeria.

In short, he was ready to fight for the better good and a better future deemed fit and relevant to the current situation. He analysed the situation, thought it through … probably scribbling a SWOT analysis in his head and made a calculated decision. Who ever said Ironman doesn’t know the meaning of long lasting friendship? For he too – cares for Rhodes just as much as Captain to Bucky.

Without his suit – Ironman may be hopeless as opposed to Captain who still has his superhuman strength. But he still has that asset called a brain which could build back what it was for him before-  even better.

YES, Captain would be a wonderful best friend to have because of his loyalty and ability to seal away horrible secrets but in this war – I still choose Ironman.

I also love one thing Vision said to the team as they were deciding on whether to sign the accord or otherwise,

Our very strength incites challenge

It somehow reminds me of my Jonah-ness when I’m oncall. And I like to think that the bad cases are coming through my door because I can handle it. To a certain extent.

Now back to my superpower – I am still thinking what wonderful power I could have and benefit the team. My son wants to be HULK.


this review has spoilers …

Any movie that leaves the audience in laughter or in tears will be remembered. MUNAFIK is a local movie in Malay language which is promoted as a horror, scary movie. The kind that’ll make you jump out of your skin or pee in your pants and make your popcorn fly in fright while you try to keep looking at the screen through gaps in between your fingers. I ended up watching it drowning with tears not out of fear but out of empathy and sadness.

It tells of a man, ADAM who is battling with the loss of his wife in a car accident. In his local community, he is akin to a healer with Islamic healing abilities. Despite still grief-stricken 3 months after his wife’s death – he had to return to his daily job and help the villagers in need. And be a strong father to his son who keeps missing his mother. Together with his best friend – almost like the Supernatural brothers – they’d be ghost busting demons and jins by reciting words from the Holy Quran. Things became to get haywire as he tried to heal Maria, the daughter of a prominent figure in the village. Maria was possessed by a spirit of unknown origin and it was up to them to find out and exorcise it.

However, just like any normal human being – the highly respected ADAM is also subjected to flaws in character. The most prominent in him being ANGER. He was angry and unforgiving towards the person who killed his wife in the hit and run accident (killer was revealed towards the end of the story), he was angry to his son, father and caring members of the community. He was angry that his wife was taken away by ALLAH.

And this ANGER was manifested in such a way that I find easy to relate. The things he did and think about was like what I think I’d probably do as well in moments of insanity. I’m not quite sure about digging up the grave but shouting at your loved ones.. handing out threats of hitting or spanking your one and only son ? .. well… I guess it can happen if we fail to take control of that surge in power.

I need to mention that the possessing demon sounded so real – I could have nightmares for a month.

But the ending.. was heartbreaking. The hit and run driver was identified as Maria (of course)  – the MUNAFIK being Maria’s father who sealed a deal with the devil to terrorize the village and kill off the holy men, in return for wealth, power and a young wife. But what hurt me most was knowing that ADAM’s son was also killed in the accident and all the flashbacks he had afterwards were just figments of his imagination. It was so sad. DAMN SAD.

I think my friends need to watch it – but I’d sell them as a horror movie. Because once I mention SAD, they’d be like .. ‘kenapa cerita seram boleh sedih? ada twist ke?”